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  1. I didn't know the juggling was fake either! Mind you, I was probably too busy imagining Watts in various outrageous sexual postions to notice.
  2. I wondered about the diary but daren't ask in case I looked stupid. Then I realised I look stupid anyway.
  3. You'll love Sayid's next flashback...
  4. Anyone remember this Roald Dahl TV series from yesteryear? It came out on DVD today. Whilst I can't remember specific plot details for any episodes, I can't forget the effect it had on me as a young nipper: it would scare the crap out of me. I realise it would probably seem tame if I watched it again, but I've put it on my rental queue just to make sure. Great theme tune though and cool dancing lady on the intro.
  5. Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist? I can't believe how disappointed I am to find that out.
  6. Yep, it's very good. It's like a more amusing companion piece to Taxi Driver. By the way, does anyone think DeNiro will ever make a good film again? Pacino lays some dog eggs but he's been much more consistent later in his career when it comes to choosing good stuff.
  7. True, all these breaks are really annoying. I'm beginning to wish I'd waited until it came on the telly over here. Watching season 5 of 24, it just seems so super-fast compared to Lost. Plotlines that Lost would drag out for nigh on 10 episodes get resolved in about 2 episodes in 24. 24 spoiler...
  8. Same here. I'm having a break from it due to a blister forming on my right thumb.
  9. Yeah, he did. Except it's still appearing in Viz. Either they've got a huge Fat Slags backlog of completed comic strips or Viz is all mouth and no trousers, the over-charging cunts.
  10. Gaaah! Just got an email from Yesaisa. ------------------------------------------------------------ With reference to your recent order placed on 22-Feb-06, we would like to have your kind attention that as confirmed by our Japanese supplier, there is a manufacturing problem with "Nintendo DS Lite Console (Enamel Navy) (110V) (Japan Version)" (YesAsia Catalog Number 1004117841) that the colour of the end product does not matched with Enamel Navy resulting in a call back from the manufacturer. Only a few of them have passed the final quality check and flow into the market and thus, we will not be able to provide the above-mentioned item according to the original schedule. Though we will be able to search for a limited quantity of those which have flowed into the market but the selling price has gone up quite a lots. Under such a situation, we would like to have kind co-operation to choose your own preference so that we will be able to handle your order according to your choice. 1. Take the few flowed into the market one(s) but the price will be revised to US$299.99 (first-come-first-serve). 2. Keep your order and wait for the new batch of end product, which is expected to be ready in one-month time 3. Cancel your order (if the captioned item is the only item in your order) or remove the captioned item from your order and have the rest of the items shipped. If we do not hear from you by Mar 16, 2006, we will assume that option 2 will be your preference and keep your order until the new batch of the end product becomes available for shipment. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused from this unexpected manufacturing problem. ------------------------------------------------------------ Looks like I'll be waiting even longer. And that blue Lite looks so incredibly sexy.
  11. Synopsis: Private Joe Bowers, the definition of "average American", is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program, set 1,000 years in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he's easily the most intelligent person alive.
  12. Average at best, to be honest. It's just not that impressive. It feels and looks very last gen. On the screen where you select your hero and your spawn point, I was amazed by the quite hideous popup of the trees as the camera panned around the game area. After this intital shock, I plunged into the game and was left feeling underwhelmed. I'm not a massive fan of squad based shooters, Freedom Fighters being the only one I've ever got along with, but The Outfit on first impressions doesn't even seem as good as that. You could get into some exhilerating firefights in Freedom Fighters on the harder difficulty settings but the battles in The Outfit just didn't feel very meaty at all, almost too light with not enough impact. A mistake surely, if Relic were aiming for an OTT WW2 shooter. It's great how you die if you walk into a river. You have to see it to believe it. You're a hard as nails soldier but barely have to walk into a river up to your knees and you drown instantly. It's comical. However, the controls weren't as complicated as I feared having seen screenshots and seemed to work quite smoothly. Calling in extra equipment and supplies and whatnot from the air seemed very similar to Mercernaries. I know it's only a demo and these are first impressions but on this evidence, I don't think I'll be plonking the readies down for this game. There just seems to be a certain something missing.
  13. Perfect Dark Zero. I got sick of looking at the hideous, plastic toytown graphics. I got fed up watching the AI characters running back and forth like crabs attached to lengths of elastic. I grew weary of the Z-movie voice acting and "plot". I traded it in yesterday and jumped for joy.
  14. I've only completed the second mission but it's great so far. Mind you, some of the baddie soldiers when they're popping in and out of cover can look a bit glitchy. They jump up and down so fast, it almost looks like they're flickering on and off like a badly maintained fluorescent strip light. When everything else around you is so graphically good, little things like this just remind you that it's a game.
  15. I tell you what... I'll bring a helicopter and we'll shoot them down from the air like dogs as they run through the Hollywood Hills (after I've bought a hat and eaten it).
  16. Wow, that maximum brightness is nuclear. Should be great for playing ACWW at work in my lunch hour. The current DS screen is a bit hard to see sometimes under the glare of the office lights.
  17. What's this sourcing fee that Amazon seem to be charging for 360 games all of a sudden? Example: Quake 4... http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...3806665-8880604
  18. I think it's obvious that the season finale is going to be something to with the counter running to zero. If not, I'll buy a hat and eat it.
  19. Isn't the ending for the remake (sorry, reimagining as they liked to call it at the time) the same as the book? Proof that the book isn't always better than the film, as the Heston one at least had a good ending.
  20. Oof! I'd hate to buy that many if I couldn't get online. Good luck! Incidentally, what's the cheapest anyone's bought 'nips for? I got mine for 97b this Sunday which is the best price so far for me.
  21. I can't stomach Rose either and her little pearls of wisdom. They set my teeth on edge. She should be on the starship Enterprise serving beers or something.
  22. I've not had that email and I made my order (Navy Blue Lite, same as you) on the 21st Feb...
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