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  1. They're Mochtroids (I think) in Maridia.
  2. They're outsourcing the port. They're targeting PS4, XB1 and Switch.
  3. Venom grossed $856 million. Disney want a 50/50 split of $1.1 billion going forward. I can understand Sony knocking it back.
  4. If it was about the super serum, they’d have gone with Bucky.
  5. She went to Earth first. That was in one of the Captain Marvel credit scenes. Bruce Banner knew that Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Dr. Strange were abducted. Rocket knew that the other Guardians were going to Titan. So it's not really a stretch to ask her to look for survivors there. I think the film suffers from the same issue that The Dark Knight Rises does, in that they've been a bit ambitious and ended up with a film that was far too long. They've had to cut things that would help make some things a lot clearer. For example, in the The Dark Knight Rises... That said, I love both films.
  6. She responded to the Nick Fury's pager and then went out to find them.
  7. Managed to get it working. Had to change my Kindle region to the US. Code wouldn't redeem last night, but it's just worked there.
  8. You should be able to redownload them now.
  9. Yep. Folk were pissed, because not only did Bethesda delist the games, they stopped people who had purchased them from downloading them. Supposedly a mistake.
  10. Because it has been? Specifically, the Xbox 360 / XBLA versions of Doom and Doom 2.
  11. Trying to buy a Doom XBLA code from Amazon.com. I need to use a VPN before I can add it to my cart, but it fails as soon as I sign in, despite adding a US address to my account. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. There's been a decent copy out since the week of release.
  13. They should have worked the Doctor Strange part into the film.
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