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  1. Stupid fishing tourney is coming up again soon. Already started stockpiling bait for it
  2. Feel Bournemouth are in for a severe hiding today.
  3. lists! Top 5 John Cusack films (any film with John Cusack in it) 1. Grosse Pointe Blank 2. Say Anything... 3. High Fidelity 4. Hot Tub Time Machine 5. Serendipity Top 5 films directed by Stephen Speilberg AFTER 1993 (so no Jaws, original Jurassic Park, no Indy films (NONE exist after 1993), etc. 1. Catch Me if You Can 2. Saving Private Ryan 3. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 4. 5. Top 5 John Hughes Films (any film written or directed by John Hughes) 1. Planes, Trains and Automobiles 2. Uncle Buck 3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off 4. Home Alone 5. Beethoven Top 5 Pixar Films (Any films under the Pixar label) 1. Toy Story 3 2. Monsters Inc 3. Incredibles 4. Up 5. Toy Story Top 5 Zombie Films (Any film with 'Zombies' in it be they traditional, fast or infected) 1. Shaun of the Dead 2. REC 3. The Night Eats the World 4. Black Sheep (they're zombies) 5. Zombieland
  4. Awful. I'm hoping all the players were just extremely hungover from too much celebrating.
  5. + Robbo morphing into Moreno for the night.
  6. Nah mate, that wee bastard scared the shit out of me. Not cool.
  7. Donna Not sure I've seen any PoTC films after whatever one had Captain Squidface in. I did like Birds of Prey though.
  8. Pinky gave me her picture Best day ever!
  9. On his last (and possibly 3rd ever) visit I purposely ignored all the legit art because I wanted the fake statue. Will never complete the Museum but after the reward I got for completing the Fossils I don't mind and Blathers can go hoot himself.
  10. Just watched it and really enjoyed it. Some funny moments and cracking songs.
  11. I still need that Mahi Mahi one, is it leaving soon?
  12. That Aston Villa game was definitely when I started to think this could be our year. On a personal note it's now the game that upsets me the most when reminiscing about the season due to the stark contrast of how I'm feeling now compared to then. But what a game that was
  13. Request accepted and just about to open gates. Island name is Hellview
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