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    Ordered! I wonder if randomly at some point through the game it asks if you fancy a game of chess...... I've wanted a game like this for a while. I remember a mate used to have something similar, can't remember its name, but it was turn-based (me and turn-based games do not mix). And while I shouldn't have much need for the office mode, it sounds awesome. It's also the first time I've obtained a retail game via downloading it, so this type of distrobution may have a new advocate (even though we're gonna get a hard copy anyway.)
  2. Good point. And seeing as it is Mario, someone from UK:R will probably be there to take a picture and take the piss out of you, just as they were when they were promoting Playboy: The Mansion.
  3. I only mention this really so someone can find out, once and for all, what he is actually saying to Bowser on Super Mario 64, as accentuated by the long-running debate in N64 (the magazine). 'So long me Bowser'? 'So long-a Bowser'? So long King Bowser'? Otherwise, if you want to participate in GAME's lame promotional stunt, glad to be of service .
  4. Conclusive, undeniable evidence proving Ryo Hazuki is gay....and, er, suffering from Stockholm Syndrone, too. And, as some may probably find anyway....
  5. While I wouldn't go to such extremes (I've played many games since, of which there is a large amount that I've fully enjoyed, and am looking forward to next-gen stuff), there will always be a place for my N64. Being 18, it was really my first 'proper' console, where I really got into gaming. N64 magazine helped too, as it was excellant also, and a great companion for a great machine. Its interesting to note that other than Resident Evil 4, I hardly played my Gamecube much at all. Whether its changing tastes or not, many people I know my age who had N64's didn't get on with their Gamecubes. There seems to be people who liked the SNES when they were younger, didn't like the N64 and found their love again with the Gamecube. Whereas those whose first major experiences of Nintendo gaming are with the N64 (like me) don't seem to care much for the Gamecube. This isn't an attack on the Gamecube as such, and is hardly definitive: just interesting to see the differing demographs within Nintendo gamers, rather than just as a collective whole. Sorry, bit OT there . Another vote for Snowboard Kids too: gotta love fighting for that ski lift .
  6. While most people ridicule it, Mario Kart 64 is an absolute blast in Battle Mode. Nintendo really missed the boat when they didn't put battle mode on WFC for Mario Kart DS. Even 4-player Block Fort would have been the dogs bollocks , and for me the likelihood of finding 7 other DS owners with MKDS is slim . Oh, and Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy are the only wrestling games I've played and really liked. WWF Warzone was ok-ish, saved by 4-player sessions, 3 on 1 action against my brother, all of us smashing his head in with televisions . I loved my N64; easily my favourite console. My original console died not long ago, but I can't bring myself to throwing it away. And with emulators, I can play on my laptop on the move. The N64 is dead, long live the N64! (etc).
  7. South Pier, right? I played it there too. Its not there anymore though, both South Pier and Claremont Pier have gone right down the Shitter. They're both accomodating for the increasing chav population: Claremont's got rid of the 4-player Daytona USA, and to add insult are rebuilding the place as a Casino, FFS . Oh, and stroke another one up for F-Zero. X just above GX, for the awesome guitar big blue music .
  8. Ah, N64 magazine. The thing I'll always remember about the magazine is the 'uncompromising' reviews of awfully shit games. Superman 64 is the one best known, as are infact most of them ever written in the magazine. However, a free gift from issue 24, The Nintendo 64 Compendium, holds some of my personal favourite 'scathing games journalism'. Each mini-review came in the form of 3 questions: 'Why might I want to buy this?', 'What will I like?' and 'What won't I like?': Cruis'n usa 'What will I like about it?' That when you crash your car, loads of little mice appear, chanting the mantra 'we will fix it, we will fix it'. And then this wise owl, right, says...Oh. That was Bagpuss wasn't it? Right. Nothing then. 'What won't I like about it?' Everything....apart from the fact that buildings appear RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, which gets funny in a 'cabin fever' sort of way. Clayfighter 63 1/3 "'Why might I want to buy this?' You won't...purpotedly a parody of the 16-bit era's inumerable weak updates of lame fighting games, it seems to miss the point that IT IS JUST THAT. Or perhaps it doesn't. In which case, it's taking the 'pith', and we invite outside for a brutal kicking. Aero Gauge "'What will I like about it?' The thrill of non-ownership. It's a real buzz. 'What won't I like' The horror of ownership. It's akin to waking to discover your face has melted. FIFA 64 'Why might I want to buy this?' EA's first feeble attempt [at an N64 FIFA game]...we take it as read that the chimps in the testing department were too busy writing Hamlet, or something." Mortal Kombat Mythologies (The genre given to this game was 'execrable mess') 'Why might I want to buy this?' No-one, in their right minds, would care to partake in a transaction that involved the exchange of denominations of a fiscal nature for this, this...well, words fail us. 'What will I like?' Nothing. Playing it is like being whipped to death with urine-soaked laces. If we were to write a feature on its time in development, we'd call it 'Origin of the Faeces'. No, really. Iggy's Reckin' Balls 'Why might I want to buy this?' It's by Iguana. And they did 'Turok', So this must be good, right? 'What will I like?' It's by Iguana. And they did 'Turok', So this must be good, right? 'What won't I like?' Oh. It's not. Wave Race 64 'What won't I like?' Harking forn the 'Europe'? Third world, that. Let them view 'borders' era, widescreen-like 'black panels' adorn top and bottom of the display. Create your own HUD-style graffiti with Tipp-Ex in this 'thoughtfully' provided space. "Whoever approved this PAL translation is a muppet" is our favourite. The credit attribute these reviews to a James Price, who I haven't heard of since. However, Mr Price, wherever you are; 'Origin of the Faeces' is genius (unless you knicked it, obv.) . 7 years on, as I wrote it here it had me giggling just like the 11 year old I was then.
  9. I got this the other day. If anyone's up for a few games, just add us (Tag same as my username). Both me and my cars are a bit rubbish, so you'll at least win. EDIT: Sent most in this thread friend invites.
  10. donkeyk

    Rllmuk Clan

    'Sometimes' is a lot better than the last clan I was in could manage. Again, much appreciated. Cheers.
  11. Added bidermaier and afrazkhan. Oinkster, in the process of adding you at the moment. Will bring you some pears, don't have much else tbh.
  12. Well mine came through the post, which is the way I think most people have got it. It may be possible obtain it via that way 'officially' anyway. Either way, you're house looks cooler than before B) .
  13. Bob is pretty cool, like you say he's just completely random. When deciding how to answer him, you can't judge how he's gonna react! Bit hard to keep him happy . Bill, on the other hand, annoys me with his 'get fit' mentality. Like that guy in dodgeball, only with a squeaky voice.
  14. That reminds me - Nascar Racing 2 (PC). Don't ask me why I had that game (I'm not sure myself), but in the practice before the race, you were all lined up in the pit lane, so I went out and did a lap before anyone else left, lined myself up, turned the auto pit-lane speed limit off, and.....well it was too easy when they were stationary. Top marks for the replay feature; the aerial camera was especially good for analysing your every move in a post-carnage briefing. In fact, the only problem was that the cars couldn't leave the floor .
  15. Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2. It had one of the best replay viewers ever created in a racing game...... .....so I devoted my mis-spent youth to try and make the biggest pile-ups ever seen to man. And then watch it again, from a different angle, from inside the cockpit of the car I've just snapped in half, from the car behind, from the trackside cam, from the back-markers narrowly avoiding the crash.... I had some real beauties (replays) on my old computer. Monza was my favourite: starting grid + Long straight + slow 1st corner - braking = a moment even murray walker couldn't convey hysterically enough.
  16. Yep, I should be on 9pm tonight. If anyone else is up for it, add either of us.
  17. donkeyk

    Rllmuk Clan

    Alright. New guy to Rllmuk. My Halo 2 stats Haven't played in a while due to bored-ness with Halo, so probably a bit rubbish, but a new clan would get us playing again. Could I join the Rllmuk Nubes? An invite would be most appreciated.
  18. Yeah I'm up for some of this. Depends on the definition of nube tho. I'm level 22(I think), but that's only for big team battle (I have nowhere near that level in any of the otherpresets), plus I haven't played Halo 2 for weeks. When are you playing?
  19. Hello, I'm up for some Mario Kart this weekend. If anyone's playing soon can they add me to their friend's list and give us a shout in advance? Code's in the sig.
  20. But a greep pipe! You're right though: I've only just started playing it for a couple of days, so its nearly as big as my house
  21. Alrite Lucas adding you now. You're coming mine, right? EDIT: Thanks for the net Kris, got myself a yellow butterfly already!
  22. Gates open. Got pears, btw.
  23. Hello! Seeing as its impossible to travel in Animal Crossing without having any friends I have signed up here so I can possibly visit a few other towns. Only got the game a couple of days ago so my town is in its infancy at the moment. In general, would just like to have a few people to play it with. Name: donkeyk Town: romford Friend code: 1074-4318-1837 Thanks in advance for any replies.
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