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  1. Yikes! Yeah, I had a troll hunter back then. Imagine the interest rate!
  2. I've already got you on Bnet (Natdan#2683), I don't think we've ever spoke.
  3. No, It's just a RP server with no queues.
  4. Horde, Warrior. Currently levelling with a friend who is a druid.
  5. I've just started on the Hydraxian Waterlords Rp server.
  6. Think we in Muk on Draenor are after more people for our raid team, Kinda on the low side at the moment. Sunday and Tuesdays 8 till 11 GMT are our times.
  7. Will need some herbs for tonight to keep the casters happy, Fjarnskaggl and Starlight Rose needed please.
  8. Attention herbalists! Any spare legion herbs lying around? Please donate them to the Guild Bank or send them to Natdan for Damage Potions, Flasks and Health/Mana Potions! Thanks!
  9. Yeah, We're still here. Just whisper someone in Muk, There should be someone online that can invite.
  10. I booked Friday off, So hopefully everyone will have cleared out of the first area by then.
  11. Mine runs fine on mostly max settings with GTX670, i7-3770 and 8gb ram. Not had any slow downs from 4 hours playing.
  12. Think we're just having a break, Will most likely be a big return for Legion.
  13. Feldherr do bags and foam slots for all miniatures, I currently use them for all my X-Wings. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Feldherr-Storage-Star-Wars-Armada/dp/B00YUC43MK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1448890933&sr=8-3&keywords=feldherr+armada Edit: Someone beat me to it
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