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  1. Linus Tech Tips did in their Crysis Remastered video, but no useful info.
  2. FLUDD feels a bit weird at first being mapped to two buttons. If the controls were being completely redone then they'd probably just use ZL as a modifier to keep you stationery and a single spray button. I quickly got used to the way it is though. Also, I forgot that they removed the long jump from Sunshine. It feels wrong. I couldn't play Galaxy with the Pro Controller. Had to switch to the Joy-Con. You could probably complete Galaxy using the Pro Controller with no issues, but I doubt that you could comfortably play it the way you're supposed to using the pointer all the time.
  3. They could have added support for GameCube controllers already if they wanted.
  4. If you have any leftover credit then you might not be able to switch your region back until you use it.
  5. You're only paying extra if you want Spider-Man Remastered I thought?
  6. These prices are from the PlayStation Blog: We're looking at £65-75 I'd say.
  7. The Wii U version of Super Mario 64 was rendered at 480p and then upscaled. The Switch version is going to look better.
  8. The PS5 APU has 3 modes: PS5 / PS4 Pro Legacy / PS4 Legacy. It was covered in the Cerny presentation.
  9. I pre-ordered a PS5 because I want one. Simple as that. I'm all digital already, but I'm not ready to remove the safety net of a disc drive. That goes for Xbox as well.
  10. To be fair to them, they're not the first ones to have games with this pricing. Obviously the new standard pricing for the gen. Also, are the folk who are gloating about Game Pass intending not to buy any games at all?
  11. How gutted was I when I thought that I was getting Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2?
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