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  1. If I had to guess, Dead by Daylight has been coded to detect when it has been resumed and just boots you back to the title screen as a way of avoiding bugs that the developer knows about. There are probably lots of things to do with timing and state that you wouldn’t have to worry about under normal play that are a bastard to try and fix. You’d have to think that Microsoft is advising developers on how to make sure their games are compatible going forward.
  2. It probably depends on the game. In my library at least, there aren’t that many games using Xbox Play Anywhere, so it’s mostly different SKUs for each platform (if it’s on the Windows Microsoft Store at all). Older games from Bethesda and the like haven’t had it retroactively applied either.
  3. I helped my brother get a 3070 FE from Scan last year for his new build. I got to the point where I was wanting my own FE card, but Scan's one FE card per household policy means that I was SOL. Looked like the minimum for a third-party 3080 was around £1050. Ended up getting an ROG Strix 3080 OC last week. I'm glad I have a card now, but it's frustrating that I could have easily got a 3080 Ti FE for the same money if that policy wasn't there.
  4. The Series X is apparently harder to get than the PS5 just now. The Series S is much easier to get a hold of.
  5. Austin Evans measured the new unit being something like 1db quieter. He just held a decibel meter at the back of both models. I'd just wait for Gamers Nexus to take a look at it.
  6. For what it's worth, Gamers Nexus wasn't impressed with the testing:
  7. It's the same as Forza Horizon 5. Around 300 MB. Just a dummy app that'll update to the full game when it's uploaded.
  8. Amazon seems to offer discounts on it all the time. Just managed to get one myself for around £146 from Amazon Spain. A 2 TB version if it comes would probably cost more than double just now.
  9. The version on Game Pass is the full game. There are two expansions that need to be bought, but people who bought the game have to pay for those as well.
  10. Halo: Infinite, a game that was originally supposed to come out on Series X|S launch, and now is coming out 3 weeks later than the LE console that it's obviously supposed to be bundled with, is Xbox GOTY. What?
  11. It's obviously not a trivial thing to implement, but it'd be good to see it as an OS feature (like DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.) where you can configure how you want them to look once and forget about it.
  12. You can argue that the balance isn't right, but there are plenty of cars that don't work well off-road at all. And some of the trickier danger signs, speed zones etc. pretty much force you to experiment with the different cars.
  13. Opening sequence shown on the Gamescom stream looked great.
  14. That wouldn't be done in the main Xbox OS. I can see 3 storage devices on my Xbox, and I can move/copy official games between them, but you don't have to deal with drive letters, directories or anything like that.
  15. It's on sale on the Microsoft Store just now FYI.
  16. Looks like they're adding Quake for Xbox and Quake 1-3 for PC today.
  17. Never change. Also, Circle was the original OK/Accept/Continue button.
  18. Worth noting that PlayStation pads use the same button ordering as Nintendo (Circle=1, X=2, Triangle=3, Square=4).
  19. I watched it before I posted it. I thought that it was worth sharing because it talked over the pros and cons of the Microsoft/Sony approaches to expanding storage and it actually showed you how easy it is to upgrade. Unfortunately, clickbait thumbnails on YouTube are a necessary evil.
  20. Hint system. Thomas Happ mentioned it on the PS Blog.
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