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  1. Pretty much self contained with new baddies to bash in each book. As for any sort of arc, I already feel they’ve done more in the flashbacks in the first season than in all of the books. I wouldn’t be surprised if they lean on flashbacks again in the coming seasons.
  2. Don't Go In The House (1979) This was on the Video Nasty list of the eighties, and I can see why. Mainly for one scene in particular which is horrific. I watched the extended cut on Arrow, with a whole extra ten minutes. I'm guessing that one scene is where most of the original cuts were made. The rest of the film is mostly a character study of one man unravelling due to the abuse he received from his mother, a bit like Psycho. It's low budget, scuzzy, definitely of its time, but is a little deeper than your average slasher movie from that era. 3½ out of 5
  3. I've just started playing this. I'm not overly familiar with London geography, so a lot of stuff doesn't feel wrong as it would for London residents. I find it weird playing an open world game with roundabouts and box junctions. Sometimes, the game looks really bland. And then you hit a more run down area with loads of graffiti, and it looks quite nice.
  4. He was in both Jack Reacher movies as well, so I was expecting it at some point.
  5. They made a news story out of some random bollocks on reddit? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  6. The Last Duel is fantastic, so no.
  7. Isn’t the remake of West Side Story supposed to be better than the original?
  8. The only problem with that is that Tom Holland looks about 12.
  9. Something to do with it raining.
  10. Why do people in these corporate videos move and talk like a facsimile of a human? They’re doing all the things that a human does, but there’s something a bit… off. See also the Facebook metaverse videos.
  11. Personally, I liked it, but don’t give two shits if you all hated it.
  12. This is on Disney+. Has it just been added? Not noticed it before.
  13. Much thanks to the first post in this thread. I now have Game Pass Ultimate until 2025, at no further cost!!!
  14. Can’t disagree. It’s complete and utter trash. I love it!!!
  15. I think he already knew about crowbars. Unless they’ve changed it for the show and this is a crowbar knowledge origin story.
  16. Given what he shrugs off in the books, a crowbar is nothing. Besides, in one of the books there’s at least fifty pages devoted to types of crowbar and how they’re made. His extensive knowledge of crowbars should have given him some sort of advantage.
  17. That first four minutes is clearly a Discovery piss take, right?
  18. The Hunt has been added. Worth a watch. Rich cunts hunt people for sport. As ever, they underestimate one of the contestants.
  19. The superhuman thing is a problem sometimes, and even the new telly show doesn't really know what to do with it. For example... Episode 7 spoiler...
  20. Having not watched any of the animated stuff, a lot of these new characters... ...are a bit lost on me.
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