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  1. Sprite! Hey Sprite, it's been 7000 years, how are you Sprite, you're a little kid, Sprite! I was weirded out by how they kept saying their names over and over. Absolute shite.
  2. Where are Wales going to be playing their home games?
  3. I just got to level 20 and am a bit tired of the kill 6 beasts/deliver this note gameplay. I'm about to do my first dungeon I think, need to go to some noob training centre.
  4. Ah, I just revived a sub from the PS3 days, deleted my character and made a new one. I hadn't played that much on PS3, my old character was level 33 or something. Really enjoying it so far!
  5. I couldn't get the free trial for this to work, I think since I had an old account. Anyway, I paid the monthly sub and am enjoying it, although I'm only level 16 so far.
  6. I hate Doctor Who at the minute, it's terrible.
  7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles...with arrows.
  8. I was scratching my head for ages wondering why the controller wasn't charging - you have to enable power to the usb ports in rest mode, even though it tells in the system tutorial that rest mode charges controllers. Weird.
  9. Excellent! I actually played this on PS3 many years ago so looking to get back into it with all the new content. Nearly finished downloading.
  10. I see this is "free" with PS Plus. I want to play it, how does the subscription model work?
  11. Just nabbed one of these, comes with a game doesn't it? I skipped PS4 so are there some games I can get from PSN?
  12. She shouldn't do historical films. People in the past didn't have plastic frozen faces. Looked totally wrong in The Beguiled.
  13. I know he looks like Weinstein, but cancelled for saying 'Oh, my vagina' and also telling someone to get the fuck out of his way?
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