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  1. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    Possibly? I mean if she does an awesome episode I'll be delighted. Some actors just inhabit the screen before they even say a word... Missy was one of them I think. Whittaker just isn’t, imo. I always tell my students that I can teach them Photoshop, and hard work will pay off, but the truly great have ‘the eye'. I don’t think that’s teachable, that’s just a given gift and the same is true for actors for me. I don’t think Benedictine Cumberbatch has as much screen presence as Freeman for example, but he does have that voice.... Capaldi had it in spades, it was just a shame the scripts let him down a little too. Whittaker.... just seems meh, to so have the scripts been. Will be interesting to see what happens when she gets a good episode to play with. Totally domt get get what people are saying about Walsh though. Blimey he’s a plank.
  2. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    His. Exactly this. I’ve no issue with a female Dr but JW has always seemed so bland to me in everything that I’ve seen. A Miriam Margoykes or Brenda Blethyn or Sara Pascoe or oh I don’t know. Anyone. JW just seems such a characterless non entity when she’s on screen. Likeable but bland. If they had a her vs Missy do Missy would, screen wise, wipe the floor with her with barely any effort. Im on the verge of giving up on it and coming back if Twitter or the thread suggest I’ve missed a corking ep. Have been out at McM all day and just got back but can’t be arsed to stay up and watch it. My my main issue is still Chiball, as I suspected it might be. Each script feels like first draft fan fiction, neither tight nor clever. Will be interested to know if it picks up, may dip in, but if the consensus on ep on here and Twitter is that it’s a bit meh may just give this ep a skip.
  3. c-cat114


    Hurrah. Absolutely adore TM. Found last series utterly dull but assumed thats just me. Glad others found it less interesting and yes, S7 is laugh out loud wonderfulness. The best thing about potato gate was the whole task from everyone: Katherine Ryan especially. Her talking about not getting sport plus have been a memorable highlight of the series until Joe absolutely won all of tv comedy with that scene. Taskmaster has also given me my one and only proper block on twitter Roisin Connaught blocked me when I said in a Taskmaster thread that i find her, Paul Chowdhery and Nash Kumar awful tv presences that I avoid at all costs. Someone suggested a loser of losers spin off which is pretty much the only Taskmaster version I’d never ever tune into. Mark Watson, Lolly and Asim yes, could happily watch them lose over and over again. Roisin, Paul and Nish would try badly, fail through idiocy/incompetence then spit their toys out of the pram over and over again. Even their voices were grating irritants to me. I stopped watching s1 over Roisin, gritted teeth through the other two. Found Russel Howard unexpectedly dull too, which I wasnt expetting. Regardless. My favourite thing on tv. (If you like this you may like Fighting which I find thematically similar).
  4. c-cat114

    Cars From Pixar

    I’ve never understood the hate Cars gets. It’s one of my favourite Pixar films and, from a narrative point of view has a better hero’s journey than other films I like as much (Ratatouille for example. Which I love, but prefer the flow of Cars). Cars 2 is abject pap that said. Cars 3 I was given for my birthday but haven’t bothered to watch yet, just in case it’s as bad as it’s predecesor. But Cars I love. No idea what people who don’t are seeing.
  5. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    Don't disagree with that at all watching S1 and 2 with my daughter cuddled up next to me was a joy As well as Blink I'd check out Midnight. It's an astounding episode and an emotional wringer (even more so because of the writer behind it being, until that point, excellent with characters but abysmal with plot pacing and execution).
  6. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    Doubt it. Tbh Im not after light and fluffy, just well constructed narrative, delivered well. I used to teach BA film media when Torchwood s1 was on and on the following morning job one would be to deconstruct it with the class. Oh my goodness the morning after the CyberWoman episode was entertaining. That said - with a couple of exceptions I don't tend to find the history episodes entertaining. But it's an interesting starter for a plot so that will be a bit of an acid test for me. Can they make a basis that I tend to be less interested in a better ep than the last two have felt for me. That's my only interest in tuning in I think. Other replies have replied but yes, it's a family show. Even if it was a kids show then if it were done well (I don't know, Pepper Pig or Batman Adventures say) then that wouldn't be an issue for me. To lower expectations based on the age of the audience is, yes, possibly the wrong viewpoint. That said it is fab that families are watching it together and the basis of gender empowerment is also fab so am not anti. Just don't want to see such a classic timeless show turned into a cgi led brainless shuffling zombie. It just shouldn't be that dumb. That's the thing that worries me. The duff episodes normally come in the middle of a run to pace things out between belting first ep (or at least an attempt at it) and cliffhanger finale (which get the most budget and attention). If the first two episodes show that a finished, polished script can't be delivered and acted (ugh) on then I kind of think it's in the wrong hands. S1 was slightly different as you got the impression with hindsight that Dalek was the proper episode 1 and things before were almost a prelude. Which is the thing that pisses me off about TLJ (since that rancid corpse has been exhumed) and all the other visual treats. The best Dr Who eps have brains as well as looks (Blink, Midnight, Dr's Wife and so on). It didn't even take a second watch to see the ridiculous leaps of logic, plot holes and character issues in the first ep. The acting was hammy. The bad guy a rip off with next to nothing to do. It was so clumsily done. Ugh... Like a series of memes with lead in and outs. That said - it's not really a hive mind slagging it off is it? The replies seem about 50 - 50 which tbh amazes me (in the same way that anyone saying they even like - let alone love - Prometheus or TLJ amazes me). I don't think I'm even slagging it off per se, just applying a mix of critical thinking and disappointment through lack of entertainment. I've felt nervous for the series since a mix of Chibnall being named, (but in fairness thought he also could have done a reverse Moffat) and seeing the absolutely bone headed choices they made on the screwdriver and logo... Like a very slow moving car crash. Nothing I've seen so far has made me think oh no its OK. This will start being the thing of dreams. Dr who used to be a Go to piece of TV for me but this just doesn't feel like it's worth the investment at mo. Sigh. I've turned into Cacophonus. (Books self in for Internet awareness counselling)...
  7. c-cat114

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Will give that a try next.
  8. c-cat114

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    (but thanks for reply) could it be something to do with which USB slot plugged into? Is there anyway to roll back a restore to setting restore?
  9. c-cat114

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Tried that. Connected plus with ps button held in for a while. No luck so far
  10. c-cat114

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    (just checked again and he says he chose the restore to factory settings option).
  11. c-cat114

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Hallo. A friend of mine bought a second hand ps4 and on checking it out and running a game found that it still had prior owners details on. Formatted it (his words. I assume he means reset) and now no controllers will pair at all (neither his or mine, wired or not). Any ideas for fixing it? He's understandably a bit gutted.
  12. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    Picked up a bit at the end... Yowsa it's... well. Hope it picks up. People always talk about Capaldi being a jumping off point but for me this feels like it may become it. If the next couple of episodes are this clunky I may give up and wait for the final two parter.
  13. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    Half way through ep 2 and it's.... wow it's bad? Like stage school CBBC more than well written, paced, sci fi. Blimey it's bad. Don't even see that much in Whittaker per se. She's ok, but not... inspirational. JUst sort of there really... This wouldn't even make a decent stage show really. Even the bits that seemed to get the most love on twitter (the intro sequence for example) didn't look all that. But basically am mainly surprised at how monumentally mediocre it is.
  14. c-cat114

    Illustration Club

    Huawei P20 Pro.
  15. c-cat114

    Doctor Who

    Liked the music. That was it. The acting/dialog felt like a bad adaptation of a CBBC SJ adventures ep, only just repurposed for TV. Walsh had no emotional weight. Whittaker was ok but approx a tenth of Missy’s coolness. The 'embrace change' monologues were embarrassingly clumsy. just about as bad as I thought might be bearing in mind the show runner. Will give it a couple more eps, but won't be sad to give up on it if it's a series of this.

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