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  1. This series has been great, not the greatest Curb ever, but still the funniest thing on tv. In the last episode Leon's delivery of a name that had me nearly falling off my chair with painful laughter
  2. Playstation owners are getting Uncharted 4 while we are getting this utter crap.
  3. I didn't even finish season 2, gave up halfway through, This is fantastic.
  4. I played about 25 hours of it before selling the PS2 years ago. I enjoyed it at the time
  5. Any decent JRPG's on Xbox One? I am contemplating Lost Odyssey, as I got it free. Any recommendations? (not get a PS4)
  6. First time I'm interested in a racer in years.
  7. The only dub I hate is Laputa, because of that Dawson'S Creek guy doing a child's voice is laughable.
  8. What is the "will destroy ALL life" thing reminding me of? I am sure ALL BIOLOGICAL LIFE has been under threat a few times in Trek.
  9. I watched it last night and feel the same.
  10. We must live in parallel universes. In mine Entroducing is revered, played often, and Shadow often talked about. The Avalanches not so much, if at all. Do you not even have a daemon?!
  11. Live longer in people's psyche, if it needed explaining.
  12. You can't account for taste. But personally I find Endtroducing has more soul, magic, and the touch of real genius missing in your pick. As for bearing up to endless listens, well Endtroducing certainly does that and will live longer too.
  13. There's already been an f-bomb in Star Trek (by Tilly in Discovery).
  14. My Neighbor Totoro would be perfect for a 5 year old. In fact, any age.
  15. They're cutting it fine. How about news of a Nintendo Direct? Sureley there has to be one soon.
  16. Any news on a hardware bundle or hardware designs?
  17. I thought it was quite entertaining. The only thing that I didn't like was the young Mexican girl. When two of her relatives died she didn't even scream or cry, and was helping rob a chemists within 5 minutes. The future version was laughable. Arnie though, was fucking incredible. Completeley stole the show as Carl. His acting and timing was on another level to everyone else in the film.
  18. Purin

    Nintendo Wii U

    Aaargh, that's amazing. Just looking at all my old posts. Thank you!
  19. Purin

    Nintendo Wii U

    It's criminal that they turned off Miiverse though. I really wish some Miiverse/Streetpass style of features make it to Switch one day. I do feel it's missing something in this regard.
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