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  1. Great to hear that you got it sorted, major difference isn't it!! Interestingly I too struggled with the cover, but going by a video that I watched (where the guy just slid it straight on), I thought it was just me being a fat fingered at the final hurdle fella as I was mega keen to get it plugged back in and tried out!
  2. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Assuming you're wanting it for headphone use then I had one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/GULIkit-Bluetooth-Transmitter-Driver-Free-Plug-n-Play/dp/B07H2RH5CJ/ref=sr_1_7?crid=3QSF8O17H2MZR&keywords=switch%2Bbluetooth%2Badapter&qid=1565046402&s=gateway&sprefix=switch%2Bblue%2Caps%2C133&sr=8-7&th=1 (also available from ebay for about £25 thought with slower delivery) which was fine but (and there's always a but!) be sure that the headphones you've got are low latency (ideally APTX but I think BT 5.0 is fine as well) as otherwise the lag is distractingly noticeable. I returned mine in the end and just bought some quality wired buds which are bob on.
  3. Super one more jump (crazy cheap £0.89) is certainly child friendly from a content point of view and there's a demo for you two to try before taking the full purchase plunge .
  4. A bit of nail varnish remover (acetone based) and a cotton bud will do the job nicely. Looking forward to hearing how you got on (it's genuinely v simple, I think the videos aren't that detailed as there's so little to it) / how happy you are with your new super silent One .
  5. Go for it, I'm honestly amazed as to how quiet mine is now . Tools wise the only things I'd say that would also come in handy would be (assuming you've not got one of the proper tools) a small good quality flat headed screwdriver to remove the X clamp oh and some alcohol type wipe or similar to clean up the chip / bottom of the vapor chamber before applying the new paste. Oh and one last thing (and I'm just being a tad cautious here / assuming you've never done something like this before so forgive me if you have and this comes across as patronising!) is that some of the Torx screws (in particular the two that hold the little metal clasp, which are actually threadlocked) are rather tight. Torx are great but it's very easy with them to select a bit that's actually one size smaller than needed (especially when working with such small ones) which could damage either the bit or the screw head, but as long as you've got the right one and apply a decent amount of directly downward pressure and you'll be just fine.
  6. Did you get the demo off the UK shop? Though I'd give it a go but can't see it??
  7. I hadn't put the overheating details of mine in my recent "I'm going in / I've fixed it" posts (though did in my first public whinge at MS fannying me around for x hours and despite acknowledging EU laws 2 year warranty not complying to it, I'm still a bit WTF about that!) but mine had been overheating too meaning that little indie games were ok but when wanting to try Wolfenstein a mere 10s into the game the fans were going crazy and CD3 had it shutting down within 5 min's. Great to hear that it's sorted yours too though, and it's amazed me how much quieter mine is now which makes me think that it was on it's way for a while!! Oh and did you perhaps notice the build date on yours when you had it apart? Mine's a Scorpio (of which I've heard of a few going) which going by the date stamped on it was lovingly thrown together in July 17.
  8. No not at all. There were a couple of bits that were a little bit "eeeek" the first one being the removing of the connectors from the HDD and Optical drive to the MB as they require quite a pull to unplug them and funnily enough I actually found seating the lid / top cover to be a bit fiddly but other than those two (very minor looking at it now) issues everything went just fine. Here's a YT vid that shows quite how straight forward it is: Best of luck and let us know how you get on, mine's once again quieter than whisper quiet .
  9. So, I finally got round to pulling my one x apart to check if it was a thermal paste issue that was causing it to overheat and this is what I found..... As you can see in the following pic' the paste had pretty much completely dried out with it breaking up (almost crumbling) when I went to clean it off the vapour chamber. Not good . The whole thing took about an hour and a half to do (would probably be about 30-40 min's if I had to do it again) and I'm glad to report that it's now back to being as good as silent with it dropping from 75dB to 56dB (both when playing Wolfenstein), hurrah .
  10. I'd be surprised if you're not completely right but after having spent an age talking directly to MS (at times to senior customer service managers who you'd imagine could sort it out) and then going through the form filling and waiting process that was ODR I'm honestly just kind of jaded / want more than anything to get a quick resolution and the best way forward for that seems to be to fix it myself. Really kind of crap that the one thing they were very happy to do (it was suggested / offered several times) would to be take £204 off me to fix it with them even intimating that they would be doing me a favour! Didn't get the time to set about it last night but hopefully will this aft.
  11. I knew it was coming close to the 30 day limit so logged in (to the ODR site so as to see where it was at) today and saw that it had indeed hit the 30 days and was now closed. Tried calling them but they're closed till Monday but did a while later get a mail from them saying this: To be honest I'm just a bit sick of it all/ just want the thing working and don't really have the energy to further pursue them for a repair. I've probably spent the best part of 6 hours on the phone to the MS store and MS support (speaking to managers at both) and whilst very friendly / polite (and indeed even agreeing that it should be warrantied for two years, soooo frustrating) none of them were able to do anything other than suggest I go down the ODR route (they provided me with a link). Pretty poor IMO.
  12. So, some might remember that a while ago I reported that my One X had started to overheat / was sounding like one of those mental loud public toilet hand dryers and MS refused to do anything about it. It is indeed more than 1 year old yet less than 2 years which EU law states it should be warrantied for. MS support acknowledged the EU law but refuse to comply with it and themselves suggested that I proceeded with an EU online dispute resolution which I went ahead with. Well the 30 days have passed, they've not done anything about it and I'm sick of only being able to play games on it that don't put the hardware under any real strain, so tonight it's getting pulled apart to re apply the suspected crap thermal paste. I'll pop a picture up of my findings and will take a before and after dB reading too .
  13. Ha I noticed that too, lovely little touch isn't it There's a "Bot" for that . Yup, but if you perhaps weren't aware then it's been released straight onto GamePass .
  14. Aaaand now it's here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/blazing-chrome/9n5p2152rbpm?activetab=pivot%3Aoverviewtab
  15. Yup but no sign of it as yet .
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