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  1. Gonna stay away from the trailer if it's spoilerific, but it's about time Jennifer Garner got some decent roles. Loved her in Alias.
  2. hollowman

    The Boxing Thread

    Me too please, can't find any
  3. hollowman


    Apologies if this question has been asked a million times before, but I have a question about preorders, I was going to preorder wwe 2k18 as got Xbox credit, but it's £55 on the Xbox store (not the play early version), Game have it preordered for £50 and Amazon £47, how is that right? In terms of preordering an actual hard copy is cheaper than just a download? Will the price adjust on release on the Xbox Store to fall in line with retail?
  4. Just putting it out there that you are not only #1 you are 14 places higher than Mark Kermodes book, gotta love that.
  5. Bought and reviewed, love the opening quotes and intro, congrats dude,
  6. I agree with everyone else, and have missed reading this every Sunday, I'll be buying it for both nostalgia and the fact you deserve it.
  7. Noway, Opposites is a fantastic album, it's only been out for a week and is already my most played album of the past few years, every track could be released as a single, with honerable mentions to Skylight, Accident Without Emergency, and Picture a Knife Fight.
  8. Unstoppable - Stoppable
  9. Poker Pals is excellent, add me if you want a game - username adsx
  10. Great blowjob. Would use again A++++++++

  11. Ironic how a man who can fly cant fly a spaceship for shit.
  12. i got 99 problems but the post aint 1

  13. It only says 99 posts here. FAIL.

  14. Right back at you dude, sucks you're not around anymore.

  15. So I got a plan, as a collective group the whole of rllmuk go on next year to audition as a group, we then cause a scene and kidnap Cheryl / Danni / and any of the hot chicks they bring on. I call shotgun with Cheryl first though, she so pretty.
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