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  1. They wanted to make it like Halo in more ways than one.
  2. But it's not as if Bungie have been making Halo 1994-04 games for ten years with almost no differences between sequels, is it?
  3. Maybe it's one of those whirly ones you see in Terminator. It could double up as a brilliant close-combat attack too.
  4. I agree completely. I remember when people first started hearing about how they'd worked on it for years and secret and everyone was excited. Now people are beginning to get bored.
  5. How many of the eight people who were interested in the game was this?
  6. Fallout! It's not even remotely recent, but the dialogue is far superior to every other game ever (except Torment), and it's all good like. Morrowind is practically a holiday sim, seeing the local fauna, having limited conversations with the residents, sizing up a house on the coast, it's all there. But probably not in a good way. And not many people like being called 'scum'.
  7. Oh. Seems like a strange thing to do. Won't affect the really decent people as they have the accuracy to keep making headshots but renders it less of a good, all-round weapon. And does the Battle Rifle fire in bursts when not zoomed in, or is that bollocks?
  8. 5x sounds like a good amount. I wish they'd upgrade the pistol to 3 though. It doesn't seem like a lot but I swear it would perfectly balance EVERYTHING.
  9. It starts with Riddick saying he needs to find 'the mainframe', then you scan your DNA into one of those machine things... er, kill a few guards, a few people throw grenades which explode on explosive barrels, destroying walls, kill a few more guards, big robo-suit guy comes down a lift, you zoom past, demo ends. Having (probably) completed it and all, would most people here say it's worth the £30? I'm thinking of buying it or Full Spectrum Warrior but recently people have been more open in their criticisms and I'm getting put off the idea.
  10. Hooray! I have no idea why so many people play RTS games like Red Alert and so few play TBS games like X-Com, Jagged Alliance and so on. There's enough popular turn-based RPGs to suggest that people have the patience... any ideas?
  11. I hope the SMG produces a knuckle-breakingly strong rumble because it currently looks like an elaborate sparkler.
  12. The singleplayer is shit.* "Four creatures have been lost, go to the four sections of the city and find them." "Excuse me, I've lost three jewels, get them for me." "Kill the five escaped convicts." "Uninstall the game ONCE. Thank God." *But then again, I don't think KotOR's up to much either. Maybe if you liked that you'll like this.
  13. They gave Splinter Cell more than Halo. 9.4 or something.
  14. If you have it on PC, make sure you get the Cinema mod. It's probably better than the normal game.
  15. Yes, yes it is. I assume it's something to do with Bethesda games not including dialogue and that Fallout is based almost entirely upon it. And combat was so shit.
  16. Is there a way to avoid getting knackered by constant falls? I tried to surf a few slices of roof down but they disappeared. And with regards to Lucifer, I must have got lucky. I shot him for about five minutes then he died. I still have no idea what I did to kill him, initially assuming that he just had a huge invisible health bar.
  17. Two things: One, can you change the controls, and if so, can you bind them any way you want or are you restricted to a few 'developers choice A, B, C' settings? Two, what's the save system like? Checkpoints, right? Are there a certain amount of save-slots? Are there separate profiles, or can you only have one game going at a time?
  18. Right, I can't be arsed to read the rest of the article (because the guy was making a muck of it), but does it just sound like it's got that awful KotOR good/bad system firmly in place? If so, I despair.
  19. Ugh. I sincerely hope the Flood don't feature in the second. 1) The floaty cabbage types were really laughable as they harmlessly floated towards you and self-destructed, wiping out any other cabbage-fiends nearby but actually doing no damage to you. 2) The big guys just kept getting back up and hitting you after you shot them. I really can't be arsed to shoot the arms off of every corpse I make. And I hope the Sentinels don't come back. Possibly the most uninspired enemy ever to feature in a game. "It's sort of like a flying robot, with a laser." REVOLUTIONARY!
  20. You suggest FFVII to someone who isn't interested in interactive movies?
  21. I'm not terribly fond of EA. And I don't like Peter Molyneux very much. But that's about it.
  22. Dungeon Keeper 3 was cancelled about two years ago.
  23. Saburouta


    Gotta agree with the general sentiment here, Painkiller is a really pleasant surprise. My only real beef is with the boss of Chapter 4, who is just a bit too hard since you (Minor spoilers) lose health from falling. On Insomnia you lose 20 or so. Not good. Other than that, the weapons have clearly had a lot of thought put into them (have you worked out all of the combo-firing modes yet?), the amount of variation in enemies is brilliant, and the completely random level types is also great. One minute, some typical brown temple, the next, a snowy bridge, the next minute you're in a virtual Venice! When you get some half-decent cards, that can be quite an interesting aspect too, although you'll probably just stick with a Triple-Haste / Double Damage / Double Reload + Soul Grabbing / Three Times Card Use combo. And the last level is fucking 'mazing. Didn't expect that one at all. Shame on the person who didn't put spoiler warnings around it on the first page though.
  24. It came back up when Halle Berry went without a top for some unexplained reason, though. And then down, down, down. Unless that bit with the self-assembly gun was after the topless bit. Because that was a machinegun and a half. My attempts to hide my love for Swordfish are futile.
  25. Clearly you don't appreciate a good explosion one you see one. You gotta admit it was a good one. Bo-schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom-OOM!
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