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    Xbox Game Pass

    When they announce that something is leaving Gamepass is there a set date given or amount of time till it does? Only asking as I saw RE4 was leaving probably 7-10 days ago and thought that meant it was imminent yet today got a message from them saying something along the lines of last chance to play. If I’ve got a few more days I might just do that .
  2. @moosegrinderLooks like it’s your lucky day as it just dropped to £19.99 at Argos and now Amazon too . Oh and as much as I love this, yes the loading times really are pretty crazy aren’t they!!
  3. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    DOWNWELL (that's all).
  4. Dunno why it is but a friend of mine who'd recently split from the misuse so decided to get one to kill time was also disappointed to find the same re them shooting back up in price. In the end he upped his budget (kind of facilitated by the crazy good Game Pass Ultime deal and me saying he could borrow my physical games) and grabbed a one X from Music Magpie for just over £200 (just looked and they're currently going for £235). It came with a 12 month warranty and I've got to say it was in bloody good condition.
  5. Yeah as per @Hitchers post they're normally superb. Don't think I've ever had a single disconnection so it certainly sounds like there's something wrong with yours.
  6. Thanks but I don't have a VPN. The cheap code that I was going to get has now gone but if one comes up again I'll try the method that I found and post a relevant update .
  7. Is that as simple as it sounds, as in I log out on my Xbox and then create a new US based (where's best for no tax etc) user / I'm guessing new gamertag etc and then just log back in as me and it'll work? Is there perhaps a fool of all fools guide out there as I'm always super worried with things like this of them going wrong!! EDIT: Found this guide which seems straight forward enough, thought I'd add it incase others were interested: https://digiex.net/threads/step-by-step-guide-to-purchasing-games-from-us-xbox-one-store-from-any-region.13353/
  8. I'm sure it's been asked / covered loads of times but I don't remember seeing it on here and a Google search doesn't come up with anything definitive, but is there a way of redeeming a US download code (in this case for Shovel knight) and then playing the game on my UK Xbox without risking a ban or anything crazy happening?
  9. womble9


    Thanks for the detailed reply . I wasn't aware of either Tengai or Dragon Blaze and Dragon Blaze in particular looks like something I'd enjoy so with the help of some cheap UK credit that I got it's hopped aboard my list and whilst I might not like the look of Tengai (I've never really liked me being a character based me / enemies and much prefer space ships though organic stuff is fine too, yup I'm odd!) it gets spoken of very highly and there's no doubting Psikyo credentials so that's getting snapped up too!. Of the others that you mention, I've played Gradius / Salamander / VV to death (not to mention Gaiden / Gradius V) as they were by far my favorite arcade games as a youth / teen with me often travelling from across Leeds to Wakefield to play them at an arcade there, and when I was working I scoured Worlds Fair paper, bought the PCBs and had a cabinet for them in my bedroom. Even had Xexex too!! I've still got a MAME based cabinet so for me they get played on that . I've never really been into Darius (seemingly I don't like people OR fishes in games!!) and Super Hydorah, hmm, well I very excitedly bought that on PS4 at launch and it too didn't do it for me. A real shame because as you say it looks very much of the R-Type / Gradius ilk and I was rather excited about it. I think the least I can do is give it another chance as again it's spoken of highly and perhaps I was having an off day!! So, back onto my main buy! Well I'm still undecided as to whether to go for Rolling Gunner or Devil Engine. They both really appeal / come highly recommended yet I can't help but feel that they're different enough that if I like one I may loath the other. Neither are on sale though so it's not as if I'm going to miss out on saving a good chunk of potentially Dragon Blaze or Tengai funding cash so I'll take a bit more time / read up a bit more............and then likely toss a coin!! Oh and is it just me or would a tate enabled Layer Section be superb on the Switch ?
  10. womble9


    Following on from Kryptonians "Which for the Switch" can someone please help me choose a shooter as I fancy blasting some stuff up!! I've already got Ikaruga (day one on Dreamcast don't you know!), Steredenn (ok but didn't really do it for me) and Gunbird which I love and I'm grabbing Danmake 3 as at under £2 on the US store I'd be mad not to. I've always liked arcady shooters but quite fancy something that's a bit meaty / has some depth to get stuck into without being overly complex if such a thing is out there. If it grabs my attention at first then it maybe getting quite complex in time is fine, so I guess some accessibility in the first instance / something that doesn't just leave me smashed to bits and not having a clue what's going on would be good. I have had a good look around I've narrowed it down to pretty much being between Rolling Gunner and Devil Engine and aesthetically I certainly prefer the look of RG. That said from what I can gather they're really quite different with Devil Engine being more traditional (R type and Thunderforce which I loved, both get mentioned) but then again Rolling Gunner also gets mentioned as being suitable for bullet hell beginners. Finally Psyvariar Delta is an certainly an option though it's a tad pricey on the US store ($29 as opposed to $19 on the others) and would mean me buying extra credit though if that's the must have one (any advantage of getting the PS4 version, it's only a few quid more for physical too?) then please say. Pretty sure one of those three will do the job but if I've missed something then feel free to point it out to me .
  11. Ok so just to be sure (I've now bought some US credit) I can pop the US credit code in on my US account and it won't delete the credit on my UK account (I have taken a look around and can't find any mention of it, I think that was when region switching a single account)?
  12. Durr, dunno why I didn't think of that, especially when people often discount the cards .
  13. Guys, the "Hot Deal" of a £5 gift card for 5000 points or £10 for 10000 points is back up as of today and runs through till the 12th of February. Hurrah .
  14. Very tempting!! I set up US account on my UK switch a good while ago but can't remember the full ins and outs of how it works. What payment method did you use (can I perhaps use Revolut or Paypal?) and will I lose my UK store credit or is that only if you change the UK region to US?
  15. Would this be your first Xbox of any type? If I’m honest then either way with backwards compatibility and the game pass “ultimate deal of the century” for a quid offer (it really is insane value) then I’d be very surprised if you didn’t find plenty of stuff on there to get your teeth into. And yes, Halo, Gears and Firza really are all v good. If your happy with the cost of the hardware outlay then the gaming side of it’s gonna cost you bugger all, oh and there will be games on gamepass that you then wouldn’t have to spend money on for the PS4 version too so I’d say go for it .
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