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  1. Even if I had the money I'd still not purchase either at launch. Just not interested at the moment
  2. Watched the entirety of S2 tonight, it was great. Can't decide who my favourite character is as they're all so good... maybe Nadja. Her response to Colin being called the wildcard had me it stitches.
  3. Another thing I never realised until after watching the full season (and start of s2) then reading this thread was Homelander being Hood from Banshee, never recognised his because of his hair. Also reminded me I never got around to watching S4 of Banshee so have just found that on Sky's catchup service
  4. Oh forgot to say I also thought Butcher was supposed to be Australian based on that accent (and liberal use of the c word) so was very confused several episodes in when he was being described as British by other characters.
  5. Watched all of S1 and the 4 episodes of S2 last night/today. It's great, didn't realise S2 was being released weekly though
  6. Reason goal wasn't given is because I had money on VvD getting a brace
  7. I've got Minamino (And Salah as captain)
  8. This is what happens when we get rid of Lovren. He was clearly the key to our defence.
  9. Hyrule Warriors is still on my To Buy list, and I've still not finished BoTW.... this looks awesome.
  10. THPS2 100%'d tonight with custom character. Need to go through few levels of 1 again to get last few stats for this character as had completed that with Tony Hawk (not realising how to change characters). Hopefully won't be long until they bring the proper private lobby multiplayer to it. Also really hope we get a THPS3 remaster soon. After replaying 2 now I think 3 might just edge it level wise but need to play it again to be sure. It did have Mad Capsule Markets on the OST so clearly wins in that aspect
  11. Like most Xbox games I paid for the digital copy and my brother gave me half the money back as our accounts are linked so he could download it on his xbox too. Bargain.
  12. 100%'d THPS on my first play through tonight (as Hawk). Never actually played that one before. Played the hell out if 2 so looking forward to moving onto that next
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