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  1. You’re in for a treat. People moan about season 2, so if you end up falling into that group (I don’t, personally), stick with it. It’s absolutely worth the ride. So many memorable scenes that twist beyond all expectations.

  2. Is there a thread? I couldn’t find one. Anyway, wasn’t sure about this at first but then it got nicely batshit. How many episodes in the first season? Because episode eight felt like a finale. For me, the standout is Imogen Poots. And not just because I fancy her.



  3. Death on the Nile (2022)


    How quickly does the murder happen in the Ustinov version? Because in the new version, a full hour before the first murder seems kind of crazy to me. With less than an hour to go, if you don't include the credits, the detective work feels a bit rushed. I've never seen the 1978 one but I might give it a watch, even though I now know the outcome. It'll be nice to see it filmed in real locations as well. The green screen in this one was beyond awful at times. We're talking The Room in terms of quality.


    2 out of 5

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