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  1. Really? I reckon Stadium Arcadium's their best album.
  2. Fifteen Pt 2 - ¡Forward, Russia! Cracker of a track it be. Rolling onto... Crystal Planet - Joe Satriani.
  3. You can tell if a band are gonna be up their own arses or act bigger than they are if they play Burns Guitars.
  4. Haahahahah I know. My sister loves them T_T She even dragged me to go see them in Portsmouth. What an experience that was 'YOU MOTHJERFUCKERS READY TO DANCE DANCE!?!?!?!' That twat bassist kept yelling. DIE!!!1
  5. I guess it's cause they're the latest trend. People like them because it's cool to like them. Muppets.
  6. Led Zeppelin. Hendrix. And Gazette, Alice Nine, Asian Kung Fu Generation and Kagrra, because THEY WON'T FUCKING COME TO BRITAIN AND I CAN'T FUCKING AFFORD TO GO TO JAPAN T___________T
  7. Fall Out Boy are just generic shite. Panic! Are just Fall Out Boy with floppier hair and techno bollocks. DIE PLZ.
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