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  1. Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott

    Well. Yeah. But regardless this is set up with either the bleakest of ends with only one possible outcome or a hell of a cliffhanger. I suspect, seeing the next one, I'll be as disappointed with the journey as I have been with the last two.... But Alien remains my favourite film ever so at least he hasn't ruined that.
  2. Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott

    I kind of hope we do get one more film. I hate what Ridley's doing to the universe but I do want to know what he had in mind to follow on from Covenant's ending.
  3. Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott

    Well there's two answers if I remember corectly. however one's right and the dumb one is the one in the film.
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Scanning through the thread but just checking. - the subversion you're talking about is Holdo not telling Poe the plan? Because that just doesn't work logistically (the engineers in the flight decks would likely tell him not to worry, there was a plan, he could work it out himself - ship wise) or narratively (every time Poe challenges her there's a cutaway to a nervous looking worker bee just waiting for Poe to 'rescue' them. Leaving aside the fact that at any point Holdo could just have said 'shut up Poe, there is a plan'. There was no payoff to the switcheroo because it had been done in such a clumsy manner that both characters came across as rubbish. As did nearly all characters in the film. So at least there was some consistency. DJs 'subversion' might have worked if we gave a damn about him but he was so inconsequential that I barely registered his treachery. Also - was the stutter there throughout? Just a clumsy ham fisted film with a good cgi budget really.
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    (Also - I bought the blu ray - for some impulsive stupid reason for £12 in Morrisons as a deal if you bought £40 of shopping).
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Um. The one past the crawl? Um... No. I liked the daring of it... Sort of. But it was fairly obvious it was going to be explained away the way it was and I'm not sure it added a great deal to the narrative/personalities. Writing wise, so far (2.5 hours in) I wouldn't say it's a mile away from the verbal unedited mess of Tom Clancy or Ready Player One. It's sprt of Les Mis book without the fast pace... Might pick up for me after the 3rd hour I guess.
  7. Star Wars - the new canon

    Um. Not wanting to double kick Darren in two threads on the subject of TLJ book but I've had a similar reaction to it in the opposite direction. I'm finding it dull, overlong, overly descriptive and annoying. Definitely wish I'd gone into it with lowered expectations or tryed before buying. 90 mins into audiobook have just got past bombing run. Well sprint. Well. Slow, lazy meander. Well. Slug like crawl. Well. Comatose slipping into zombified state of boredom. Shame. But just to put alternative pov. For the good stuff don't think anything will ever beat Cam Kennedy's lovely Shadows of the Empire artwork and seem to remember the story was ace too. Must find my copies of that comic
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Can I ungush the other way/put a diff point of view? I bought the audiobook with the express hope that it wouod redeem the film (which I found visually brilliant but narratively awful). The narrator of the book is pretty good - he captures the casts vocal mannerisms very well (although I don't think his natural voice has the presence that the beat audiobook actors seem to have). But oh. My. Goodness. It. Is. Slow. And. Weighty. Every sentence needs to have backstory, ellaboration, colour, story, backstory. More backstory. Aargh. Nearly an hour and a half in and I was almost shouting at the book to get past the bloody bombing run. Took a few days off it and now am in the similarly plodding and dull Luke Rey scenes. I was really, REALLY, hoping it'd make the film work for me but actually it's reenforcing the lack of interest I found in the film and dialling that up to 11 on the yawnometre. Shame. Because I hated hating the film (and to answer a previous question no I don't find much to Rey and Finn. Finn I like but he had little to no agency in TLJ and Rey I found irritating most of the time). I'd only heard generally good things about the book but tbh it's not been my experience at all
  9. Ash vs Evil Dead - Season 3 Feb 25th

    Oh grr. Hd only on Virgin. Bah. Also: their UI really REALLY sucks.
  10. EA Guildford?

    Walked past the Guildford offices yesterday and there are large office for sale signs on tgw two main buildings. A quick RLL and google search offered nothing, MCV doesn't seem to have anything either. Anyone know? Have they downsized to a part of the building? Ceased to operate in the area? Moved to larger premises? Strange nothings been mentioned or have I missed the most obvious of threads on the subject?
  11. Doctor Who

    At the end of the episode my wife, daughter and I all shouted dom't regenerate in the spoilerplaceendspoiler. Completely and utterly ruined any chance of an emotional moment.
  12. Doctor Who

    That's what worries me more than Whittaker. Chibnall might be amazing in a reversal of the Moffat rule but nothing I've seen makes me feel confident. Didn't much like the Christmas ep. Thought it was ok? But not much more than that. Bradley was ace, Capaldi seemed a sideline chatacter, Bill was as brilliant as always, the end speech was ridiculous and the silly line in it seemed just stupid. Sigh. Bye Moffat and Capaldi. Not much missed by me.
  13. Firat thing I thought when I saw the thread title. Wish it could have had 5 series, all leading up to the inevitable nuclear winter and trying to then stop the plague Oh. And THAT theme music....
  14. Personally I'm more excited about Dreams than any game I can remember ever wishing for. Think it looks spectacular (although the UI in the community videos does need a lot of calming down has to be said...)
  15. Justice League

    Personally, without wanting to derail, I can't bear Watchmen for how good it is at times and how brainless it is at others. Elderly Silk Spectre being the same actress with some wrinkles painted on? Ugh. The dialog? Shudder. The end? Comic = a thoughtful questioning whether we as an audience have been following the right hero and whether Veidt is the only sane one at all. The film? Wooo more blue explosions!! Save the world by blowing half of it up!! Definitely looked fab though. Just wish it had been directed by an adult.

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