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  1. He!She!You!Me!They!We!Us!Ok! - You Say Party! We Say Die!
  2. Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada Remix) - cLOUDDEAD
  3. Wtf man, I used to live near Soong and you? CONSPIRACY.
  4. Ok, so 37 pages really is too long to look through, but I've just realised I havem't read a book in over four years outside of school, and inside of school there's only been one book (Lord of the Flies). So can people recommend me some please? I like Comedy, but I'm planning on picking up 1984 too. Fantasy as well
  5. Polysics and LCD Soundsystem.
  6. What? No!!! D: Any idea where I could pick this up?
  7. Stadium Arcadium is (in my opinion) their best album. I don't get why people refuse to say that a band's most recent album is their best.
  8. Distant Cousin

    The Kooks

    I like them Why does everyone hate them? Apart from the fact the frontman's an arse.
  9. Coelakanth is Android - Polysics. And as I type we roll onto... Thirteen - ¡Forward, Russia!
  10. There are, but for me I like it to begin with, but then after listening more I like it more. I can appreciate it from the off, but it sometimes takes time for me to like it. I dunno, DEP seem to be trying to hard to me.
  11. No no no, I'm just saying that if you truly like something, you shouldn't have to try and like it, the idea just seems odd to me. And I can hear the time signatures etc in DEP, but because all of them seem to be playing something totally unrelated to each other then it does nothing for me.
  12. Someone was saying how you have to 'work hard' or something along those lines to like it. In my opinion music shouldn't be like that. It should just click. You should know on first playing if you like it. And also, there may be a lot going on but none of it seems so to together, to me it just seems like RAWAWRASASDSAAGJWREWAEHGWJEREHRGARAEW GRARARGSAHSAHGRAR *nyaeawaeeas-bzaaangg guitars* RAAWWRDARRWRWWAWGHG Meh, does nothing for me. Seems to me like they're trying too hard to be different and making diabolical sounding music at the same time, in my opinion of course.. If you like them, then fair doos
  13. You should try and find an address for one of the executives or something. Would be a laugh
  14. Did you actually send that?
  15. I like VK stuff, PSCompany (record company) are worth checking out. Alice Nine and Gazette are my favourite two artists signed to them.
  16. Metroid Prime 2 - Echoes. Just acquired the Super Missiles in Torvus Bog, getting quite into it, although the light/dark aspect is annoying, and seems a bit gimmicky.
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