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  1. I am quite giddy with anticipation. Two more weeks!
  2. I've had that too over the weekend. Wondering if there's some hacking going on.
  3. I would be amazed if it wasn't. The problem right now is that the game is caught in licensing limbo between Activision and Bungie as an independent publisher. The fact that they can't even mention what the availability of Forsaken, currently an Activision product, will be after October 1st speaks volumes. It's a little messy, but not if you're willing to spend some money now. If you want everything, buy the Forsaken bundle on Battle.net, and then pre-order Shadowkeep (with or without the additional season pass) on Steam. That covers the lot for now.
  4. Cross-save functionality is now up. Just went through the process myself, no problems whatsoever. All of my PS4 stuff (aside from 200 Silver, which I'll somehow live without) is now available on PC. 100 FOV, 1440p at 60fps, and I even bothered to dig out the little paddles for my Xbox elite controller. I'm never going back - even if I do end up getting completely tanked by mouse and keyboard users in Crucible...
  5. Yup, even I ducked out after 10 minutes. Woeful stuff. God, just compare it to the excellent Beastcast from last week. It's just night and day in terms of the energy involved.
  6. I guess the only point to getting Solstice armor up to Legendary at this point is so you have its 2.0 equivalent ready for you from the Gunsmith when Shadowkeep drops. It's the only armor that will immediately be waiting for you as 2.0-ready on day 1. I'm just chasing Pinnacle/exotic weapons that I don't really have yet. It is somewhat refreshing not to have to worry about the Power chase, at least for a little while.
  7. Part II of the Director's Cut is up -= https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48064 Biggest news is that every single piece of equipment in your inventory is all getting raised to power level 750 when Shadowkeep hits. So, stop infusing stuff now if you don't need to I guess.
  8. Looks like Scout Rifles are back on the menu, boys. It's been too long.
  9. Nope, still need to do it. I also need to do a few Exotic Quest things - should be around over the weekend. Am lewismistreated1 on PSN.
  10. I also finished my Titan set yesterday. For me, the whole thing wasn't too bad, mainly because I hadn't touched the game in a while, and getting the armor set complete was a guaranteed 750 drop across the board. So I went from round 690 to 747 in the space of a week or so - just need to prioritise a few weapon quests now to close the gap. That, coupled with the fact that I had a bunch of Exotic Quests waiting for me (Bad Juju, Outbreak, Truth, even Thorn), plus Pinnacle weapons, made the grind a lot more bearable. I really do believe that this is a game best played after having stepped away from it for a decent length of time. The idea of trying to do everything, every season, when all that means if having to grind Forges, or Gambit, over and over just to get something resembling new content just seems exhausting. Also, if anyone from the clan needs help Masterworking the armor set for the 'run Strikes with clanmates' objectives, let me know. For I too am on that train.
  11. Yeah, if I didn't have a serious and debilitating Destiny Problem, this would have been my GOTY last year. It's exactly the sort of game I wanted someone to make but could never put into words, and the standard-bearer for what Early Access can do for both developers and players. One day I'll get my Ascension 20 runs complete. One day.
  12. Yeah, Forsaken had its own Annual Pass, which contained Season of the Drifter (Gambit Prime), Season of the Forge (the Foundries), and Season of Opulence (the Menagerie). Shadowkeep will also have its own Annual Pass.
  13. Shadowkeep and New Light delayed until October 1st. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48032 I'd rather wait and have it be good. Simple, really.
  14. Polished off the rest of my Space Hulk stuff. The true Emperor - He who has four arms - will be most pleased. You know it's been a productive few weeks when your palette ends up looking like this:
  15. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere. I currently have everything on PS4. I want to start playing on PC in September. I see the Shadowkeep pack for sale on Steam. It does not include Forsaken. Do I need to buy Destiny 2 + Forsaken now on Battlenet, and then buy Shadowkeep on Steam? And then transfer all of my licenses across to Steam? I saw someone say that Forsaken will be available on Steam as of September 17 when the contract with Activision expires, but I'd like to know for sure...
  16. According to this very thread - since September 5, 2017! - Now I *immediately* want to go back and touch up those Orcs. And take pictures with actual lighting involved.
  17. I believe that answers your question. Please remind me of this post in 12 months time when I'm complaining about the eight thousand Bloodborne minis I have to paint.
  18. Yup, PC. Never had any real problems with the first two. I'd still recommend it. It's admirable that they've made choices matter across multiple titles, which is always the promise with these sorts of games.
  19. Just finished The Banner Saga 3, and its... weirdly buggy, compared to the first two? Plenty of times where controller inputs stopped working for certain menu items, conversations that would hang forever, and a couple of times where the game would just freeze completely on a loading screen. Definitely feels like they ran out of road at some point, and just had to get it out there. But aside from that, I felt it wrapped up well. Definitey seemed like there was a lot of variance in terms of how choices played out over the three games.
  20. Needed a break from doing Dark Souls stuff, so I decided to brighten up my day by doing something as light-hearted as.... *checks notes* - my copy of Space Hulk. 13 of the Emperor's finest finished - Only real issue I had was doing the light cloak on the captain. I still don't feel like I have a good way of applying washes/shades to a flat, light surface yet. I basically left it looking a little filthy after a coat of Nuln Oil, and convincing myself it's intentional.
  21. Hey. Me again. Dark Souls, etc. You know the drill. Happy for the most part. Four Kings were so basic and simple to complete it almost felt like cheating. I tried to strike a balance between having a textured base for them with getting that 'pitch black darkness' feel from the game in their arena. Oh, and if it wasn't already obvious, I ordered a 1-pound bag of rocks for basing off Amazon. Because that's normal behavior now I guess.
  22. Need some advice, Gamesmasters. Halfway though painting the Guardian Dragon in my seemingly never-ending quest to power through all this Dark Souls stuff. I'm really worried that what I tried to do with the veins on the wings looks shit. Way I figure it, I have a couple of options: 1) go over it all with red again, and forget trying to freehand the veins entirely. Would probably then do the wings a sort of leathery-brown to differentiate between the rest of the model. 2) lean into it, try and find a way of blending them into the wings with an orange/red mix, keep the wings red, but try and add some shading/depth with a lighter red throughout 3) something else entirely. Thoughts?
  23. Hi, you might remember me from such posts as "that one with all the Dark Souls miniatures". Well, I did a bunch more! Still feel like I'm at the stage of learning something new every time I pick up the brush, but pretty happy for the most part in how these turned out. Sif was probably the one I was worried about the most as I've never really done fur before, but as always, the answer to all of my problems was 'drybrush it'. Onto my next work in progress...
  24. I dunno. I enjoy the dynamic between him and Jan, Jeff seems very fond of him (which is notable, as the list of things that Jeff is fond of seems to be getting smaller by the hour), and while I can't really comment on his competency in terms of producing livestreams, etc., his performances on the Bombcast just don't rub me the wrong way. I'd take him over Jason any day. There's low energy and there's Jason.
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