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  1. In my head the story of this is Tom Nook and friend tracking down and murdering the islanders that ran off before paying him back. Even has Timmy and Tommy (and two other henchmen) carrying him about at times, classic Nook.
  2. Felt and looked like an SNL skit, right down to the not being funny quality. Hope the actual show is better, not really expecting much and at least the proper one will be back on Netflix to re-watch instead
  3. Wow. Always wanted a comedy Street Fighter movie with Wilson as Ken and Ben Stiller ad Ryu
  4. Azrael

    Squid Game

    Had Alice in Borderland recommended to me after finishing this and rinsed that in too sessions. Japanese rather than Korean but quite similar, think overall I preferred it to Squid Game and I loved Squid Game
  5. In a year's time they'll release their next Animal Crossing paid DLC and include that just in time for everyone that needs to renew again.
  6. Not even goal of the game after Tielemans' equaliser that followed.
  7. Haven't played this since about August 2020 so too scared to revisit my island, update and dlc looks good - though a lot of it should have been in from the start. Would have preferred if The Roost and all the wee shops coming to that other island were available as place-able/customisable buildings for your main island as always thought that needed more building variation. Likewise Nooks not upgrading further is disappointing.
  8. Jota no show, no Raphina, Dias on bench, didn't captain Salah. Good to have you back FPL
  9. Goal of the season against Man City, then goes and beats it in his very next game. I hope this is a trend he continues throughout the season
  10. Oh fuck, Salah you sexy bastard
  11. Si senor! lol Jenas proper salty, fuck up mate.
  12. He was bragging about being able to see who the ball touched last when it went out of play. Perhaps he could quit commentary and become a linesman instead
  13. Give him whatever he wants to sign a new contract
  14. No Allison or Fabinho and Watford with the new manager luck? We'll be the ones getting a drubbing i fear
  15. Pedri to Newcastle in January then.
  16. Azrael

    Squid Game

    Started this for a second time now with my girlfriend, well possibly soon to be ex girlfriend as have discovered she won't watch with sub titles so we're watching dubbed version. Definitely not as good. Not as bad as those old dubbed Chinese films from the past but definitely reminds me of them.
  17. I'm really enjoying season 3 but have one slight complaint
  18. Azrael

    Squid Game

    Watched this in two sessions, really liked it overall but some weak moments (the VIP actors, detective storyline fizzling out). Was definitely hooked on it though and had that same "need to see next episode right now!" That Prison Break had.
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