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  1. Yeah I think we're on the same page. In retrospect as excellent as Hitman 2016 was (and still is) I can understand why it tanked at retail, especially as it was released episodically. The number of people that will have played that Paris level, gone 'WTF way over my head, I'm out' and not bought any more content must've been galling for IOI.
  2. In fairness, if this allows the game to be more accessible and therefore increase the likelihood of further games, I'm all for it. Have a couple of obvious 'hand-held' methods to get the job done while keeping the more esoteric in the background. I've played Hitman since OG Hitman 2 and so as a veteran these newer games aren't too intimidating: however you only have to read a few forumites here struggle with the shear scale of some of these levels to understand how difficult it is to balance this type of game, so I'm not surprised casuals get turned off very quickly. In many ways I think this third game has shown the trilogy reach maturation with how they approach this problem. Back to the game: Finished Dubai and Dartmoor last night. Dubai was so-so as a venue but Dartmoor was amazing. Talking of OG Hitman 2, it reminded me of the villa level at the start of that game - one of the better levels of the early games. If only the Bond game they're making turns out half as good as this - which is unlikely, as it'll probably end up like Kane & Lynch....
  3. I think it's more to do with the huge problem Amazon has with customers claiming non-delivery so they get another one sent to them. My wife does Amazon Flex and the number of people who claim they didn't receive something when she knows full well they did is alarming. That's in addition to the risk of drivers 'misplacing' them, of course... Given the value and scarcity of these, plus the issues mentioned above, expect to see Amazon using this more as time goes by.
  4. @Pelekophoros may I ask where did you get that MDF cabinet from? Following your build with interest...
  5. I'v been listening to the OST this afternoon, in preparation for a sesh tonight. It's bloody good, isn't it? Shame the four player co-op is limited to local only; four player online co-op would've been a great lockdown-buster....
  6. Hope Treble doesn't mind the slight hijack, but I have an old HP Elitedesk with a i5-4570 that I'm looking to turn into an emulation box. I've tried Batocera which is a nice front end but accumulating all the ROMs is a pain, especially when for Raspberry Pi you can get retropie images like Nacho's, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of a equivilent of the retropie images for PC? If not, is there a good guide to building a decent front end yourself? Currently N64 doesn't work on my Batocera install, for example, and I can't find any info as to why not...
  7. I loved the Burnout series. Got the first one on GameCube launch day and absolutely rinsed it. Somehow missed out on buying the second but my brother’s mate had a copy so did play it a little. I can see why people think Point of Impact is better than Takedown, but the way I see it Takedown is pretty much a completely different game that just has the name Burnout in it; i.e. there is room to love both for what each brings to the table. 2004 was a great year for me. Got an Xbox for my 16th and spent study leave and the following summer rinsing the best the system had for it, including Halo, PGR2 (probably my all time favourite racing game - sorry!) and Burnout 3. I remember Outrun 2 came out around the same time and I was torn as to which to buy. Although I would eventually buy Outrun 2 (and the even better Coast2Coast), I maintain I made the right decision in buying Burnout 3 first. Yeah it was a bit ‘EA’ and I wanted to strangle that DJ Stryker more than anything in the world, but it was just such a supreme road combat game. Funny you should say EA made the best games at that time, I wouldn’t have said it back then but on reflection maybe their output in this period was better than many give it credit for... As for the state of racing games today: I took a few years out and started playing again last year. One of the first racing games I bought was Forza 7. Great game, decent championship mode which wasn’t the usual grind I remember previous iterations being. Howver when I completed most of the championships, I thought I’d take a break and start time trialing round the Nurburgring with some of my favourite cars, like I used to back in the day with PGR2....only to find there isn’t a time trial mode!?! Eh? What fucking racing game doesn’t have a time trial mode! If I ever meet the person at Turn 10 who decided a fucking circuit racing game didn’t need a time trial mode, I will cordially invite them outside to receive a brutal kicking. So if your upcoming game can manage such heinous luxuries like a time trial mode, count me in.
  8. I've added myself to the spreadsheet, but I'm playing now if anyone is up for duo/squads. Be good to play with some adults: I'd forgotten how much of a cesspit XBL has become nowadays... EDIT: Tag: donkeyk
  9. Could someone hit me up with Discord details please? Would be nice having others to talk to when I inevitably get shot in the back as usual...
  10. I went to school with him (he was in the year below) and at Norwich he was best known as "The Beccles Brawler", due to getting barred from every pub in the Beccles area for fighting. I thought that nickname was a bit naff, but you Derby fans have outdone us on that front it seems! Otherwise, OTBC! David McNally, please please PLEASE buy a decent striker this time, thanks.
  11. Haha indeed, they tend to break just looking at them the wrong way! Most of my collection went a long time ago, but the Dreamcast was the one console I kept pretty much everything for. Looking back, the Dreamcast was bloody brilliant wasn't it? Well apart from those cases and the pads of course, but it had a stupidly good first party catalogue. How the mighty Sega has fallen...
  12. Just dug out a whole shedload of Dreamcast stuff I'd nearly forgotten about. Didn't realise I still had a couple of arcade sticks and a VGA box, are they still sought after nowadays? Fancy a run through Shenmue before moving this little lot on....
  13. Currently sat in the lobby of Vue Harrow waiting to watch it. I think people are getting annoyed at my repeated Hans Gruber impressions.... "Sittingh onh ah bheach, earhningh twehnty perr-shent!" EDIT: so me and the other half are currently the only people in the screen. 9 million Die Hard fanatics in the world, and I have to find a borough of London with nobody to appreciate it with....
  14. Anybody played Anna? Looks an interesting punt at £2.71.
  15. I'm going for the first time: can't wait! Probably will head to the Green Man for the 'unoffical' tailgate, as we'll be arriving a little later, and the official one is rammed after a couple of hours apparently. As a somewhat neutral 49ers fan, I'm hoping for a good close game: as you say, I don't see it being a blowout. I have no affinity for the Pats, and as a niner I can't really warm to the Rams, so I'm looking for good individual performances (Brady and the Legatron are top of who I'm looking forward to seeing.) So for me, Pats win by a narrow margin.
  16. I started watching the NFL last year and really enjoyed it, so am looking forward to my first full season. I still don't know much about the finer intracacies regarding formations, plays, etc. but it's such a great spectacle it almost doesn't matter. Still I hope the 49ers (I picked them randomly out of a hat, not because last year they had their first decent season in ages, honest ) are able to move forward this year. If Smith can fully free himself from his 'game-manager' shackles, the new WRs bed themselves in quickly, and the defense keeps as tight as it was last year, we could go all the way. As an aside, anyone going to the game in London this year? Got myself a ticket, can't wait!
  17. Not the most stylistically pleasing, I grant you, but for me this screenshot and front cover best encompasses that period of 2D-to-3D transition: a time when games were advancing at a rate of knots and you were regularly wondering just how much better games could look. There were many games of this period which blew your mind, but driving through that tunnel in Ridge Racer always stood out as particularly special for me.
  18. Added the trine series to my list. Had a look at garry's mod cos I wasn't sure what it was; then saw that it was bundled with counter-strike: source at £3.74, when CS on its own was about twice as much. Glad I checked: bought!
  19. This is my first Steam sale since I ditched my gaming rig and bought a Mac. I thought I'd be able to get through it without damaging my wallet, thinking nothing decent is ever available on Mac, right? Well, I got that wrong.... Have already picked up Limbo, Dear Esther and Bastion: going to pick up Civ IV as well. I hate turn-based strategy with a passion; go figure! I see Counter-Strike Source is £6.99 at the moment, I was thinking of going for it but I was wondering what the chances of it being cheaper in the next couple of days? According to steamprices.com it has been cheaper in the past, but it hasn't (to my knowledge) been cheaper than it currently is in this sale.
  20. HTC-Columbia was disbanding anyway, so he needed to find a new team. As for why he chose Sky, it is an environment he would be comfortable in, because so much of Team Sky is involved in British cycling in the wider sense. That, and he'll be on mega-bucks. Also, he appears to be moving away from concentrating on winning stages in the grand tours anyway, and making himself more suited to classics and other 1-day events (hence his road race world title); where instead of outright speed you need to be able to get over hilly sections, and more importantly, be able to look after yourself.
  21. Jenna's voice annoys me, especially when she's whining like today.
  22. I didn't watch the Sky coverage this morning, but I quite liked watching the BBC highlights, purely because it trimmed down some of the down-time between quali sessions; I thought it made it more watchable in that respect, as sometimes in the past I've found the qualifying show to drag on a fair bit. I also didn't mind Edwards. He wasn't brilliant, but him and DC seemed to work quite well together, and hopefully they'll improve as time goes by. Gonna watch it live on Sky tomorrow to compare, hopefully I shall enjoy that equally as much. Here's hoping the competition improves both offerings to make the best of the situation. I'm hoping either Grosjean or Schumi can challenge the Mclaren's tomorrow, as it'd be nice to not to see them run away with it. I'm also interested to see how Maldanardo gets on: it would be good to see him prove a few naysayers wrong and put in a strong performance. All the cryer's of "pay driver" always seem to forget he was GP2 champion which is no mean feat, so probably not quite the mug he seemed to look like last year.
  23. So, with Jarno Trulli gone, we can get on with Formula 1 without listening to someone drone on about their power steering not working properly, right? Wrong! http://www.autosport...rt.php/id/98081 Oh Kimi...
  24. Really starting to get excited about the new season now. Especially as I've taken the plunge and bought tickets for both me and the better half to to Silverstone on the Saturday, having never been to a F1 race (been to see BTCC at Snetterton once before.) I didn't fancy paying out nearly as much again for a Sunday ticket (maybe next time if we really enjoy it), so hopefully it should still be good. As i've never been before, where would be a good place to watch the action from? We don't have any access to the grandstands, so it'll be standing areas only for us. What is there good to do whilst there? What is the park and ride service like? Is it good to get there early? Anything you really, REALLY don't want to forget to take with you? And what is the selection of over-priced merchandise like? i suppose it is a bit early to ask, but at least planning it distracts me from waiting for the season to start
  25. I didn't actually own a console capable of playing this until 2004. Up until that point the only time I could play it was on the rare occasion I was round relatives or friends. My favourite memory of playing GTA III is with my brother and cousin. Taking it in turns, we'd hit up the all weapons cheat and see how much carnage we could create until we copped it. The first time we managed to steal a tank . When I did finally pick it up, I got it as part of the double pack on xbox. Thus, I never quite got on with III that much when Vice City was sat next to it. Just preferred the style and characters of Vice City more. But both were excellent. San Andreas is my favourite of the series, but I have real soft spot for III. The mood, style and ambiance were perfectly balanced. IV was technically marvelous, but just felt a little....cold, compared to the previous gen games.
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