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  1. That's a fantastic book. You really feel sorry for the guy who's trapped in his house during the night, going out of his mind, getting drunk. Great ending too, I thought.
  2. I'm not going to let any hype get to me for this one. My expectations will be raised too high and I'll invariably be disappointed. So I'm reading no reviews whatsoever. Anyway, I'm not overly keen on the stylised look of the movie compared to the first Superman movies to be honest. It looks like some strange 40s/present day hybrid. And the new Supes looks too skinny, more like a Superboy than a Superman. Also, Spacey looks to be hamming it up too much. The "Bring it on!" line made me cringe with it's sheer awfulness. Feeling like this going in, I'll enjoy it a hell of a lot more.
  3. Speaking of physics, there's a large room upstairs in one of the Mage's Guild quarters (can't remember which town) which has a dining room table laden with food and every wall has shelves filled with books and other stuff. Throw as many fireballs around this room as possible and the mess you can create is nothing short of fantastic! What makes it funnier is that a Mage will walk in and not even bat an eyelid at the absolute chaos surrounding him. Radiant AI my arse!
  4. I'm reading Stormy Weather by Carl Hiaasen. It's about the chaos that ensues after a hurricane in Florida and the various scammers and gangsters who arrive, looking for a piece of action. Add a whole bunch of escaped animals (monkeys gone mental, hungry lions etc.) to complicate matters. It's the first Hiaasen book I've read and it's very good. The writing style and dialogue is quite laid back, a bit like an Elmore Leonard novel but with more of an eye for the absurd things that can happen in life. I'll certainly be picking a few more of his books up on the strength of this one.
  5. I completed this yesterday...
  6. Oliver Frey needs to come out of retirement. (Unless he's dead. He might be.)
  7. Finished the Mage's Guild the other day...
  8. The vampire cure quest seemed to go wrong for me...
  9. He did? I'll pass this nugget of info onto my, erm, friend.
  10. I only played this for 3 days then got bored. It's that rare instance where I agree with the gamesTM review and not the EDGE one. I think I prefer games where I shoot stuff.
  11. Erm, a friend of mine who watches Hollyoaks says it was funny how Becca never once threw the fact that her hubby cheated on her with a schoolgirl back in his face when the shit hit the fan. Her hubby even had the nerve to call her a slut whilst quietly forgetting about his own cheating ways. Now, I told my, erm, friend that this character's hypocrisy was obviously carefully written into the episodes by a conscientious writer and not, as he pointed out, cobbled together by a jobbing hack with no regard for continuity or character.
  12. anewman, is that a Ayelid (sp?) ruin that you "fell" out of? A similar thing happened to me. I just fell through a flight of steps, next thing I know I can run around on the outside of the map (apparently on water) in some sort of strange netherworld.
  13. Just watched that second trailer. Right at the beginning when Spacey says, "This is where he came for guidance." I thought he sounded a bit like Doctor Evil. In fact, didn't Spacey spoof Doctor Evil in the third Austin Powers movie?
  14. Jessica Fox even has an official website. What?
  15. Kevin Spacey can make all the gay oral sex faces he likes, I'm right about the first Pirates film. Still, a giant octopus.
  16. The first one overstayed its welcome and was about half an hour too long. I hope this one isn't similarly bloated and that they, y'know, realise that having a constant orchestral score doesn't generate excitment, just a headache. Still, a giant octopus.
  17. You've probably found one by now, but this might be useful for others anyway. Barren Cave, east of the Imperial City on the road to Cheydinhal, always seems to be full of vamps. It's quite high up, just to the north of the road and at the top of a whole load of makeshift wooden steps.
  18. I remember reading an article in SFX about Phillip K Dick and was surprised by the number of SF authors who didn't think he was that good. "Underrated in life, overrated in death." was one comment.
  19. I thought I'd start up the final quest in the Thieves Guild last night, just one quest before I went to bed. Finally hit the hay about 1.30am. Talk about long! Probably the longest quest I've done so far.
  20. The psycho from Wolf Creek. I think the fact that he seems like such a nice guy in the DVD extras makes his transformation into evil incarnate for the film all the more disturbing.
  21. I've just watched the R1 version of Commando with a couple of ice cold beers. Love the music at the end as well... "Some--where... some--how... some--one...!!!"
  22. Especially when Arnie's on the escalator and picks up a dead, innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire and uses him as a meat shield against the oncoming bullets, then turns and throws the bloody ventilated corpse at the rest of bad guys below him. Anyhoo, a few favourites... Robocop Hard Boiled Commando Way of the Gun
  23. 160 hours. I've just been chucked out of the Mages Guild because of something I did in a Thieves Guild quest. Hardly seemed fair as the bastard went for me first. So that'll be a fair few hours collecting vampire dust and daedra hearts to get back in. EDIT: I've just found 23 deadra hearts and 6 vampire dusts stashed in one of my cupboards. Hooray!
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