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  1. Perfect. Had it on the DS years ago and didn't know it was on Switch. Thanks. e2a: it has ludo!
  2. What's a good 2-player game to play in a tent?! Going camping with my teenage son and our travel-ludo is broken. But we have a switch! Any games that are great with one screen and 2 joycons?
  3. His face when he says "Slayer" is great!
  4. How are you connecting it to an LCD? Thinking of getting my Saturn out of storage.
  5. Massive return to form after last week's episode. Best one of the series! Wilson and Hiddleston were superb this week.
  6. At one point I did think they were going to snog, and I wondered if it would be some weird incest.
  7. Loving this, except it looks like it's a dodgy 720p torrent rather than delicious 4K (Disney+ app on Xbox)
  8. I don't quit in the middle of games, it happens after I've completed a game and am sat at the games home screen. Annoying as fuck. e2a. If we're reverting to name calling now, please fuck off you condescending prick.
  9. Quick Resume is the WORST feature of this gen for me. I play online games, Apex Legends, Halo MCC. It fucks up EVEREY SINGLE TIME.
  10. I thought this was incredibly bad. I joked with my son that they would probably spend half of it on Super Smash. The hype just drained out of us during that first 10 minutes. We played this game to death on Wii U in 2014. Seven years ago. Sure there were some niche games that will get some people excited, but there was absolutely nothing fresh or really new. Metroid, nothing like it for 19 years!!!! (Except for the almost identical looking one we released a couple of years ago). Breath of the Wild 1.5 will be great in 18 months time.
  11. I thought the show was very very average. But this decision just adds to the feeling I have that Netflix is fast becoming shite.
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