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  1. Ok, so 37 pages really is too long to look through, but I've just realised I havem't read a book in over four years outside of school, and inside of school there's only been one book (Lord of the Flies).

    So can people recommend me some please? I like Comedy, but I'm planning on picking up 1984 too.

    Fantasy as well :)

  2. What? No!!! D:

    Nope. Most people forget about 'Heads Up' or think it's an EP, but it's an album according to the label it came out on, Ache Records. It's quite short though at about eight tracks, but really good stuff.

    Any idea where I could pick this up?

  3. dont tell me there arent any bands out there who's music grows on you?

    There are, but for me I like it to begin with, but then after listening more I like it more. I can appreciate it from the off, but it sometimes takes time for me to like it.

    I dunno, DEP seem to be trying to hard to me.

  4. No no no, I'm just saying that if you truly like something, you shouldn't have to try and like it, the idea just seems odd to me.

    And I can hear the time signatures etc in DEP, but because all of them seem to be playing something totally unrelated to each other then it does nothing for me.

  5. Someone was saying how you have to 'work hard' or something along those lines to like it. In my opinion music shouldn't be like that. It should just click. You should know on first playing if you like it.

    And also, there may be a lot going on but none of it seems so to together, to me it just seems like RAWAWRASASDSAAGJWREWAEHGWJEREHRGARAEW GRARARGSAHSAHGRAR *nyaeawaeeas-bzaaangg guitars* RAAWWRDARRWRWWAWGHG

    Meh, does nothing for me. Seems to me like they're trying too hard to be different and making diabolical sounding music at the same time, in my opinion of course..

    If you like them, then fair doos ;)

  6. Dear Mr Sony Corporation,

    This is just a small note to tell you how you lost me as a customer of your products. I bought one of your lovely HD-5 MP3 players nearly a year ago and as a piece of equipment I couldn't have asked for anything better. The service in you official Sony Centre shop, however, was appalling. First I was supplied a Black HD-5 that not only had a dead band across the screen, the screen was scratched and then authenticity of my purchase was called into question when I took it back only 30 minutes later as the serial numbers didn't match between the player and the box. I was able to overcome my anger at this as retail is a suspicious business at the best of times. However, the reason I will go out of my way never to purchase one of your products again is the abomination that you supply with your music playing products, which goes by the innocent enough sounding name of SonicStage. It's rubbish. Grade A rubbish. You may have handed the MP3 player market over to Apple by your arrogance but that's no reason to punish your customers with substandard software that doesn't do what it's supposed to do and by placing installation folders in random places which make it difficult to delete them to do clean reinstalls. In short, Fuck You Mr Sony Corporation. I'll take my nusiness elsewhere.



    How much would I get for a very good condition HD-5? Boxed and everything :D

    Did you actually send that? :)

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