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  1. She definitley says "in the grocery", just bad pronounciation of "in the" ("in nee") and "grocery" ("gerosry").
  2. Treied listening to the Bombcast for the first time in a month or two. Didn't even last the intro...Ben interrupting constanty making hur hur noises and unfunny irellevant comments.
  3. I recently played Minecraft in survival mode whilst listening to the soundtrack, an eerie experience!
  4. Yep. Why I turn mine off too.
  5. If you include an option called "Instant on", it doesn't meat the alternative should be "10 minutes on".
  6. A gaming console that doesn't take 5 minutes to boot up into an useable state. My PC and Switch both manage it in about a tenth of the time it takes the "SlowBox"
  7. That's the difference, I cold boot. Not because of the expense, but because the power brick fans make noise.
  8. I have the same internet, laggy as fuck, takes 5 minutes to load pins etc. On the original Xbone.
  9. Purin

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Switch is region free right? I can pick one up on another continent and everything will be great?
  10. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    Is Netflix on Switch yet? If not, it's odd that they are releasing a Stranger Things game on the bloody thing.
  11. I thought this was great, better than Homecoming and now my 3rd favourite Spidey movie (after Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Verse). I loved Ned in this a lot.
  12. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    How much do we thing? £179? £100 less than the real Switch. Probably be £199 though.
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