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  1. It's definitely 24.99, or 20.49 on the Russian eShop. I got my arse handed to me on the lowest difficulty. I'm getting old.
  2. Yep. It's only good if you can't afford to pay for the console upfront.
  3. It looks and runs lovely. Hope Criterion Most Wanted gets the same treatment at some point.
  4. The Pedestrian got a Recommended on Eurogamer.
  5. Yes. And has done for years. Only thing Nintendo has done to affect it is meddle with the exchange rate for South Africa, which used to be the region of choice. There's even a site for checking the best prices: https://eshop-prices.com/ Using non-NOE regions is pretty much a non-starter though for various reasons.
  6. A vocal portion of the gaming community HATED motion controls with a passion. I'd be surprised if there were a lot of people who actually had issues while playing the game.
  7. No. The Switch version is better, but still not a locked 60.
  8. The logic for it not selling well amounts to “I don’t like the game, therefore no one likes the game”.
  9. The eShop is run through a web browser, which does tend to be RAM hungry. And it’s probably streaming in the games and their assets on the fly as well.
  10. Change the region on the Nintendo Account (think I used Russia the last time), buy the vouchers, then change the region back. Took around £10 off. I’ll be doing the same for Mario Golf and Skyward Sword.
  11. Zelda is all about the dungeons for me, so there's no way I could have Breath of the Wild anywhere near the top of a list.
  12. Nintendo needs to rip off this Command & Conquer cutscene and kill Fi off straight away:
  13. It's what supposed insiders are saying. They also said that Metroid Prime Trilogy was coming.
  14. If retailers are adding their stock in the early hours then it’ll be to stop their sites falling over during the day. They actually want people to be able to buy other stuff.
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