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  1. Yup, PC. Never had any real problems with the first two. I'd still recommend it. It's admirable that they've made choices matter across multiple titles, which is always the promise with these sorts of games.
  2. Just finished The Banner Saga 3, and its... weirdly buggy, compared to the first two? Plenty of times where controller inputs stopped working for certain menu items, conversations that would hang forever, and a couple of times where the game would just freeze completely on a loading screen. Definitely feels like they ran out of road at some point, and just had to get it out there. But aside from that, I felt it wrapped up well. Definitey seemed like there was a lot of variance in terms of how choices played out over the three games.
  3. Needed a break from doing Dark Souls stuff, so I decided to brighten up my day by doing something as light-hearted as.... *checks notes* - my copy of Space Hulk. 13 of the Emperor's finest finished - Only real issue I had was doing the light cloak on the captain. I still don't feel like I have a good way of applying washes/shades to a flat, light surface yet. I basically left it looking a little filthy after a coat of Nuln Oil, and convincing myself it's intentional.
  4. Hey. Me again. Dark Souls, etc. You know the drill. Happy for the most part. Four Kings were so basic and simple to complete it almost felt like cheating. I tried to strike a balance between having a textured base for them with getting that 'pitch black darkness' feel from the game in their arena. Oh, and if it wasn't already obvious, I ordered a 1-pound bag of rocks for basing off Amazon. Because that's normal behavior now I guess.
  5. Need some advice, Gamesmasters. Halfway though painting the Guardian Dragon in my seemingly never-ending quest to power through all this Dark Souls stuff. I'm really worried that what I tried to do with the veins on the wings looks shit. Way I figure it, I have a couple of options: 1) go over it all with red again, and forget trying to freehand the veins entirely. Would probably then do the wings a sort of leathery-brown to differentiate between the rest of the model. 2) lean into it, try and find a way of blending them into the wings with an orange/red mix, keep the wings red, but try and add some shading/depth with a lighter red throughout 3) something else entirely. Thoughts?
  6. Hi, you might remember me from such posts as "that one with all the Dark Souls miniatures". Well, I did a bunch more! Still feel like I'm at the stage of learning something new every time I pick up the brush, but pretty happy for the most part in how these turned out. Sif was probably the one I was worried about the most as I've never really done fur before, but as always, the answer to all of my problems was 'drybrush it'. Onto my next work in progress...
  7. I dunno. I enjoy the dynamic between him and Jan, Jeff seems very fond of him (which is notable, as the list of things that Jeff is fond of seems to be getting smaller by the hour), and while I can't really comment on his competency in terms of producing livestreams, etc., his performances on the Bombcast just don't rub me the wrong way. I'd take him over Jason any day. There's low energy and there's Jason.
  8. It was the heal debuff that really fucked me off during that fight. So often I'd feel like I was on a roll, but one mistimed swing after a dodge away would land me right in that cloud, and from that point on I was completely on tilt. Just the knowledge that I couldn't heal, even if I didn't need to, was enough to put me off all of my timings, and I'd inevitably die. It got to the point where I'd just avoid that cloud completely rather than risk the attack, even though he gives you ample opportunity to do so.
  9. I read one rumor that mentioned there wasn't going to be any Taken King/Rise of Iron/Forsaken-level expansion for Fall of this year, with another year of smaller content updates replacing it. If that's true, and I sincerely hope it isn't, then I will see you all in 2020 for Destiny 3.
  10. Edit - double post
  11. I honestly don't recall anything in Bloodborne being as hard as some of the fights in this. Thing is, for all of the reputation that Souls/BB has for its difficulty, it offers you two escape routes in the form of a) grinding for levels and thus more health/survivability, and b) multiplayer/AI summons. Neither of those things exist in this game (aside from the early drunkard fight I guess, but even that AI serves as nothing more than a temporary distraction).
  12. Done. Realllllly wanna hear what other people think of the last boss. Either I'm significantly worse at this game than I originally thought, or From Software have decided to ask a whole lot in order to let people see the credits roll...
  13. Oh! And I also think this might have one of the worst boss fights in Souls' history? Astonishingly, head-achingly bad.
  14. So! I'm at the final boss. More random thoughts. - The final boss is a Bastard Man and I hope he doesn't get any Christmas presents this year. - In all seriousness, I think they've dialed the difficulty up just a touch too high, especially with some of the later bosses. There are certain enemies who pull some seriously cheap stuff on you, including preventing your ability to heal. Every time you feel like you're getting just a little bit of power fantasy that you usually get via progressing in games, something new comes along to show you just how wrong you were. And that's fine, up to a point, but I 100% do not begrudge anyone for walking away from it all. In fact, I can definitely see a contingent of people who stick it out all the way to the end, but give up at the final boss. It's a definite difficulty spike, even with what's come before, and I'll be watching this thread eagerly. - As I mentioned before, it is so obvious that this came from the Dark Souls 2 staff. The design of some of the later environments. repetition of certain mini-bosses/arena fights, the prominence of groups of enemies ganging up on you despite the game not really giving you the tools to manage that... it's eerie how reminiscent some of it is, despite the totally different setting and pace of the game. - I'm still very, very fond of Sekiro, but I think there are two bad design decisions in this game. The first, and this one's actually pretty minor, is that there is no reason for Spirit Emblems to be a consumable item that you can run out of. They made the same mistake as they did in Bloodborne - it should be that it just refills whatever your maximum cap is every time you rest, and that's that. They're so cheap to buy that there isn't any point in having you run out, except for making you grind for some Sen. It's not as bad as Blood Vials were in BB, just because prosthetic use isn't as central to the game, but still. Boo. Guys, you already figured this out with Estus Flasks. Stop trying to fix what isn't broken. - The second design decision that I actually think is much worse, but others may disagree, is that I don't think Posture recovery should be tied to health loss. It is a double punishment, and can actually make some of the later bosses nearly impossible if you're not managing your health recovery properly. In previous Souls games, you always had that feeling of even if you were down to a sliver of health, you just needed that one last hit to finish a boss off. Here, if you're nearly dead, then you're already fucked - you can't recover your posture anywhere near as fast as you need to, meaning you can't parry all the attacks that you need to, meaning you can't drain their posture, meaning you can't beat a boss. I'm going to keep throwing myself at the wall tonight to see the end credits roll, but man. What a weird, beautiful, infuriating game this is.
  15. It's not too bad, honestly.
  16. Also, weird thing I didnt initially realise about the Prosthetics. When you upgrade one - say, for example, the Shuriken - you actually have to equip the upgraded version in your inventory in place of the non-upgraded one. Which seems weird, as it looks like you have access to all the same movesets that the older version had anyway...
  17. 12 or so hours in. Random thoughts. - I am in love with this video game. - It is ridiculous that a company like Activision has published a video game that is this difficult in the year 2019. The amount of people who are going to bounce off this in the first few hours and trade it in is... well, I think it's going to be more than average. - As others have stated, seriously - don't worry too much about the Dragonrot mechanic. It seems to be real periphery, side-quest related stuff, and from what I can tell, nothing ever gets locked out permanently. Some stories might just be on hold until you decide to reverse the rot - but don't hold me to that. - It definitely gets easier (or at least, less painful) the further you progress. Based on nothing but my own personal experience, I think there are two major roadblocks early on, and I will refer to them as The Butterfly and The Bull. Those are the two instances where you really have to just learn the fights, and execute. There are no tricks, you can't really level your way out of them - you just have to throw yourself at the wall until you break through. Once you do, you start to get a lot more in the way of varying paths, and options for what you do next. - Further to the above, after those hurdles, you do find little areas that make for good XP/Sen farms for when you just need to stock up a little. The Ashina Resevoir is a nice little spot. - You don't have to fight everything. Dumb to say out loud, but worth remembering. If you're just trying to get to the next save statue, just zip away. - Save up for the "15% health back on every Deathblow" skill. You wont regret it. A large part of me thinks that should have just been a mechanic baked into the game from the very start, akin to Bloodborne's health recovery system. It's borderline essential to making meaningful progress. - No multiplayer is going to hurt a lot of people. Say what you will about the alleged difficulty of the Souls series, but for every boss in that entire series, you had the option of calling for help when it all became too much. No such luck here. - Anyone else get a strong feeling that a lot of the staff who worked on Dark Souls 2 were put on this? There are areas where the lighting and texture work of the environments esepcially just screams DS2. Which, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, means that a lot of other From staff are working on something else... - I don't blame anyone who decides that it's all a bit too much, but I cannot overstate how rewarding it feels when everything finally clicks. You really do have to unlearn a lot of bad habits before that happens - you have the most powerful blocking ability, with no stamina bar, and the most generous parry window of any Souls game to date, and you have to remember that at all times. Nearly every stupid death I've succumbed to so far has been some variant of me not taking advantage of those basic, fundamental concepts. - Running through the early areas when you're a few levels higher is gleeful. It takes that feeling of running through Undead Burg with your level 100 character, and unshackles it completely, before handing it a grappling hook. There are areas where, 5 hours ago, I was cowering in grass waiting for an enemy to de-aggro before trying to move on. Now I'm a spinning maelstrom of death, and a zone that would have taken me 20 minutes early on is now over in seconds. For me, this is easily up there with Bloodborne. Any reservations I had around them moving away from the tried and tested formula have been dispelled completely, and that From Software can now effectively make a game in any one of three different series, and have that idea be equally as exciting to me... I can't think of many developers who have that at their disposal. What a game.
  18. I've reached the point now where I've stopped paying that much attention to levelling up efficiently - as you said, there's no realy incentive or urgency to get to 700, with The Reckoning really the only activity I'm locked out of right now. Part of me is also wondering whether the Power Surge bounties are going to be a regular thing with every new expansion that comes out in the future. Which gives even less of a reason to be spending time levelling up now... In any case, it's now perfectly possible to just dip into a couple of activities on a weekly basis to make some slow and steady progress. Skipping from Gambit to Crucible to Strikes to Flashpoint to Xur bounty to... other stuff feels pretty darn satisfying. The only thing I'm staying clear of is the Dreaming City weekly bounties - far too much effort for the rewards on offer.
  19. Fuck that D-grade Matthew McConaugheyalike. Vanguard for LIFE. I dunno. Weird part of my brain feels like Bungie picked up a couple of the Telltale staff after that studio imploded. A lot of "Drifter will remember this choice" vibes. The change in dialogue that you get in Gambit matches is a nice touch though, and the quest is relatively straightforward... but it's all a bit lukewarm, which pretty much sums up this season overall.
  20. I think I end up killing myself 9 out of 10 times whenever I try to use Wardcliff. Wondering whether non-cluster bomb rocket launchers are going to be viable now, considering the damage buff they received. 30% increase for trace rifles too. Are we back to the Coldheart meta...?
  21. Loving this. Too much fun. Only gripe - playing on PC, the game seems to stutter for a few seconds every time I pick up an orb. Anyone else seeing this?
  22. 100% thought this was going to be a Wings of Glory thread. I'll see myself out.
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