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  1. Didn't see the game and spent the last 10 minutes of it sat in my car constantly refreshing LiveScore. That was stressful.
  2. Hope VvD can get over this personal stuff in time for our next game...
  3. It's Pokemon though, they don't need to put much effort in and it'll still sell millions.
  4. And Robbo is out of the Scotland squad because he's "genuinely injured"...
  5. I hope we send the reserves/b-team to the CWC and play the first team against Villa. Why give our best players jetlag during such a busy period.
  6. Amazing end to the game.
  7. What a game and result
  8. From a shitshow at the back to the sublime in attack
  9. Hopefully Salah is alright though.
  10. We'llbe lucky to get a draw from this game.
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