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  1. You wouldn't be lost if you watched it without having seen WandaVision, but if you're going to watch WandaVision you should definitely see it before.
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Skate-Xbox-360-Download-Code/dp/B01IQALJY6/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=skate+2+xbox&qid=1651172081&sr=8-1
  3. If you can get a code, it'll probably work. The codes that are out there are going to be leftover from original release. If a game is delisted then new codes won't be generated for them. Managed to do the same with the original Forza Horizon DLC and Doom XBLA.
  4. ShopTo is good for cheap PSN credit. Two £35 codes being the cheapest way to get the standard edition.
  5. You could disable that in Sport, so hopefully they've left that setting in 7.
  6. Someone on here or ResetEra suggested putting these on the JoyCon to make them more comfortable: Can't imagine I'd have got far in Skyward Sword HD without them.
  7. There's also no way that Nintendo is going to release a hybrid console and cannibalise their hardware sales.
  8. Seasons mirror real world seasons. The idea is to change the map according to how it might in real life. For the most part, it's the weather conditions that change. But you can see things like lakes freezing or drying up. The season changes every week and a new Festival Playlist comes in at the same time. I'm assuming the events you're being asked to select are part of the Horizon Adventure. Nothing to do with seasons.
  9. A potential factor is the number of versions: Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC (Microsoft Store), PC (Steam) At launch, Forza Horizon 4 only had three of those to worry about.
  10. If the BC system Microsoft uses requires licenses to be in order then they’re going have to opt for a different system to get around that. If they’re using recompilation/translation of some sort then they’d probably have to switch to actually emulating the hardware. Might not be feasible and there’s going to be a lot of work involved that can’t just be copied across. For games with technical issues then it would be good if there was a way to enable compatibility for people who are happy to play with those issues.
  11. I don't think you appreciate the work that goes into an emulator if you think Microsoft should just start a completely new one for use with disc games that can't be relicensed.
  12. If you're in a convoy, then you can't start races etc. unless you're the person who created the convoy. The option to create one should be in the pause menu (press Y).
  13. There's a glitch you can use to buy the DeLorean for 15,000 credits. Open up the Car Collection, highlight the DeLorean, then back out of the screen. Go straight back in and press Y quickly and you'll be allowed to buy it. Works for the first slot on each manufacturer.
  14. There's some sort of region locking going on with the older store. I tried to buy Ridge Racer 6 with my card and PayPal and it wasn't happening. It does look like you could add credit, but I'm not sure if it'd lock you out from changing back with your 1 cent change (like on the Switch).
  15. Worth noting that I’ve bought stuff using my Mac/PC that doesn’t show in my Ready to Install list. Usually have to go to the store on the Xbox itself before it recognises that I own it.
  16. No word. Probably next September at the earliest. I'd imagine that Microsoft thought that Forza Motorsport 8 would be out by now when sorting the licenses for 7.
  17. https://www.stockcheckers.co.uk/ Sign up to this. Was able to get a Series X for my nephew’s Christmas a week or so ago from Amazon. I’d also recommend setting up Amazon Smile and using it when they come in stock on there. Seems to get orders through easier than the main site.
  18. Has to be the Premium bundle. And you won't own the game.
  19. It goes by a different name, but yes.
  20. I'm in love with the starting Supra. Suprarb (seanr.gif) to drive.
  21. https://www.resetera.com/threads/halo-infinite-early-access-digital-bundle-spotted-at-microsoft-store-plus-4-new-dlcs.508341/
  22. Have we had anyone bitching about how Game Pass games shouldn't have DLC yet? I love that they've more or less brought the brick collecting from FH4 LEGO Champions across to this. Or the task grid with the ability to pin them to your screen at least.
  23. The Forza Horizon games tend to get two major expansions and those and the games themselves are a known quantity at this point. If you buy the Ultimate edition of the game (or the Ultimate bundle for the Game Pass version) then you get to play the game a few days early. No one is buying these to play the game early on its own. They're just pre-ordering the expansions that they would have bought for the perk. IMO.
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