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  1. Purin

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    These were all in the e-mail update backers received last week. It looks great!
  2. Purin

    Halo 5: Guardians - Splitscreen inbound?

    What was the response? Marketing mock-up?
  3. I wasn't saying "Dreamcast the fuck out of the Xbox" in a fanboyish way. I am an Xbox owner and will get the next Xbox because Halo. What I meant is that if the Xbox is first out of the gate, you can guarantee that the Sony hype will be at PS2>Dreamcast levels - when the PS2 appeared as though it was going to be doing real-time Toy Story graphics that the Dreamcast could only dream of...making people delay their purchase. THough we all know Sega also fucked themselves at the time. But the expectation of the PS2 was something else.
  4. Some nutter on Xbox yesterday had 8300 kills.
  5. This thing sounds like it can produce Toy Story level graphics.
  6. Amazingly, I am better on this on PC with a gamepad than I am on the Xbox. Are there more noobs on PC? It doesn't make sense!
  7. Cheating death itself....by occupying another vessel?
  8. Purin

    Shenmue III - PS4/PC | 2019

    I think that calls for a ..... YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSS!
  9. Purin


    How can I watch this in the UK?
  10. Purin

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I hope that doesn't translate to £15. According to my maths, Gamepass and Live are £13.16 a month - (£8.99 x 12) + £49.99 I think the max this Game Pass Ultimate can be is £12.99 a month, ideally it will be £9.99.
  11. Purin

    Plaid - new album The Digging Remedy

    Beat driven, dancefloor? Fucking marvellous. I've got tickets to see them in June.
  12. Purin

    Star Trek Discovery

    Burnham in the red angel suit turns up to save Picard. The end.
  13. Purin

    Ban Fortnite by Royal decree

    Maybe we wouldn't need to shoot people in video games if we had the release of killing a few wild animals with REAL guns every once in a while. https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/458668/Princes-William-and-Harry-go-hunting-in-Spain-one-day-before-launching-wildlife-campaign (sorry about the express link)
  14. I completely agree. GotG is my favourite Marvel film. The second one is a turd.

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