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  1. Looking at how Horner and Vettel supported Hamilton on the podium, and Hamilton's generally moody demeanor over the past couple of weeks, does anyone think that he might suffering from depression? Genuine question; he just doesn't look comfortable at all with himself, lots of self-deprecating comments, etc. His behaviour is completely out of character. Pure speculation, of course. But even if it isn't mental health issues, I hope the good performance today allows him to build some confidence for the last few races.
  2. Aye, the 8-Player cabs are a thing of beauty. The Ridge Racer cab in an MX-5 aside, I don't think there has been a more outrageously decadent arcade cabinet ever made . Hopefully the 8-player cab from the Trocadero finds another home now they've left. It was bad enough seeing the cab in a state of disrepair, with image-burnt screens and wonky pedals and steering wheels, but the thought of them possibly being destroyed or broken down for spares makes me feel sad.
  3. IIRC there was an RCP-90 in a crate in the first carriage of the level. I would guess that is what you are referring to. I played that game far too much, obv.
  4. Ah, Eddie Irvine. I could come up with something witty and scathing, but to be perfectly honest I don't think anyone will ever top Damon Hill's assessment of Irvine when he called him the "number two driver with the number one mouth." A typically measured response from Damon, especially considering he was commenting on Irvine's charge that Hill "was a nobody until Senna drove into a wall."
  5. True, but at least they made it in to a film befitting the series (to a greater or lesser extent depending on your view). Die hard 4.0 really wasn't a Die Hard film at all: if, for nothing else, the fact it had to gain a PG-13 rating. Hence the butchering of his catchphrase at the end . I personally quite like 3; the two leads combine well in my opinion. But then I like 2 as well. And the original, of course.
  6. Yeah, I actually quite like the utilitarian nature of the graphics. And of course it means you get 29 other racers on screen. I just wouldn't hold it up as an example of what the N64 could do though (not that many games ever looked brilliant on it...) Oh, I don't think anyone has mentioned Perfect Dark. Although I would get the XBLA version if possible; the framerate on the N64 version tends to be 'agricultural', shall we say... Despite everything, I still love playing on my N64. Probably as it's the console I grew up with it, I have so many great memories. The only thing I was ever disappointed with was the lack of racing games; otherwise I nver particularly felt like I was missing out by not having a playstation.
  7. Snowboard Kids is excellent. Another for F-Zero X. Looks crap, plays brilliant. The AKI wrestling games are awesome too (e.g. WCW Vs NWO Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000/No Mercy.) I always liked San Francisco Rush due to its 'go anywhere' gameplay. By todays standards it isn't very sandbox at all, but still worth a look. Mario Tennis is well worth a play, but it can be pricey.
  8. I dunno why, but the 'Tim O'Glock' line left me in giggles. And Bernie....
  9. I dunno, I see Tom like Alex last year. Great insight, great analysis, but put him in charge, and it'll all go to shit. If nobody listens to him now, they won't listen to him when he becomes PM.... Helen looks strong, and Leon has kept his nose clean recently...
  10. If I had a sudden urge to do this, what would be the best way of doing it?
  11. Either way, Jean-Marie Belestre was a Grade-A pecker of the highest calibre.
  12. Just got back from Cinema City in Norwich to watch the Senna film. It was amazing. It felt eerie watching the footage of Imola 94. I was only 6 at the time, but even so it felt like it was only yesterday. I thought the 'incident' would be horrible to watch, but having been shown the truly horrific footage of Martin Donnelly's crash in 1990 earlier, it was a strangley desensitizing experience watching Senna's fatal accident. But that was probably just me; there were at least two people in the theatre sobbing by the end. The best bit I thought though was when
  13. I love how predictable this show is. The boys always lose the 1st task due to infighting and general incompetence, whilst the girls do a reasonable job and get along nicely. Which is followed up by the predictable 2nd show, where the boys get their act together and the girls spectacularly implode under the strain of the bitchiness and squabling. My prediction for tonight is: girls lose, Edna comes close to getting fired due being bitchy, and at the last moment Lord Sugar fires the meek and feeble one for doing nothing wrong all task. Also want to share the love for You're fired! I love how Dara allows the fired contestant to feel safe and relaxed, allow them to come out of their shell a bit, then when they start getting cocky and try to be funny themselves, he hits them a with a damning put-down to bring back down to earth. Normally I wouldn't condone such behaviour, but these egotistical traffic bollards deserve all they get.
  14. Who let Cherie Blair enter The Apprentice? And then there is Vincent, who looks like a camp Ian Rush.
  15. E-AYE-E-AYE-E-AYE-AYE-OH, UP THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE WE GO! Sorry, I'm a little tipsy already .
  16. I always go to Banham as it's closest to where we are at the moment (Diss.) It usually is full of PS1/PS2 stuff, which I think is why I got descended upon as I had loads of older stuff. The best thing I've ever seen was a nice boxed megadrive with a mega cd, which the bloke wanted £20 together. I didn't really want the megadrive itself and he wouldn't accept lower (I didn't have £20.) I went round again to make a final offer only to see he'd sold the mega cd seperately! Why didn't I ask if he'd do that! However I'm having to move back home so I won't be going there much longer. Will probably be going Kessingland or Burgh Castle if I go out then.
  17. Should've come down to Norfolk today, as I sold a minty-mint Donkey Konga boxset for £3 today .
  18. Went to my first ever car boot as a seller today, and took a whole load of gaming stuff I just couldn't justify keeping any more. Having gone to this car boot as a buyer I knew exactly who the traders were, which helped as I bumped up the price knowing they were going to put a mark up on their stall anyway . Either that or I priced them out of interest and sold to people who I thought would actually play or collect them. Hopefully I didn't come across as one of those with silly prices. We got rid of a lot of stuff, so we couldn't have been asking for too much that often! The only thing I didn't sell which you might consider 'silly money' was I wanted 15 quid for my Saturn and games, but having been made unemployed recently, I couldn't really sell it for pence when I know I can get more on the unmentionable site (I didn't use the 'I can get x...' line though, unlike the woman a car along who unsurprisingly went home with most of her stuff.) Even if its a bit pricey, I was a bit offended by the guy who thought that waving a tenner in my face was a good way to get the best price . Not cool. Spoke to a few nice knowledgeable people about gaming stuff. Spoke to a nice bloke who I see a lot at this boot who bought some Megadrive games off me, couldn't take the console though as he'd already bought one today and his OH would be a bit pissed with him buying another one . So now having had experience of selling, I can appreciate how the traders are annoying. But just being firm with them and keeping an eye out for those who are likely to actually play the games meant I came home happpy knowing it'd all found a good home. None better than the Mario plush toy that a girl bought for her little brother. All I heard was a loud 'MARIO!' from a rather excitable kid in the background .
  19. The more time goes on, the more 2009 was the team's one trick pony. BAR was a dismal failure to begin with, then Dave Richards took over and it started to pick up decent finishes. Then Honda came in, got rid of Prodrive and everything went to shit til they sold up. They spent half of 2008 designing that Brawn car, which appears to be the main reason why they took the title. Even then, in the second half of the season, Red Bull was consistantly faster. And of course, Mercedes hasn't really performed either. So except for half a season, this team has not been anything more than a midfield runner. So it appears that even with the success of Brawn, the infrastructure just isn't there yet like at Ferrari and Mclaren to consistantly challenge season after season. It could take years before the financial might of Mercedes moves it to the front of the grid, and even then, look at what Toyota acheived doing that...
  20. It does indeed contain the second disk. I already have the collector's disk which has OOT anyway, but I'm still chuffed. The only thing is that the hinge for the second disk tray is broken at one end, so it rattles a bit. Can't complain, mind!
  21. Picked these up from the charity shop... Mario Kart: DD Metroid Prime 1 & 2 Zelda Wind Waker Limited Edition Resident Evil 4 £1.50 each
  22. McBain. If you think Commando wins the 'so bad its good' prize, you are badly mistaken. This film is so awful Christopher Walken should have returned his Oscar in abject shame. Having said that, it has the best novelty deaths in any action film, ever. Not sure if its too 'gritty' to be added to the selection, but Hard Boiled is amazing. Think Mission Impossible - overly complicated plot + lots and lots of shootouts. The hospital shootout is almost orgasmic.
  23. Anybody else watch this? I've always really enjoyed just gazing at the stars, but haven't ever taken it further than that. So it was good to get a few tips on taking photographs. It is cloudy here at the moment, so I haven't had chance to take any pictures with the trusty compact I have to hand. Hopefully the amateur photographers from the Creative Design board will be along to show us what can be done. For those who missed it and want to have a go at taking some piccies, here's the relevant guide that was on the show tonight.
  24. So, another poor soul joins the club... Basically every time I turn it on, it'll freeze after only a minute of being on. This has happened about half a dozen times in a row, so my guess is it's terminal. Manufacturing date is 2007/09/04, but I have the receipt from GAME stating it was bought 17 Jan 2008. I've gone on the xbox website, and apparently it is still within the warranty period for RROD/E74, but I'll have to pay because it isn't either of those. What do I do? Hit GAME with the SOGA, or I am just going to end up talking to a brick wall? Or 'engineer' an RROD with my console and pack it back off to Microsoft? Or am I fucked and will just have to pay the fucking ridiculous £68 charge? Going to miss Black Ops now. Although I'm sure a few people will say that's probably going to be a good thing .
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