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  1. It's Burnout, so easily worth full price. Bit of a piss take when they're discounting it further on other platforms though.
  2. You can get a USB to Ethernet adaptor for your Switch dock, and then you connect it straight to your network switch.
  3. It’s £5 on the Microsoft Store just now.
  4. He went to the premises and scanned the parcel in. And it looks like he was delivering other stuff as well. Without the CCTV it’s basically the word of the customer against the word of the delivery driver.
  5. If it wasn’t for the CCTV then the driver would have most likely got away with it.
  6. The app can supposedly run in "retail" mode, so it might be able to access everything that a traditional game/app could. I think the volume of games and the number of games has made it impractical to do. There are still games Digital Foundry haven't managed to cover yet.
  7. I think a lot of folk would be annoyed if an iPhone came with two AA batteries with you having to buy a cable and a rechargeable battery separately.
  8. To be fair, I doubt that they anticipated this. It didn't seem to be a problem with the Xbox the week before.
  9. You don't have to activate the Pro upgrade, but sometimes you will have to choose between resolution (usually at 30fps) and frame rate (usually at 1080p).
  10. The links seem to have changed. Here is the FE one: https://pa.function.workers.dev/tg/rtxfe
  11. Join the Telegram group mentioned earlier in the thread. I was able to get my brother a 3070 FE at the last Scan drop fairly easy.
  12. They're not doing monthly PS5 games for now. It's Bugsnax just now and I think the next game is Destruction Allstars.
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