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  1. Yup, I can't sign into Xbox Live either. It's the first time in as long as I can remember that it's happened so no beef from me (goes off to bed, wakes up tomorrow to find 500 page mega thread and bank account empty) .
  2. womble9


    Loving the look of this and was delighted to see that it’s out on Xbox too! At a mere £3.35 I’m in .
  3. I’d say it’s well worth it though (and I know you said you fancy it on the switch) I should point out it’s often available on Xbox one for £5 if that appeals / is an option.
  4. Does it run nicely on the Series X?
  5. Maybe it's the inertia effect that you speak of that got me. Couldn't put my finger on it at the time (thought I didn't hang round long) but it wasn't nice which was it was a shame as I loved the first one. Oh and just half an hour or so ago I saw that it's one of the games that this month has a MS rewards quest tied to it so it looks like I'll be off there again! Will be interesting to see if it gets me again this time round!!
  6. It was one of the first games that I went to when I wanted to see how nice something would look on my One X / new OLED and I really struggled with something (may have been a frame rate / lag combo for me as I couldn't put my finger on what it was) to the point of me not persevering with it. Only other game I've ever had such an issue with was Outer Worlds which (and a quick Google showed I was far from alone) made me feel bit queasy!!
  7. Pob got it pretty much spot on but for complete clarity, I bought 6 x £50 MS credit codes from CD keys which were already down to about £43 through TopCashback who also had something crazy like 12% cash back back on them meaning I got £300 of MS credit for £228. I redeemed those on the MS store (quick pointer that they don’t expire after 90 days) and then when the time came closer cashed in my points to make up enough to get my balance up to the cost of a Series X. As much as I’m tempted (when I’ve saved enough up) to go for a 1TB expansion card I might actually carry on saving for a
  8. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure that you're all kinds of special but that's really only for your mum or other half to say !! As for redeeming personally I saved mine for ages (fine by me as I agree with what others say in that they add up very quickly) towards a Series X that combined with cheap codes from CD Keys bought using topcashback worked out at costing me about £250. I'm now saving mine towards a 1TB MS Expansion card though I may hang fire when I get there as I'm hoping for a price drop (keep hoping!). Oh and there is an auto redeem thingy you can set up where
  9. I've had the double points for mobile searches a couple times too but can't remember why, seem to remember though that it lasts for 30 days. Also one for people to keep an eye out for (might have been already mentioned, sorry of so) is that there a valentines punch card up (just below your daily set) that's a crazy quick 150 points .
  10. Yeah I'm finding it crazy addictive too!! I was on it first thing this morning before work, at lunchtime and have been on it tonight for just over 3 hrs!! Just had a mega run (by my standards) in which I got given the so a spending spree it is!!! Yes I hear that Hades is meant to be something special and I do hope that it comes to XB at some point but I'm liking this a lot, maybe it's because I wasn't expecting anything of it? As for the jumping I'd agree that it kind of lacks the finesse and precision that a nice nimble dash may give but for me I think it fits
  11. So there’s good news (in that this is already working despite it saying the 10th).... And there’s not so good news in that this (sometimes a tad slow to respond, I find early evening rather reliable / quickest) is back.... Like it or loath it points are points and from me it’s a ta v much to MS for what’s IMO a great reward / loyalty scheme .
  12. Is / has anyone been playing UnderMine? Having seen it on my GP app home screen and just downloading it as a quick check to try and identify which of my two Xboxes was which (the icons and names are wrong) I thought it was a new release. Turns out it’s been on the service a good while now but had completely flown under my radar and I tell you what, it’s a bloody good Rogue like that right now I can’t get enough of !!
  13. Sorry I wasn’t clear about that all was I. I was referring to Reach, think I may put that back on again sometime soon. Really enjoyed it and loved the look of it .
  14. It’s a great game isn’t it!! Are you lucky enough to have a 4K display? If so then what are you thoughts on it visually? Personally (though I have to say I’m a big fan of these res’ed up games) I though it looked fantastic .
  15. Pretty sure I've seen that it's an issue that they know about / acknowledged. Sorry that that doesn't help you right now but I guess it means a fix should be along pretty soon (and that you're not alone if there's any comfort in that!). Have you checked (and I mean this in a non patronising way) that both your pad and consoles firmware are up to date?
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