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  1. She'll always be Martha Logan to me.
  2. Some great pics. Does anyone else not like the rain in this though? The rain drops are too big or too visible or, I dunno, there's something not quite right about them.
  3. Well, that's quite a bit different from what's in the obituary. What a shitty thing to do.
  4. I picked this up in a sale a couple of weeks ago. Had no idea Kassandra was the canon character, so I’m glad I chose to play as her. She’s great anyway. Voice acting (at least for main characters) has come a long way. Malaka is my new favourite word.
  5. The Italian Connection (1972) Fantastic film with an epic eight minute chase scene that left me exhausted! 4 out of 5
  6. Well, it’s bad, and utterly preposterous. But I enjoyed it a lot!
  7. Recommended this to my brother. He's watched three episodes and thinks it's crap! Think I might have to pay someone to bash him.
  8. Jeez, Drive is over 10 years old already?
  9. Are we sure it's not the new Joker movie?
  10. Wheel of the Worst has always been the absolute dregs though, hasn't it? Compared to the normal Best of the Worst where they at least watch movies rather than a keep fit video for OAPs.
  11. There was a bit where Raffi seemed appalled by the poverty around her, contrasted with the rich elites in their big fancy buildings in the background, the implication being their time didn't have these problems. But, in the first season, wasn't she weed smoking trailer trash bemoaning Jean-Luc's fancy chateau??
  12. A pretty small thread for such a great film.
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