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  1. Well quite - getting rid of the name is purely a PR exercise, and perhaps the Blizzard brand has not suffered in the same way as Activision has - toxicity in the workplace aside, Blizzard probably has a reputation for quality output and Activision....doesn't. One might be worth saving and the other not. Obviously a rebranding exercise would not absolve MS's responsibility to address the actual issues at hand in these workplaces - but they might deem it still worthwhile to draw a line in the sand. Symbolically, at least.
  2. Or drop the over-arching Activision brand name altogether, and just run with the individual studio names - Infinity Ward, Treyarch, et al. Could potentially do similar with Blizzard, if they're really keen to eradicate the more toxic brand names from existence.
  3. It seems to be much further along than the aborted XBLA version that was leaked. You’d have thought given the reasons why it was aborted last time (apparently Nintendo had agreed in principle so they [Rare] started work on it, only for Nintendo to change their mind before contracts were signed) that Rare/MS would not have put the time and effort in again unless they had binding contracts to actually realise a release/profit this time around. Once bitten and all that. I also think Nintendo are now a lot more relaxed about ‘their’ IP (not strictly theirs in this case, but you know what I mean) appearing on platforms other than their own compared to 2008, given their subsequent mobile releases and other change of business practices since. Under previous management they’d have preferred 100% of nothing (rather than a cut of the proceeds from a GE remaster for doing basically nothing) if it meant protecting their hardware platforms from dilution due to cross-platform releases. Clearly given the mobile releases et al they are now considerably more relaxed about this and will now take the free money being offered - and presumably it’ll also be appearing on Nintendo platforms. The leak probably made them realise that there was a lot of interest in a remaster - and that a cross-platform release is simply in their interest as a pure business case. I mean, they’ve got milking their back catalogue down to a fine art so might as well accept MS’s help to continue doing so… TL;DR - I highly doubt MS/Rare would have put the time and effort in again if Nintendo weren’t already on board. At least I hope - I’ve been dying for a remaster since Perfect Dark XBLA got released. EDIT: should’ve added most of this is purely conjecture on my part, but the logic that MS wouldn’t waste time without being certain it’d actually happen does make a release more than plausible.
  4. I know - I wasn’t being entirely serious with my previous comment On a more serious note, it’s these little things that I hope they bear in mind. I know it’s a reboot and trying to move the franchise on, but you need to be careful of alienating your existing fan base by deviating too much from the formula that worked. Hopefully they get the balance right - too early to tell at this point, of course.
  5. According to reports - no return of Johnny Gat And none of the characters have a terrible cockney accent. Pre-orcer cancelled.
  6. Nice to see the CRT working it's magic! Once the cores for 32-Bit machines mature, I might have to take the plunge myself....
  7. I wouldn't disagree with that. But if you're spending a chunk of change on modding a console, it might be because you want the best experience possible - which arguably you won't get with a Dreamcast-TV CRT combo. It was meant more with a 'have you considered....' sentiment rather than as a warning - especially if Sketch doesn't yet have a CRT. Not sure purchasing a TV CRT (given how much they now cost) specifically for Dreamcast would be the best option, that's all
  8. Just bear in mind that unless you want to play on a CRT specifically to play light gun games, it isn't really the best way to play Dreamcast - it outputs 480i, not 240p (except for a few Capcom beat em ups.) If you want a prog scan image then you'll need a downscaler. Alternatively, find an old CRT monitor with VGA input then get a VGA adapter - the vast majority of games can be forced to output VGA. Of course, you might not care about the lack of 240p, in which case carry on
  9. That's funny....that looks an awful lot like the Trinitron I sold on Facebook to a guy who said he planned to use it with a MiSTer Hope it serves you well! If I'd known you were a forumite I'd have let you leave with my son's bag of old toys that he tried to offer you as well
  10. So finished the final mission last night: actually kinda enjoyed it in a 'change of pace' sort of way. Apart from: Not very Hitman, but the last mission does give me hope that IOI could actually do a good job with the Bond licence - more of this in that game could be pretty tasty....
  11. Yeah I think we're on the same page. In retrospect as excellent as Hitman 2016 was (and still is) I can understand why it tanked at retail, especially as it was released episodically. The number of people that will have played that Paris level, gone 'WTF way over my head, I'm out' and not bought any more content must've been galling for IOI.
  12. In fairness, if this allows the game to be more accessible and therefore increase the likelihood of further games, I'm all for it. Have a couple of obvious 'hand-held' methods to get the job done while keeping the more esoteric in the background. I've played Hitman since OG Hitman 2 and so as a veteran these newer games aren't too intimidating: however you only have to read a few forumites here struggle with the shear scale of some of these levels to understand how difficult it is to balance this type of game, so I'm not surprised casuals get turned off very quickly. In many ways I think this third game has shown the trilogy reach maturation with how they approach this problem. Back to the game: Finished Dubai and Dartmoor last night. Dubai was so-so as a venue but Dartmoor was amazing. Talking of OG Hitman 2, it reminded me of the villa level at the start of that game - one of the better levels of the early games. If only the Bond game they're making turns out half as good as this - which is unlikely, as it'll probably end up like Kane & Lynch....
  13. I think it's more to do with the huge problem Amazon has with customers claiming non-delivery so they get another one sent to them. My wife does Amazon Flex and the number of people who claim they didn't receive something when she knows full well they did is alarming. That's in addition to the risk of drivers 'misplacing' them, of course... Given the value and scarcity of these, plus the issues mentioned above, expect to see Amazon using this more as time goes by.
  14. @Pelekophoros may I ask where did you get that MDF cabinet from? Following your build with interest...
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