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  1. Amazed this was not even looked at...
  2. Oh Shit is the new Oh Boy. Incredible.
  3. Actually just paid for the Season Pass and working through the steps in the associated Quest is guiding me and keeping me entertained.
  4. How do you even play Destiny if you are coming back since it was first out? I just dont know where to start!
  5. Nookie Bear always freaked me out as a kid.
  6. This was amazing! The entire cast is superb, but John Turturro is out of this world good!
  7. The character seems to have doubled in age?
  8. Fuckinghell, the last episode was incredible, one of the best last episodes to any tv show EVER imho
  9. The first part kinda dragged by the end, but I thought the last two episodes were phenomenal. Superb, and as someone said previously, just like having 2 summer blockbusters! The only downer was the glorious Eddie scene was spoiled for me in the fucking LEGO thread here on RLLMUK, of all places.
  10. Doesn't it mention that Santa isn't real?
  11. A Link Betwen Worlds was out less than a decade ago and is still for sale by Nintendo, Commodore don't even exist.
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