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  1. Got this email today from YesAsia. ------------------------------------------------ Thank you for shopping with YesAsia.com! With reference to the following item 'Nintendo DS Lite Console (Enamel Navy) (110V) (Japan Version)' in your order 4107917, the expected ship out date has been revised to Mar/14/2006. ------------------------------------------------ The price on my preorder is still $199. I'm yet to receive an email with anything about the price hike.
  2. Sorry to hear about that. You've just been really unlucky it seems. Never experienced dead pixels on my DS. He probably just pretended to ring. He probably rang the speaking clock.
  3. 102 bells at the minute which is pretty good for my dung heap of a town.
  4. Isn't the average age of a videogamer meant to be late twenties/early thirties these days? So why they went for the "down wid da kidz!" angle is beyond me. Stop pimping [/gamesradar], Eight, you little tinker!
  5. Same here. This is the first time I've imported an actual console and yesasisa's declaration of, "You can't cancel this order no matter what!! Or change the colour!! And if it arrives through your letterbox in a million pieces, fuck you!" is a little worrying.
  6. True. I know we don't know for sure yet.
  7. Okey dokey. Well, the videos were seen in the first couple of episodes from what I remember, maybe a bit later. Locke put them in a projector and watched them. Beardy bloke and the missus was in it.
  8. Starring "Sir" Ben Kingsley. What a cock. Aside from that, it doesn't look too bad.
  9. You're up to date with Season 2, right? I don't want to say too much for fear of spoiling anything.
  10. He was a Commander in the Royal Navy before joining MI6. I don't know why they're going for the SAS thing in the new movie. Perhaps to make him appear tougher, I don't know. Yep. I think they must mean a Bond in his mid-thirties which generally seems to be the accepted age of Bond in the books. Moore -- and Connery towards the end -- definitely looked too old. Only Lazenby, Dalton and Brosnan in his first movie seemed to fit the Bond age of the books.
  11. Monkeyboy


    Chow has already reeled in a tuna in the Fishing Tourney. I've only ever caught one in the month I've been playing AC. Time for some hardcore fishing today, methinks. No way do I want to be beaten by a big, annoying pink panda.
  12. Mmm, I've had no problems with my NETGEAR router. Initially, I couldn't connect but once I updated the firmware everything worked fine.
  13. Looks totally shit to be honest. I'm fed up with action movies where the lead kicks arse with hardly a hair out of place. It's boring. I want to see the hero/heroine pushed to the limits of their endurance. Not dancing around like a ponce in front of a Playstation generated backdrop. Best line in the trailer: "You're mental!"
  14. Lovely and green in my town right now. Should definitely be a few more insects making an appearance and by the time Summer rolls round, we'll be infested with 'em!
  15. No, but I've been meaning to read some of O'Brien's stuff after hearing that Robert Rankin is influenced by his scribblings. The Lost connection will make it doubly interesting now.
  16. I haven't really paid much attention to this remake other than seeing a few pictures of Nic Cage in a gorilla suit. Are they going to play up the non-Christian heathens as being somehow "evil" and "wrong" because it's an American remake? The beauty of the original for me, wasn't that the island cult was wrong or right. It was simply their belief system, just as Woodward's belief system was Christianity. That's what made the film all the more chilling. There was no reasoning with these people because it was what they believed and nothing could shake that.
  17. Thought you might be interested to know that SFX are doing a short story competition over on their website. Still plenty of time to enter as the closing date is 1st April 2006. Here's the link: http://www.sfx.co.uk/features/get_writing!
  18. He'd have to be battling the Commies, surely? Like in The Infernal Machine. Ford is getting a bit long in the tooth now. Although it could work if he looks directly to camera and says, "I'm gettin' too old for this shit!"
  19. That navy one looks so swish! I can feel myself weakening...
  20. Yep, wasn't a bad show tonight. Ramsey didn't have to gut the kitchen or redecorate the dining area like he often does. Plenty of fucks and shits but again, we get shots of him stripping off and revealing his chubby old man boobs. Seems he's fine laying down the law in the kitchen but as soon as they asked him to dance at the end, he cowered away from the camera like a little cowardy custard.
  21. I've finally decided to sell this. I just can't stand it any more. Next gen my arse.
  22. Yep. It was quite an intriguing plotline. Was Jack hallucinating? Had his dad been reanimated somehow? Or was the body simply missing? And then it was just dropped and we've not even had a sniff of anything new.
  23. I thought that was a pretty dull episode. Gene got the best lines as usual... "I'll have your scrotum on a barb-wire plate."
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