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  1. Definitive Anyone who thinks The Undiscovered Country is better than The Voyage Home deserves to be shot.
  2. And for those who missed it... NSFW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8XEKY_6IiI...erika%20eleniak
  3. No, he's not into those but is he unemployed. He should have bags of time!
  4. This is an excellent film. Bought it on DVD a while ago and it's one of those films where I'd read good reviews but still it didn't prepare me for just how great it would be. I've currently lent it to a mate who still hasn't watched it!! The lazy arse. He still hasn't played the copy of RE4 I lent him either.
  5. Ah yes, the perfect choice for the romantically inclined couple.
  6. I'm watching Hollyoaks this morning. Quite possibly, this Sonny character is the least convincing angry young teenager ever. If he ever pulled any of these "angry" faces in front of me, I would fall on the floor laughing.
  7. Well, okay, shamelessly stolen is probably a better way of putting it. It's just that the mission plays out slightly differently to the scene in the film, but not by much. It was obviously inspired by it.
  8. Wasn't Cameron Diaz the "inspiration" for the ditzy, blonde actress that popped up in the movie? I read she was pretty upset about that.
  9. Anyone like The Driver, made in 1978? Lots of good car chases and a sort of existential cops and robbers movie where the leads don't have actual names. Bruce Dern is simply The Detective, Ryan O' Neal is The Driver etc. It's quite weird as Ryan O' Neal doesn't seem have much of a life between jobs. It's almost as if the start of a job is when his life begins and when it finishes, it ends again as he waits in a grotty hotel room for the next one. Bruce Dern is ace in the film, a complete arrogant cock, so sure he'll one day catch The Driver. The scene in the car park was sort of borrowed for the first mission in Driver where you have to prove your skills.
  10. The intro vid was certainly creepy and unexpected having witnessed the trailers so far. But again, Capcom don't seem to be doing too well in the voice acting department.
  11. I started playing Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door on my GC this weekend. Completed chapter one about an hour ago and I'm loving it so far. I sense even more greatness is on the way and can't wait to get back to it. In chapter one I liked the bit where...
  12. Just finished Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen and picked up Fahrenheit 451 yesterday as I've never read it.
  13. What about Crispin Glover? The guy can play OTT and demented and he looks the part.
  14. Ah, those films where the camera shakes far, far too much and a simple task such as opening and looking in a bag requires approximately 53 fast zooms and quick edits. Exciting stuff, I think not. Having said that, they're still better than the last two Bond films. Just not actually all that good by themselves.
  15. I wonder what CraigNotBond will make of this? Oh hang on, I forgot, no-one gives a fuck.
  16. Is your keyboard upside down?
  17. Yep, not much by the looks of things... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1888967/
  18. Big tits and a millions pounds! That cancels out the Welshness.
  19. Has this finished yet? How did the woman with the planet-sized tits get on?
  20. I've just watched the interview with Winona Ryder on IGN. She seemed to be struggling to form a coherent sentence for most of the interview.
  21. Oh my gosh! Chev Chelios. I cracked up when he said the name. I actually liked The Transporter (haven't seen the second one) and Crank looks like more of the same silliness. I'll definitely pop along to the pictures to see this one I think. A refreshing lack of cgi in that trailer as well, if my eyes aren't deceiving me.
  22. I thought it was poop. I really wish there was refunds for these things.
  23. According to the Guardian review today -- http://film.guardian.co.uk/News_Story/Crit...1819612,00.html -- Routh is actually a year older than Reeve was when he made his debut in Superman The Movie. Despin, I haven't read your post (thanks to the third line where you said you'd be spoilin' shit) but why not put your post in spoiler tags?
  24. All I remember from Cobra is Stallone eating pizza whilst wearing leather gloves.
  25. Goose, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest about Brosnan. The rest of your post is definitely true from what I've read. It does seem odd to keep remaking the same film though. You'd think McClory would just let it go.
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