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  1. I laughed pretty hard at the AIDS song. Fantastic stuff.
  2. 373 full colour pages would make it pretty big probably.
  3. That's brilliant! And also incredibly disappointing.
  4. Thanks, I figured it out in the end anyway. In my haste to be on with the killin' I didn't ask my buddies in the DB for any tips on the contract. So I nipped back to base, asked them and everything became much clearer.
  5. I found it best not to focus soley on that quest otherwise you go mad. I just carried on doing other quests and finding nirnroot whenever I heard the noise they make. There's loads of 'em. I've found at least 60 up to now.
  6. I just did my third one today. It was much easier than the first two and more than a little bit dull to be honest. Which doesn't fill me with enthusiasm when there's about another eight (that I've found) that need closing. Rather than fill me with awe-inspiring dread, they've now become more of an annoyance. A shame as I really enjoyed the first one.
  7. I'm a bit stumped on the Lonely Wanderer quest for the Dark Brotherhood.
  8. One way to increase your destruction skill that little bit more is to use a Summon Scamp spell and hit him with a couple of fireballs. It's also great for increasing your hand to hand skill. I rarely use "hand to hand" so found it was lagging pretty far behind my other skills. Conjured a scamp a few times and smashed his face in to increase it. I still may never use the skill much but its always handy to have a backup, should your weapon get knocked out your hand.
  9. He needs to pop up as a ghost or a figament of someone's imagination or something. In a leather jacket. Again.
  10. The staff in my local Silverscreen are actually pretty creepy which is probably another reason why I don't go in there often. Last time I bought something, the checkout lass seemed all loved up like she was on some sort of religious high. It was bizarre and you had to be there really, but she was throwing off some really strange vibes that sent a shiver down my spine. Most odd.
  11. That photo of the cover a couple of pages back is my poor photography skills at work. I posted it over on GR and the Xbox logo got obliterated by the flash. The cover still looks shit though. As for Oblivion, I think it deserved a 9. I seem to remember that other popular sandbox game, San Andreas, getting a 9 and Edge wanking into a cup over that one. And that was a pretty flawed game. But great despite its flaws in much the same way Oblivion is.
  12. Just over 70 hours. I remember it taking me that long to finish KOTOR and thinking it was epic. I've no idea when I might complete Oblivion. Right now I feel as though it might go on forever.
  13. It's a pleasant enough way to waste time when eating your tea or recovering from a hangover on a Sunday morning. Granted, if it wasn't stuffed so full of gorgeous women I wouldn't give it the time of day as with most soaps. Shallow? Yes. Jessica's pretty lovely. By the way, which one was Clare again? I didn't realise an actress had changed.
  14. I completely missed this first time round and have heard so much since about how good it is, but strangely enough, very little of what it's actually about. Correct me if I'm wrong but is it some sort of crap horror novelist -- in the vein of Shaun Hutson -- type thing? I used to read Shaun Hutson as kid but Christ, are they shit when I look at them now. I used to think Slugs was the pinnacle of literature.
  15. I was kind of hoping he'd release a shorter version.
  16. The one near me barely opened a year ago. Their prices can be a bit crap. You have to poke around for a bargain. I won't miss it. Music Zone is cheaper.
  17. They tried to pole vault across the ocean to a neighbouring island to buy Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, but their poles snapped and they drown.
  18. That's what worries me. I think it's possible to make a next gen GTA with a bigger play area and still have it looking good, smooth and with limited, if any, pop-up. But in the style of Oblivion, they'll probably go too big and we'll be forever stuck with watching the grass grow in a little bubble around our character.
  19. Monkeyboy


    How much can you fit in cupboards by the way? Do they have infinite storage space? I've just bought the shack on the Imperial City Waterfront and got a chest and 2 dressers in it.
  20. I liked that episode. It was much, much better than Hurley's last dismal flashback story. I sort of went off Lost about 4 episodes ago and stopped downloading. Then d/loaded 4 eps this weekend and feel totally back in the groove. Can't wait for the season finale now. Quite a few of the characters -- not just Hurley -- seem as though the screws are coming loose and that life on the island is finally tipping them over the edge. Things are getting more confrontational.
  21. I never did complete this. Oh well.
  22. I've only closed two and whilst I found them quite tough, it is quite satisfying when you grab that sigil stone and the gate finally shuts. Makes me feel quite the hero. However, there's an alarming amount of gates opening up recently and I don't think I have the nerve to close 'em all.
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