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    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    I dunno, it can be a very beautiful looking game sometimes. Here's a couple of recent shots I took... These are on a One X. I've also just installed, not long after the above two shots were taken, a mod called "Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth". It's been in my favourites for ages but I've just never got round to installing it. Probably because the one screenshot on the mod page doesn't have that in-your-face "wow" factor. But I wish I'd installed it earlier, it's amazing. It's lead me to uninstall all the separate lighting and weather mods I was running (including True Storms, never thought I'd uninstall that!!). You don't need any of them. The mod does everything and has loads of settings where you can tinker with colours, saturation, brightness, remove fog from interiors, darker nights etc. (But there's a good default preset to start you off with everything.) Some of the effects are beautifully subtle, especially sun rises and sun sets. The weathers are as good as True Storms as well. And it's small, at just under 20mb. Highly recommended.
  2. It seems Vince Vaughn has found a new lease of life recently -- Hacksaw Ridge and True Detective spring to mind -- and now with director S. Craig Zahler (he of Bone Tomahawk), he's busting heads and snapping bones in Brawl in Cell Block 99. Just seen it (it's "out there"), and it's fucking brutal. Violence that'll make you make squirm. If you've seen Bone Tomahawk, you know what to expect. Like that film, it's a slow burn for at least a good hour, but don't let that put you off. Trailer below. It's not too spoilery, but I do recommend going in cold, if you can. If you enjoyed Bone Tomahawk, you'll enjoy this. You'll also be pleased to know that the action scenes are very easy to follow. No fast cuts to confuse things.
  3. Monkeyboy

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    These are coming out on 29th October...
  4. Monkeyboy

    The HD/Blu-ray Thread

    Are there any 4k blu-rays out there that are particularly good, that'll blow my socks off? I've just got a 4k telly and want to help justify my purchase.
  5. Monkeyboy

    Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)

    The show’s not perfect but I still prefer it to Luke Cage. And it really seemed like it might step up a gear given how season 2 ended. I think, ultimately, Finn Jones was miscast.
  6. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Well, it took a week. I have a 4k telly being delivered tomorrow.
  7. Monkeyboy

    Best WWII Movie

    "Went the Day Well?" A great film by Ealing Studios, which also happens to be a fascinating piece of propaganda as it was released slap bang in the middle of the war, in 1942: the movie is extremely confident of victory over Hitler, although it never shies away from the psychological impact of the villagers having to defend our green and pleasant land from the nazis. Jack Higgins pinched some bits from it for his book The Eagles Has Landed, which of course became a film as well. I prefer "Went the Day Well?" if only for the fact that we get to see a young Thora Hird shoot a few nazis. In parts, it feels a little bit like an alternate version of Dad's Army, one in which the Germans actually invade. I love the opening as well...
  8. Monkeyboy

    The Walking Dead!

    The tone of this felt different at times, like people were having proper conversations. I think Daryl maybe spoke more in this episode than he has in the last two seasons!
  9. Monkeyboy

    Better Call Saul!

    He came across as a sensitive soul and went a little bit stir crazy. Most of his dealings were with Mike with whom he had built up a friendship of sorts. So even though he was doing wrong by breaking out, he probably rationalised in his more fragile state of mind that his buddy Mike would smooth things over. It felt totally believable to me.
  10. Monkeyboy

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    I’d love to see a big budget sequel to Alpha Protocol as well. Great game, despite its flaws.
  11. Monkeyboy

    Better Call Saul!

    Fantastic end to the series. Just about perfect.
  12. Monkeyboy

    No Man's Sky

    You know when you build a base and you build one of the workstations, Construction, Weapons etc. and the workstation and the guy stood next to it are floating above the floor? Are they going to fix that? It's the most mildly irritating thing ever.
  13. It's occurred to me that I have read virtually no fantasy (apart from the Discworld books). When it comes to genre fiction, I've mostly read SF. I gave up on Lord of the Rings about halfway through the first book, and I'll be honest, when I see huge thick tomes on the shelves which are often the 5th part in some impossibly long saga, the time investment to get through such tales puts me off. But it seems a shame, as I'm sure there must be some imaginative fantasy out there that I would enjoy. It's just knowing where to start. The appeal of SF for me is that a lot of books in that genre tend to be self contained, or if part of a series, can still be enjoyed as one-off stories. I guess I'm looking for something equivalent in fantasy. Am I wrong in thinking it's mostly epics spanning multiple volumes?
  14. Monkeyboy

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    For me, way too close to the release of RDR2. I wouldn't have a hope in hell of getting it finished before then. Christmas sounds good.
  15. Monkeyboy


    I also feel the same after watching the first two episodes. Not really getting it. Emma Stone's very watchable though. She's great at playing bitchy characters.
  16. Monkeyboy

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Curb Your Enthusiasm: 431BC
  17. Monkeyboy

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    Head to Concord which isn't too far from where you find the dog. I assume you've spoken to Codsworth in Sanctuary? He gives you a few things to do, as I recall. I would say it's worth following the main story until you get to Diamond City, which is early on, and then you can mess around as much as you want from there really. Diamond City has a couple of potential companions there who are pretty cool. I've just picked this up again after a spell on No Man's Sky, playing it on an X for the first time. It's a little disconcerting how smooth the frame rate is!
  18. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Nah, it’s all unpacked and plugged in and up and running now. EDIT: Looking on the bright side, Fallout 4 and No Man's Sky are smooth as fucking silk (especially NMS). They're the two games I've played the most this year, by far, and it's nice to see the overhaul in terms of frame rate.
  19. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Fucks sake. Wish I’d seen the above bundle before buying.
  20. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Maybe sooner what with RDR 2 coming out at the end of the month. For now, I need to kick a few more tyres before taking the plunge.
  21. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I've just bought an Xbox One X (upgrading from a One S), coming tomorrow. I was thinking of getting a 4k TV as well, but think I'll hold off for now, given what I'm reading above.
  22. One thing I was thinking about today... Ending spoiler:

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