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  1. GiantBomb don't like the originals, so I doubt they will be swayed. Looks absolutely great to me, I can't wait to play it.
  2. They should put a Ryo skin in Fortnite.
  3. Very disappointed with the Halo trailer. So much promise last year, to this badly scripted and frankly bad-looking nonsense. Gutted :(
  4. Nope I've just got Osiris and Warmind dlc's. I might wait till this next drop and join in then.
  5. Last thing I did was finish Curse of Osiris and begin Warmind. I'm totally put off that I'm so far behind in level/power that it isn't worth playing. Should I start playing again?
  6. I really didn't like it after 2 episodes. the 3rd episode was great though, I hope that. continues for the remaining episodes.
  7. Zellweger's face is unrecognisable in that, it hardly moves. She's unrecognisable from only a few years ago.
  8. So so bad. I think I turned the podcast off.
  9. Seeing them live in a few weeks, looking forward to it. Not totally loving the new stuff though, even if Dancers is the best so far.
  10. What's the full Japanese list of games? I think I'm in Japan when it releases and it'll be nice to mess around with in the hotel.
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