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  1. Same here. I'm only ever killing gang members and only occasionally run over a pedestrian (they have a habit of jumping the wrong way when dodging my bike), so I hardly ever see the police. I play open world games so differently today anyway. I never go on pedestrian slaughtering sprees like I did in GTA3 when it was all new and funny.
  2. You just know countries would be making deals with the aliens in order to survive. It’d be nice if an alien invasion did unite us, but if the aliens made Trump king of America and gave him a little hover seat with lasers on it, he’d side with the aliens.
  3. One problem I had is how underwhelming winter ended up being. After seasons and seasons of being told that winter was coming, and how horrendous and long it could be, I was disappointed to reach the end without Kings Landing or the whole of Westeros consumed by snowy blizzards. I didn’t like the very videogamey “kill the night king and all the other undead crumble into dust” plot conclusion either. It would’ve been cool to have them stick around, still roaming the land, until slowly but surely they’re all destroyed, what with the night king being dead and not being able to create any more.
  4. Watched 5 episodes now. The fifth episode was interesting. Episode 5 spoiler... Other than the occasionally hokey English subtitle translations you get with these things, I'm really enjoying it. Some of the set pieces are very imaginative.
  5. Yeah, agree episodes are a bit on the long side. Having watched Cobra Kai and Mr Inbetween recently, I’m all aboard the half hour episode train. Homecoming is another good one for short but sweet episode lengths.
  6. His Cary Grant impression is great though.
  7. With the Riddler I think they’ve said they’re going for a Zodiac Killer vibe. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen better pictures than the one they chose for the poster though.
  8. I've hit a "point of no return" in the main plot line already. Surprised how quickly I got there tbh. Anyway, I decided to decline the quest in order to finish up other stuff first. I think I've done all the side character quests anyway, apart from some Silverhand stuff that I'm going through. Is there a lot of game after the point of no return? And can you go back to the open world city after the end? If not, I'll just make sure I have a save before that point.
  9. That bit where he falls onto a sofa and does a funny face.
  10. To be honest, no. I think the Dalton films have come closest to the feel of the Bond books.
  11. AVTAK does have that great (violent) scene where Walken and his henchman kill their entire workforce with machine guns and then drown them just in case.
  12. Yeah, it’s a thing. I remember reading it back in the day. Let’s just say it’s not as good as Year One.
  13. Isn’t this meant to be year two? Maybe we’ll get…
  14. Back to 2024. For a while I was thinking they’d be going back to 2016 to stop Brexit.
  15. I think when Netflix started making their own shows, things changed. If they’d stuck to being the Blockbuster of streaming services, we might be in a better situation, with less fragmentation. I remember reading an article in Empire when Netflix streaming first hit our shores, and there was a naive assumption that once a movie was on Netflix it was there forever. I also subscribe to Arrow Player for fifty quid a year. To be honest, I watch more stuff on that than I do on Prime.
  16. The Mighty Peking Man Spectacular Shaw Brothers rip off of King Kong. Hong Kong gets wrecked. 4 out of 5
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