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  1. Me too. Silly thing is for bloody ages I couldn’t remember if it was the Y or X axis that did the up n down bit and invariably half the time set the wrong one at first. Then one day I had a genius moment / found an easy way to remember which to change. Yup !
  2. Holy cow, it’s got leaderboards... Add me up guys .
  3. Back in stock / on sale again at £52 from the game collections ebay shop using the discount code POPULAR20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ring-Fit-Adventure-Switch-PRE-ORDER-RELEASED-18-10-2019-NEW-AND-SEALED/401923715501?epid=20034686761&hash=item5d948531ad:g:oRoAAOSwaTtdi2~g I'm too embarrassed to use / order such a thing and so of course one wasn't sent out to me last night and isn't currently tracking to be delivered tomorrow .
  4. It's been a crazy good rewards day for me!! Did my usual Bing searches, completed the cosmic rescue, completed week two (might be three) of the rewards weekly set at lunchtime and had a Rewards email re halloween that chucked another 50pts my way. The net result was 1900 points and two free months of Game Pass ultimate. It really is a very generous scheme, especially when you consider that it rewards you largely for your actions as opposed to your spend .
  5. If you go to your "Redeem" page there should be a tile on there offering a free month. Only did mine an hour or so ago and it's showing.
  6. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Quick heads up for you two and obv anyone else who's dares to admit they're interested (I've not ordered one, honest ) that The Game Collection over on ebay have got this listed and there's 20% off with the code POPULAR20 taking it down to a rather more palatable £52.00.
  7. Found the bugger! It was under the “my offers” bit which I’d likely not scrolled down to as I’d just been going into the “all quests” area. Still kind of surprised that I hadn’t seen it before but hey .
  8. Thanks, that's where I expected to see it / read it as being but I'm certain that it's not there for me . I'm working from home this aft so I'll take another look and if it's still not showing I'll contact the rewards support team, who I kept meaning to mention were superb when I got in touch with them the other week when my streak broke.
  9. Anyone give me a pointer as to how to get mission 5 ("Click this mission on your console’s Microsoft Rewards app") on cosmic rescue? It seems perfectly self explanatory but I can't see anything relating to cosmic rescue on my Xbox rewards app??
  10. I’ll be the first to admit that it took a while to click for me but by god when it did it then got its teeth right into me . Played it first time on Switch and then when it came to Gamepass recently and there was an easy achievement to be had for my MS rewards I downloaded it. No prizes for guessing who’s found themself going through it again and loving it right from the off .
  11. Jamie John hit the nail on the head. Hollow Knight is one of the games of the decade. It is superb, and for less than the price of 3 (little town outside Leeds) pints it's still inexcusable not to buy it. Tough? Yes. Fair? Yes. Rewarding / satisfying and superbly atmospheric? Hugely so .
  12. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm not sure it's a thing that you could really influence to any notable / useful degree. I'm sure there have been a few dicky ones out there (pretty much down to the sheer volume of them as much as anything) but I'm not aware of any kind of known / set issue with them, and with the way they are either left docked, undocked, played for small bouts here and there, played exclusively docked / undocked, left to one side for a week or two to go flat I'm sure if there was one pattern of use that was detrimental to the battery it'd have become clear by now. Replacement batteries are only about £25 too and when they do invariably start to die through age (a battery thing) they'll likely just get cheaper .
  13. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    This could be either a complete stroke of genius or the biggest gaming fail since ET.
  14. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Metal Slugmarine! Mr Heli next please .
  15. Ta-Da : https://www.trueachievements.com/n38963/xbox-game-pass-quest-achievements
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