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  1. The contrast between this and The Mandolorian is ridiculous. Did Tilly say she had been having visions of Burnham.... even though she'd only seen her earlier that day? And Burnham and Saru had a whole conversation about how people were coping differently and how he'd kept them together... during fucking near-instantaneous time travel!
  2. I nearly vomited at the "If you love them.......... let them go" bit.
  3. Any time an irl streamer goes near music it gets muted! What a joke
  4. Halo, I love you won't you give me your game
  5. Lockdown ends the day before the Series X/S comes out, so don't worry.
  6. She makes William Shatner look like Daniel Day-Lewis.
  7. The new Space-Thunberg guy already acted Burnham off the screen. The actor playing Burnham has zero subtlety, all wide eyed nearly-crying but showing inner steel gawping ridiculously secondary school drama class level crap. Welcome back to The Michael Burnham Show.
  8. Purin

    Aphex Twin

    Maybe it's you that's changed.
  9. No wonder Amazon are destroying places like this
  10. Home lander continues to knock it out wherever he damn well wants
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