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  1. I've always been intrigued by Rail Simulators. How noob friendly is it? I've always wanted to play something like this, but have always been put off because of looking like a prat it being too hardcore to really enjoy.
  2. I don't get the 'don't fuck up' syndrome, my personal habit is the 'golf swing' problem. So lap after lap I'll notice I'm not getting a good line through a corner, so I'll concentrate on getting faster through it. Of course like with a golf swing, as soon as you iron out an issue with your swing, another one pops up its place. So I'll start nailing that corner then I'll start getting another corner wrong lap after lap. And just like your golf swing, you just go round in big circles (literally) trying to bring your overall lap time down. And just like your golf swing, you realise that actually you're at your peak and aren't going to get any better...
  3. That's a monster from Superstarbeejay. I'm not sure I'll get near that, but my target is deffo a sub-56. If I can do that I'll be happy. My fav corner is easily the second to last. It's so tight that it requires pinpoint accuracy braking then turning in. I'm surprised I don't clump the barrier at the apex more often then I do at the moment (that's the last corner instead .)
  4. I'll never tire of watching that last lap. Me and the gf were in the SU bar watching that race. When Hamilton passed Glock eveyone started cheering and clapping, it was a magnificent moment. But then Massa's jubilant Dad popped up on the projector screen, and the whole bar went quiet; what had happened for them to be cheering? Had we missed something? Half a second of anxiety and despair. So when his face dropped at the news of Hamilton's pass, the entire bar shouted 'ARRRGGGGHHHH!' in a moment of sheer delight. Harsh to take joy from someone else's pain, sure, but the child inside is too strong not to . As for my fav photo... Obvious, but awesome none the less.
  5. I'm pretty sure you can, just (annoyingly) when you're setting the time trial up at the menu screen IIRC, not whist racing. Rather annoying, because I like to toggle ghosts on and off, depending on how I'm feeling.
  6. donkeyk: 0:56.67 : (MT) I'm getting close to as fast as I can go. I'm struggling with the fast left/right combo halfway round the circuit. If I take the entrance to the bend left too hard I muck up my exit speed going right, but keeping it so far left entering it makes the car unstable when starting to turn right. Everywhere else I feel I've nailed, but there is definitely my weak point.
  7. I've just seen this on the leaderboards...because I have set the exact same time! donkeyk : 0:56.78 : (MT) Do I go above because I used manual gears?
  8. donkeyk

    PGR 4

    Quebec? Excellent. Perfect for a bit of loose RWD action. Will post a time later .
  9. I'm probably in the minority but I used to love bridge and priory. Whether spectating or playing on Forza I used to love the sweeping right hander, trying to take it as fast as possible without compromising your entrance speed and angle into priory, which gotten wrong spoiled the rest of the lap. It's a shame they've gone in my opinion, but then I suppose other people miss the orginal Silverstone layouts. Tracks change, you just have to deal with it. Having said that, the new abbey curves appear to do a similar job, with the added bonus of slow tightening corners preceeding a straight, varying the course up a bit. So it's not all bad.
  10. As much as he can be annoying, Eddie Jordan has completely upset the PR-bullshit machine that most of the teams used to serve up over the past few years, where they would reel off spectularly boring and 'safe' PR-spiel. Real no holds barred Paxman-esqe stuff...and if gets Christian Horner squirming like a girl more often, long may it continue. Vettel will be seething if Webber does him over at Hockenheim. Which would be a real shame to see. Honest. EDIT: and EJ is at it again
  11. donkeyk

    PGR 4

    Horribly overlooked game. So much better than 3 it's unreal. The F50 GT... Would love to get involved in any online races.
  12. Anybody still watching this? Just watched episode 4, which was in retrospect quite a dark episode: I really like how it is looking more at the periphery of war than Band of Brothers did: it helps me to stop comparing the two at every other moment, as it is very much its own thing.
  13. A decent Rugby League game. The 13-man code would probably translate better into a computer game than Union, as the latter always has the issue of replicating rucking and mauling successfully (and for me, no Rugby game to date has ever really pulled it off.) The free-flowing and fast-paced nature of league would make a great game. I've always imagined designing a game like Half-Life, where you would have to escape from some secret lab type thing. However unlike the linear experience of Half-Life, it would be a completely open-ended affair: how you escape, who to team up with, who you trust and what lengths you'd go to escaping would be entirely up to you. The game would be quite short in length, say 3-4 hours long; the longevity coming from an almost endless amount of ways to play through your escape. I'd even like a 'hardcore' mode, where the possibility of escape in any given run-through might not even actually be acheivable, giving a real sense of futility to the game, an emotion I don't recall ever feeling in any other computer game. Essentially it would be Half-Life + Hitman + GTA + Disaster Movie. I don't think I've really described it well, but it sounds ace in my head anyway.
  14. I hadn't considered hardline, which is pretty stupid because its probably at it's best in search and destroy . I'll defintely have a go with that. I might go with the ACR; normally I don't particularly like it, because it ain't much more powerful than a UMP and I prefer to be a bit more mobile than be better at range. I suppose with stopping power it ain't too bad, although to me coldblooded is a search and destroy must. I suppose you can always switch to a coldblooded class if things don't go your way. How do people get on with scavenger in S&D? I do like it for the smaller, more built up maps, where claymores are very deadly.
  15. Is there anyone playing search and destroy much? I was just wondering what sorta loadouts people were using for it, because I'm getting a little bored my my marathon/cold-blooded/ninja + silenced UMP loadout. As trusty as it is, I was thinking of shaking things up. Maybe a decent sniper/LMG class? As much as I like FFA and the other playlists, there is just something about search and destroy that I love .
  16. Oooh this sounds lovely. I would get involved, but with my braking issues I don't think I could live without ABS...yet. Put me as a maybe. I'll start practicing, because at the moment the temptation to put the throttle on too early in the exit of a corner is too much to handle....
  17. That was a great battle. Indeed, the best battles seem to involve more than 2 cars. Being the filling in a sandwich can provide all sorts of difficult, yet highly entertaining problems. Some good races last night with Meerman. Was good to get back in some of the lower classes again. It seems like a whole different mechanic of racing in slower cars compared to faster classes, where you have to utilise the strengths of your chosen car; you can't make up for mistakes with flat-out top speed. Still getting used to the steering wheel though. As I mentioned last night, braking has been the main issue. At first I was stamping on the brakes far harder than I wanted/needed to, and as such my braking was nowhere near as smooth as it was previously with the pad. I think the problem was that I wasn't sure if I was actually applying any brake when I was only just pressing the pedal, although a few practice laps with the telemetry on and seeing the brakes being applied has allayed my fears somewhat and unsurprisingly, my braking is getting better. Now that I'm acquring credits pretty rapidly, I want to start having a couple of decent cars for each class upgraded to the class limit. I'm really struggling with A-class: my XKR is lovely but steps its tail out putting the power on in the exit of a corner, and my R8 has the opposite problem of understeering at every bloody oppurtunity. Gonna try the 911 GT2 I won the other day. Has anyone else had any thoughts for each of the classes?
  18. Wait, you can use g25 pedals on a xbox 360 wheel? The only thing I've been disappointed so far with the 360 wheel is the pedals, looks like we have a solution!
  19. Some excellent races tonight . The race on Maple Valley was interesting...well until I binned it anyway. Me, Meerman and Rogue in close formation. I hit the kerb rather hard, the car bounces up... ...and now it's going to end badly. Like so. Gah. And another quality moment at Suzuka, me and Meerman spent half the lap side-by-side.
  20. Yeah I was earlier. When people were joining or leaving the party we were in, it started juddering, almost lag-like. Really annoying .
  21. Are any of the supermarkets doing this cheaply? Otherwise I'll just go down to GAME.
  22. Another vote for ISS 64. "Goal, Goal, GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!" "He's hit it with his [pause] left foot!" "The defender [sudden change to urgent voice] HAS REMOVED THE DANGER!" "What the hell-a....he's put it in his own net!" "There's a fight for aerial domination!"
  23. Metal Gear Solid is excellent, although like all harder-to-find Metal Gear stuff, it is stupidly expensive on ebay. Mario Tennis is well worth a look, too. The GBC version of Driver is quite fun; dunno how well its aged. I loved my Game Boy Colour. Bet I've still got it somewhere.
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