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  1. At least without European football next season we can concentrate on the league
  2. The fuck are Salah and Jones coming off before Firmino?
  3. Lots of important games there, and Mario Party.
  4. I got rid of Sterling on my free hit but kept Cancelo
  5. Played my free hit so have a full 11 with double games. Bet they some won't though
  6. Nice wee direct. Snap looks fun, was a bit meh about the remakes and bit disappointed with the style but then Legends looked great.
  7. Palkia and Dialga (the mascots of Diamond and Pearl) aren't available as shiny in Pokemon Go yet (despite like near enough all other legendaries being so) so obviously waiting until this Diamond and Pearl remake is released. Probably just be Let's Go Johto... which I'll be well happy with tbf.
  8. We'll not get top 4 but we'll fluke our way into winning the Champions League. Believe! More annoyed about seeing Minamino mugging off Chelsea while we're struggling to create anything. Wouldn't be a bad thing if we sold Salah and/or Mane come summer if Minamino can continue to improve at Southampton and we keep him. He and Jota could be acceptable replacements for the aging Mane/Salah. In fact sell Mane and Salah and might be able to afford Haaland, or 1/4 of Mbappe.
  9. Ah well, your saltiness over Liverpool winning the league has brought a wee bit a cheer after that abysmal game. GG Everton, about time.
  10. WTAF was that about? Cunt didn't look at the monitor. Know he's from Manchester but at least try to act like you're not bias.
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