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  1. It really could have if Allison wasn't on top of his game today. Southampton got through too easily a number of times but thankfully he was able to stop them from making the most of that.
  2. Bill and his co-pilot Ben? Flobabdob Airlines
  3. That first L in his name now stands for Leeds
  4. Considered putting Eze in my team, splashed out the extra dollar for Zaha instead.
  5. Gone bench boost this week to try maximising the DGW and United players. Then will wildcard next week to repair the damage
  6. Totally read this as Game Builder Carnage, which would accurately describe the disastrous attempts of games I'd fail at creating
  7. 3 Liverpool players, 2 United players Saka, Gundogan and Captain Kane. Shocker of a week.
  8. Cant wait until Nintendo show us footage of Metroid Prime 4, BoTW2, Splatoon 3 and Bayonetta 3 and announce New F-Zero, Mario Kart 9: Featuring Wave Race + Excitebike, Mario Odyssey 2, Mother 4, Donkey Kong Country Returns Again, Switch Pro, Xbox Game Pass on Switch, Master Chief for Smash and Half Life 3.
  9. I remember quite liking the Flintstones live-action parody porn when I was younger. Doubt this will be as good.
  10. Disappointed to learn this wasn't an Eastenders spin-off
  11. Don't know about feel good or positive but It's Always Sunny and Trailer Park Boys are both on there and 2 of the best comedy series ever. Also Brooklyn 99, the latest series was recently added so I got to get up to date with that finally.
  12. Hmm, based on our performances this season i think that's doable.
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