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  1. When Tucker woke up in the decontamination chamber in just his vest and tighty whities to find the entire crew unconscious, I thought the entire episode was going to be just him doing Die Hard on the Enterprise! It still kind of was when he woke up T’Pol and they started playing mind games with the Ferengi, along with Archer. But I guess the writers never forget that Trek is ultimately an ensemble show. Worst episode so far has been Shuttlepod One. That was Tucker at his shoutiest and most annoying. I think it was meant to be humorous but it all came across like he was bullying Reed.
  2. Well, I'm sure a lot of us on here do. When I mention at work some of the films I've watched, I usually get sideways glances and a "Where the hell do you find out about these films?" Actually, I think I've probably just proved your point.
  3. That's where I am at the minute with it. Very much comfort viewing. I guess it's just nice to have plots with some semblance of structure and pace to them, instead of just racing around so fast they trip over themselves, as is the case with Discovery.
  4. Your mention of Outer Limits has brought the Valerie 23 episode back to my mind. That was pretty racy.
  5. I’m not even going to say the first one better (it is), but the one before that - Rogue Nation - is better as well.
  6. 19 episodes into season 1 of Enterprise. The T’Pol alien babe jokes continue with Archer falling on top of her in one episode and face planting between her boobs!! The episode I’ve just watched is the one where the Ferengi try and rob the Enterprise. Silly but I really enjoyed it.
  7. Stewart should have been kept far away from the writer’s room. Brexit has basically sent him round the twist. And ruined Trek in the process.
  8. It does, doesn't it? Never seen it either. On my watchlist now.
  9. That’s great! It must be both a blessing and a curse that Miles Fisher looks and sounds like Tom Cruise. I remember when I first saw the guy in one of the Final Destination films and being amazed at how similar they are.
  10. The FX budget will be have to be pretty high to pull it off, I think.
  11. Got to the first bit with the dogs. Jesus, they're annoying.
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