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  1. At least it's not The Flood. I don't mind Brutes at all.
  2. My 14 year old has 2 hours of Xbox during the week, and 3 at the weekend. I don't mind if he goes on the PC when Xbox time runs out, as long as he's done a bit of school work and taken the dog for a walk.
  3. Put on some decent headphones, it is there at 8:05. I'm just trying to isolate the clip in audacity
  4. One one clip I've seen you can hear someon'e say something like "that's it, hands up" just before he says "fuck" at the end. So definitley arrested by the police for something.
  5. You long streak of paralysed piss. The Long Good Friday.
  6. They haven't. But I won't be day one until I knowthat it's free of Facebook.
  7. Anyone else worried that Facebook Gaming will be integrated in the dash now? Imaging clicking the new share button to open Facebook Gaming. I think I'm actually out now.
  8. Imagine having Facebook Gaming integrated into the Xbox dashboard like Mixer was. Fucking gross, I feel dirty thinking about it. I was going to get an XSX but this has pushed me towards PS5.
  9. Purin


    Ripped off the drums from La Ritournelle
  10. Stolen from Reddit, but yeah...
  11. Because I am susceptible to good marketing I guess.
  12. If it wasn't for Master Chief I'd be switching consoles this gen, but it needs to look spectacular on XSX, otherwise I'll just play it on my current machine.
  14. I am sure it will. But Microsoft need to up their marketing game, they are way behind at this moment in time.
  15. Nobody is talking about at launch Microsoft need to show something with wow factor. It does not have to be a launch title, but it should generate hype for the launch. They have to market the potential, get people hyped.
  16. They'd better add more. It doesn't feel line a new console launch at all looking at that line up. They need something to generate hype. PS5 has it all right now.
  17. Purin


    I mean, I have these mp3s...
  18. Purin


    I have it. Do you want it?
  19. And show their first party games. Halo Infinite, for example.
  20. Think I will be playing Halo Infinite and BOTW2 at Christmas.
  21. Got to get a PS5 for Bugsnax, effin incredible!
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