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  1. I had the same at first as I hadn't realised that it need to be one of the "new" achievements. Get one of those and you'll be fine .
  2. Somewhat late to the party I first played Doom when it first came to game pass and was a bit, yeah it’s ok. I then got stuck into again it when a couple of rewards quests dictated so and that time round it bit! For me it’s got that great “solid” feel to it’s gunplay / combat that so many FPSs lack and when I finally scratched below the surface there was way more to it (I hate to leave a bit of a map uninvestigated) than I’d originally thought / realised. If you’ve got an Xbox (on the one X it’s 4K and looks great) it’s currently on sale there for a very wallet friendly £7.49.
  3. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    What Issac said. It's an amazingly good deal and with the Gold stacking you can get it for up to 36 months. Yup 36 months of Game Pass Ultimate for £1!?!? Honestly it's the best gaming deal I've ever seen by quite some margin!!! As for games, well you're really going to be spoiled for choice but there is one which I've been ploughing a load of time into of late that seems to have flown under so many peoples radars which is Remnant: from the ashes. It's brilliant!! .
  4. That's a good set of games that you got there, Doom in particular is fantastic (IMO)! Are you familiar with the GamePass subscription? If not then take a read up on it (think Netflix for games) as it's amazing VFM, oh and you'll be glad to hear that the Masterchief collection is available on it .
  5. Cracking deal there which in good old £s is spend £40 and get 5000 reward points and £8 in cash (ultimate sub holders) so about £13 in real terms. Not bad at all!!
  6. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    OK so it might seem a bit odd in quoting myself but I figured that might be a good way to get peoples attention to my original post if that makes sense!! Anyway just a quick update to let anyone who's interested know that it would seem that I can gift this to people for the £4.99 that I was able to buy it for. If anyone wants it then get in touch and we'll go from there . Offer has now ended / expired.
  7. For anyone who not yet bought or is perhaps missing GTAV after it recently left GP, then check the store as whilst it's listed as being in the current sale at £12.49 it was showing as £4.99 for me (the 6 days left was on Tuesday so it likely ends Monday)!?! Enjoy ...
  8. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    For anyone who's missing GTAV after it recently left GP, then check the store as whilst it's listed as being in the current sale at £12.49 it was showing as £4.99 for me (the 6 days left was on Tuesday so it likely ends Monday)!?! Enjoy ...
  9. Thanks, sorted it (though the one in your quote now doesn't work!) and also added an audio link . There are loads of little bits in there like the circuit board issue, it's great watch / listen.
  10. I think that Kinect was / is a clever piece of kit too. Voice control, facial recognition and gesture control are all common place now and used many times a day to great effect on the smart phones / devices that we can't not have by our side 24/7. There's no argument at all that these features aren't far better implemented (seamlessly so) and put to better use on current devices than they were on Kinect so a part of me wonders if Kinects biggest problem was it perhaps being ahead of it's own time with a lack of ideas and experience in how and what to use the tech for leaving it dead in the water. If you've not seen it before then there's an interesting podcast that details the RROD issue: Extract: Full (very interesting IMO) thing here: Audio link: https://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/1/0/c/10c1797fbf6b66c2/Podcast_Unlocked_Episode_201.mp3?c_id=9327622&cs_id=9327622&expiration=1593958617&hwt=8f19630cb516010bef57735c001cf0c0
  11. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    You’re in for a treat! I played through it a few months ago and loved it! The gameplay is as solid as ever but it now also looks (IMO as I’m a big fan of these updated older games) all kinds of lovely !!
  12. Nice review. I’d seen a short trailer for it that didn’t do half as good a job of selling it to me as your review (it looked very generic and samey throughout location wise) and it also (understandably) didn’t manage to convey the charm of the characters . Also just seen that when it comes to Xbox it’s free on game pass and is already on there for PC.
  13. Assault Rifle's now based on a large paperclip, the Rocket Launcher on a permanent (bullet tipped of course) marker pen.
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