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  1. Nope. There was none with the DS game I ordered and no customs to pay or anything like that. Free delivery too. They rather bizarrely give you the option to buy from about 10 different flavours of popcorn at the checkout but I declined to do that. If you're in any doubt, I'll post back in here when the DVD arrives.
  2. I've ordered mine from Movietyme. Only the second time I've ordered from them but I got Super Princess Peach from them the other day, took about 5 days to arrive.
  3. Oh, I've been meaning to order this for ages. This thread's just jogged my memory. *gets credit card out* Right, there! I've done it. Region 1 is ordered.
  4. She was also Sam Tyler's mum in Life on Mars.
  5. This bug doesn't just affect Miscarcand. Apparently, it affects all Ayelid (sp?) ruins. Apparently, all pressure pads and switches just stop working!
  6. I've just found a workaround on the official forums that works! So if anyone has the same problem as me, do the following... 1. Get to the pressure plate that doesn't work. 2. Make a new save. 3. Quit game to dashboard. 4. Log out of X-Box Live than back in. 5. Reload game, pressure plate will work. The gate will then open!
  7. I'm playing it on 360. I've just been on the official Oblivion forums and it seems the Miscarcand quest does indeed have a bug where the gate doesn't open. I'm not the only one to come across this problem it seems.
  8. Well, I've just read the faq on gamefaqs and it seems the quest is fucked. Brilliant! I've done absolutely everything that's in the walkthrough so far. The gate should have lowered when I stepped on the pressure pad and it didn't.
  9. I'm aghast that people could not like this. It's a superb show.
  10. Okay, I'm getting really frustrated on one of the main quest dungeons, the Miscarcand quest...
  11. Those boobies just look all wrong. My eyes were going in different directions to each other trying to follow them!
  12. That audio tape (the one played by the coroner) sent chills down my spine.
  13. Very nice demo so far. Thumbs up from me. The snow looks great!
  14. Not bad at all! And don't you find it's much simpler having a limited colour palette? You don't have to dick around for three hours trying to find the right shade of red. You just use red.
  15. As a rule of thumb, deduct one star from any Empire review for the true score. Anyway, I think re-reviewing them like that is a bit lame. Maybe they should have had the balls to mark them lower when the hype was at its peak instead of swallowing Lucas' cock. edit: although in the case of Jason X, deduct all the stars.
  16. His arms look a bit stumpy.
  17. It is indeed an excellent film. The opening scene where they're just lazing around waiting for the train, swatting flies away is excellent. Leone westerns seem to be filled with weather-beaten faces that are full of character. On the subject of westerns, anyone think High Plains Drifter is a tad underrated? It has a real spooky feel to it in places.
  18. I find it quite amusing to go into one of the guilds and hurl a fireball at a table laden with food, plates and cups. They scatter across the room in spectacular fashion.
  19. Sounds like a TV program I'm watching at the minute.
  20. I ordered this the other day for no apparent reason and it came this morning. What can I say? It seems terribly easy. Does it get any harder? Or is it just intended as a lovely, relaxing platformer?
  21. Nice. But what was that bit where somebody seemed to jumping around like they were in Crouching Tiger? Not sure about that. Who's going to be singing the feme choon? Dennis Waterman?
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