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  1. Take it slow, and let the good times roll?
  2. Just completed the main story. Started player in 2019. 56 hour completion time. Now onto hearts of stone and blood and wine. Perhaps a break first? What a great game!
  3. This looks more like what I wanted Baldurs Gate 3 to be.
  4. This looks pretty sweet. I've not seen any mainstream reviews yet, but the ones that are up are reviewing very favourably. Anyone playing this? Looks like a real good 90's RPG. https://youtu.be/nhsvrXpyulU
  5. It's the worst game of all time (well... I guess me as a teenager didn't think so, back in the day) - but certainly fits your requirements there @Benny IIRC I ended up working out how to get the game to go straight to the "right house", first time. Video is SFW. Don't worry.
  6. Wasn't the axe throwing part of the game used on a tv show, too?
  7. Ever so slightly off topic - Where can I find Episodes? Doesn't appear to be on (UK) Netflix.
  8. It's not about playing games anymore - it's about the collecting (free or otherwise)
  9. Personally, I'd be hoping more for the simulation style of the original(s)... Fingers crossed.
  10. Yup. Simulation, right? Oh, and a single player campaign.
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