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  1. So, have you? Got sent Barbie Horse Adventures from a radio call in? Beat everyone in the world at Halo 2 and win an Xbox 360? Tell us about it! I have wonzors: Soul Calibur Gamecube Jap Import from some TINY website, the guy told me I was the only one who entered. Good stuff, I wanted to play as Link and I don't really like fighters, so I got it for free Donkey Konga 2 and Bongos Total Wars Eras from the History Channel website, was going to trade it into Gamestation but they'd only give me £18, so I'll stick it on eBay soon Tonnes of Retro Crap for desinging some guy's shop logo. I sold the
  2. I took a day off school because I HAD to play.. Totally not worth it though, worst point and click I played. EDIT: That's "Bud Tucker in Double Trouble" btw
  3. Today I DID a booty, very wierd seeing as there was a PSOne on the tables either side, saw people scrambling for the games and whatnot, glad to see I'm not in that crowd! Anyhoo, doing one with my dad meant I could go round a few times so I picked up Jet Force Gemini loose for a quid and Kirby's Pinball Land boxed for £1. Also made £15, so a good day.
  4. The weekend is upon us and for some reason the extremely hot weather from the week turned into rain last night, sods law, right? The boot was crap and I didn't find anything, but MAYBE.YOU.DID Let us know.
  5. I mean, back when this was released there was no GameFAQs! How in the hell did I complete it as a kid, I do not know, must have had a lot of time on my hands. Things like Broken Sword and Day of the Tentacle are easier, MI2 has always stuck out as being the toughie of the bunch to me.
  6. What a fantastic selection of games! Today I got a SMB box with a tetris cart for a £1, mostly because I don't have tetris and a loose copy of SMB Also had some random NEs manuals stuffed in, which was nice. All I need now is a SMB3 box and I'll have a nice little set
  7. We seem to be losing the "Bootsale Booty" and "Check these bargains" threads, maybe because people don't feel their finds are good enough to start a topic, or don't feel its there place, I'm not sure! Maybe we should do what Digital Press doos, and have Monthly Threads, keeps the forums clean, and avoids these sudden abbundances of boot sale threads... abbundances in JULY for petes sake, whoever he is! So, congregrate on these matters, and tell me what you bought this weekend, or throughout last and next week, you charity shopping, cash converting, old woman cleaning out loft and finding boxed
  8. Yeah, I got £3.50 for it, people must buy N64s and realise the console is empty
  9. I can think of lots of worst things, most of them revolving around £1 boxed games with no carts... Damn you Crazy Taxi 2 and Super Mario Kart. Nothing rare either way, but they were the only finds on a charity/pawn shop run. OH, and also finding out when you get home that your Zelda Collectors Edition 4 game box has the 2 game disc in and your Expansion Pak box has a Jumper Pak in it... IN THE SAME BOOTSALE RUN! Bad times, sold the jumper pak for about half of what I paid, and used the Zelda thing as a shelf filler :/
  10. I would like... for it to stop raining just after the sun has finished drying up the old rain. Both boots could well be cancelled... IN JULY!!
  11. First rule of Carboot sale - Don't talk about Car boot sale. Luckily, around here we don't get that many jackasses, jsut the occasional "How much this I give you £5" and the seller is like "I was going to say £30" or something. I let people look through a box or a rack of CDs and wait till its my turn. If you're in a super market and someone is looking to buy the last can of beans, you don't dump tackle them into the magazine rack and run off with it, you just wait to see if they buy it or not.
  12. What happened to this topic? No worries, July is in full swing meaning having to stop off for drinks halfway round, being covered in sun cream and falling to the ground a few feet from your car in a heat induced faint, smothered by bags of SNES carts. So what did you cool cats get? I have picked up a nice little Ecco the Dolphin, Tides of Time - complete for a measly £1, and then for two smackeroonies, a boxed Super Scope. Might bung that on the bay, might not, its kinda cool. Get posting!
  13. Oooh, Mint Retro Comic for 50p you say? Ok!
  14. Just a lone, complete copy of Sonic 3 on Megadrive for £2, it was spitting with rain, anyhow. I also found another reason not to buy from the game-only stalls, these guys come rain or shine or snow or flood, and they just leave half the stuff (bar consoles) out in the rain, meaning by the time you get it, it's had weeks worth of water in it... ew, not a pretty thought, unlike most of the games we buy which are kept nice and clean in someones cupboard until a sunny morning where we snaffle them up.
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