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  1. That's how the championships work in FH3. I think they're only seasonal in FH4.
  2. Dangerous Driving 2 is open world, so probably not a back to basics arcade racer.
  3. I think you're guided through the four seasons (after the initial showcase thing) before it changes to the same weekly season transition that everyone gets. I think it's only then that you get peace to arse about. It's definitely worth persevering with. I hated the series at first and it was only after buying FH3 for my nephew that it started to click with me. EDIT: You'll eventually get the option to join a club as well. There's one for on here, which adds various posters to your world as well.
  4. IIRC, there was a lot of talk about third-party docks bricking Switch's with the cause being the use of a third-party plug. Probably best to stick to an official one in that case.
  5. I'd say so. Deluxe version is only £1 extra as well.
  6. Journey to a Savage Planet seems like a steal at £15, considering it hasn't been out for long.
  7. Issues or not, I think that people were expecting a reveal timeline like the PS4 and it's obviously not happening. So there's going to be tons of speculation about why, some of it ridiculous. Sony pulled out of GDC because of Covid-19, and there were people questioning that like there was some other reason.
  8. They took the existing disc-based system and made it worse with the only benefit being that you could play your game without the disc being in the drive. You couldn't loan games. You couldn't sell games on places like this. You were only going to be able to trade your game with the retailers that Microsoft had approved. And you needed to check-in your console online frequently. It was shat on for good reason and enabled Sony to get good PR for just releasing a "normal" console. I don't remember anything about this being extended to pure digital purchases either.
  9. I think joffocakes managed them all on the original Wii U version.
  10. Managed to get a partial refund. Pleasantly surprised.
  11. Just paid £50 for Wreckfest Deluxe yesterday. Fuck!
  12. This will give the Xbox fanboys something to worry about other than the PS5 having a faster SSD.
  13. That's the kinda thing they mention on the AMD site. It also mentions laptops, so I wonder if the original concept is about helping battery life. Whereas Sony might just want to use it to avoid having a massive case/cooling system like the XSX. So brief throttling in the worst case scenarios?
  14. This is what I'm taking from it: Basically, it's not the clock speed that's the problem, but the workload. If the workload across both CPU and GPU is going to cause the power consumption to exceed the console budget then the CPU and/or GPU are going to be throttled. It can be done in such a way that only one of them will be throttled back that will allow the other to work as best as it can. Or they could be throttled equally. Either way, it'll be 100% predictable. Prime95 would probably be a good example of something that would cause throttling.
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