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  1. That's a bit disrespectful of Brighton. Why should we have won by two? If anything they should have been ahead with the early chance for Connolly and their first penalty.
  2. Who is this fanny trying to argue with Klopp?
  3. A game full of absolute bullshit. How VAR is being used is killing my enjoyment of the game. The technology itself I have no issues with, but the fucking muppets using it and making the calls need fired.
  4. FFS you know the schedule is bad when Milner gets injured
  5. Yass!!! We screamed so much at that penalty save the dog here ran away in fear
  6. Could be worse, could have a fit Harry Maguire available instead of no CBs.
  7. Looking forward to next month when our CB pairing will be Klopp and Mighty Red.
  8. "He's up against an idiot"
  9. Could always play both of them, Firmino started with us as a midfielder so could drop back to the tip of the three in midfield.
  10. Fucking love Jota and so happy that Shaq was involved (both times)
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