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  1. Wish I could but can't justify the purchase currently
  2. Inter Miami have both the Higuains now.
  3. Watched this last night. Thought it was good. Didn't mind the Nirvana cover but Tori Amos done that way back when so not exactly new.
  4. Yep, so happy this got made. Love Jackass and the whole team of idiots. Such a shame Bam couldn't keep himself sober to take part, he was always my favourite too.
  5. Reckon we could probably get over £30m combined for Harry Wilson and Nat Phillips.
  6. Oh lordy, that bloody Gamecube is lovely. What are those N64 zelda games? Weird bootleg/fakes?
  7. £10.5m for Grujic, does that qualify?
  8. Sickurdsson* *pending confirmation and details.
  9. Lol thought was good and enjoyed the whole series.
  10. Patricio leaves Wolves, thats a big loss for them and for the (fantasy) league.
  11. Thing is though I'm already starting to get the fear about World Cup. Foden, Mount, Saka, Bellingham, Phillips and Sancho with another season of experience, TAA included. And the likes of Bamford, Barnes, Greenwood, Harrison and Eze all potentially earning places in the squad.... must be in the bag.
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