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  1. Oh i think they like each other, or used to certainly. But the banter section has morphed from the genuinely funny (bandana guy, toilet roll etc) to him saying 'this'll be crap, let's get it over with with no effort or interaction on my part...' No idea why he/they think it's better, if they do, but I find it sad/painful and a frustrating waste of the double act.
  2. I kind of like this series: Lou and Iain the stand outs for me but also I'm developing a crush on Sian (was utterly entranced by Kerry last series :)). But I've grown to alnost dislike Greg over the whole banter thing. It almost feels like bullying. Alex does the tasks, the scoring, the stage tasks and everything else. Greg just sits down and judges and can't be arsed to join in with the banter section. Drives me nuts. That said yes. Some very funny moments this year. Lou reminds me of a human version of Sackboy when she sticks her tongue out
  3. Um is it me or is that a truly terrible trailer? No flow, stutters from shot to shot, some way too short to be in as anything other than tick box addition and spoils way too much. I mean I know most people have seen the film but truly no mystery or anticipation building at all...
  4. If the leap between Go and Quest is a guide then Oculus will be the ones who release a high specc'd upgrade in a years time. I'm in for Quest, but will hang fire until Tiltbrush is released (hasn't got a release date to my knowledge yet?) and even then may wait til Summer as time before won't allow much play and hopefully there may be a deal. Maybe.
  5. I don't remember the film building up the mystery as much as the audience doing so.... And tbh sometimes the answers to a mystery aren't very successful (Dr Who and the Time War for example or Palps in the prequels IMO - although he was one of the better things about the prequels). My problem with TLJ is that I found the answers to the questions posed all entirely unsatisfying, a bit dull and, apart from the customary visual flair, a poorly constructed story. It looked better than TFA (Krait looked lovely) but it was a riff On ESB without any of the charm or character. TFA was serviceable, story wise, hardly ground breaking in terms of narrative, but crowd pleasing at times and hit the right notes in terms of a three act structure. It's kind of what I'm expecting from the next one - which will be a relief after TLJ imo. If Johnson was still connected with ep 9 I'd have waited for reviews and even then still possibly wait for the dvd. Still find Rey a bit dull, mind. 'Subvert Expectations' has become a euphemism for 'crap twist' that said so at least TLJ gave us something.
  6. c-cat114

    Nintendo Labo VR

    (silly q prob been answered a dozen times but if I want to play the elephant painting thing do I need the base kit and expansion 1? Or does the full kit have everything? Tired brain is small and confused....)
  7. Just watched the New Year special. Um. Was Murray Gold back for the soundtrack? Also another episode where almost all of the supporting cast endear me more than the 'fam' ugh. But..... Was better than 90% of the series I guess. I liked some of the direction and the Sheffield catacombs were lovely. 6/10 imo.
  8. c-cat114

    Illustration Club

    Doodled on phone while silently cursing my surroundings and very near neighbour.....
  9. well I think some people will tune in not that they know it's the Daleks.... But no I just wondered if they've seen the 'it had better be the Daleks or,....' tweets and thought they need to get the Twittering masses back on side. Total guess on my side, just wondered is all. Seems a bit of a 180 from thought processes up to now, but that said they might always have been planning a reveal in the days coming up to broadcast.
  10. Panic response to negative comments you think?
  11. Utterly utterly fabulous. Loved it. And the end of credits sequence? Want to see the sequel STAT.
  12. I rewatched Tale of Two Dr's and Woman who fell to Earth last night while working. Obvs Capaldi episodes has issues and is rescued by Cap and Brad... Bill is as fab as always and the script is OK... Not without criticism. I remember hating then and now the Dr's regeneration speech which was just painfully crap and makes me now wonder if it was a Chibnall addition.. But regardless. Woman Who fell to earth is painfully clunky in comparison, the casting, the interaction, the delivery. When the Dr falls into the train its beginning to be better, almost, but it still begs the question is that it?? Dr falls from Upper earth orbit from an exploding Tardis and the resolution is that she just lands on a train? Rubbish. Utter bilge. And set up a series of every ounce of not positive WTF moments. Again, I'm absolutely fascinated that maybe almost half of the audience liked it (although given the replies on social media I'd say it looks like far less) , in the same way that almost half of voters voted for Trump or Brexit and almost half liked Last Jedi. It just seems such an illogical thing, given the problems.
  13. 4th is sign up and yes... Does make sense and I can imagine their Christmas will be hyper hectic as a result of the timing. But sigh. Sods law and all that. Oddly enough I was convinced I was signed up for it but for life of me can't find which email account....
  14. Oh they'll definitely be happy enough with the viewing figures which were surprisingly strong throughout. I was anticipating a bit more of a drop off from the mid point on so that's one strength they'll see. However they'll calculate that against the social commentary and Im guessing they're going to be worrying about the year on year drop off and that'll affect the planning for next year from now on in. One thing I'm wondering if will have an impact (and I'm intrigued to know sales figures on) is the merch. Will be interesting to see how that holds up and if that factors into behind the scenes discussions.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if both Whittaker and Chibnall leave at the end of the next series.... But of course that depends on how well the new year's and following series are judged. It's a year of negativity though, I suspect... And I can't imagine the BBC won't be watching the comments. There'll be a bit of public entrenchment and support and all sorts of background shenanigans I'm guessing.
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