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  1. Purin

    Xbox Series X

    Talk of not making money... This is a long game, just look at how long it took Amazon to make a profit.
  2. As a Raimi fan I had to watch that show, does not disappoint.
  3. Snapchat do portrait TV shows, Snap Originals, so this isn't even a new idea.
  4. Certainly the highlights for me. I mean, Don Johnson was superb. And so is North Wales!
  5. Purin

    Xbox Series X

    Wow, that was depressing.
  6. This was a real disappointment after a great first couple of episodes, Don Johnson was superb and the most interesting character. It really dragged in the middle, and I hated the pointless ending. I did enjoy seeing Castell Penrhyn and the local scenery being shown as paradise though.
  7. I'm pretty sure it's Bach. I didn't get it from the subtitles, it's just what I heard at the time.
  8. This was great. Just finished it, I am going to have to ponder it further If you liked this you may enjoy series 3 and 4 of Mr. Robot (the best TV show of recent years imo).
  9. Really hoping for super-hero movie horror, like this incredible scene:
  10. The new episode was some kind of weird Apple Eearpods advert.
  11. Is this on a streaming service available in the UK?
  12. I don't want to mute myself, I want to mute the rest of the human race.
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