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  1. I love it. The dark, lo-fi vibe is brilliant. I think if you go in expecting an action film, you'll be disappointed. There can't be many action films with a ticking clock life or death situation where the hero pulls up a chair for a little sit down, because he has no fucking clue what to do next.
  2. Well, I didn't know! Luckily, I watched the episode first before reading the spoiler.
  3. Phantasm IV The Phantasm films have such odd meandering plots. Can you call them plots? Probably not. They’re more like dreams. The fourth one is no exception but is probably the weakest so far. Reggie is still one of the greatest characters in horror history though! 3 out of 5
  4. Gymkata sounds great! Added it to my watchlist.
  5. Seems more self aware than the books. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. The complete lack of irony is part of the charm of the novels. Then again, the same can be said of the Bond books which Reacher shares some DNA with. And look how a lot of the Bond films turned out. Reacher is a similarly ludicrous character played completely straight on the page. Pretty to easy go more tongue in cheek when transferring him to the screen.
  6. This was terrific. The best film Ridley has done in a while.
  7. Erm, what? That's just plain weird.
  8. Wasn’t 90% of the book Glokta licking his gums and complaining about his knee? I think there were three chapters devoted to him falling down the stairs. I jest of course, but only partly. I’ve tried to get into fantasy books but they’re always too bloated. Never liked The Blade Itself. However, in the right hands, I think a TV show could get something out of it.
  9. Not much more to add other than I'm loving it. Episode 3 was great.
  10. I'd like to think that they'd stay there. It's not that I even want to go back to them, as I'll be building a whole new set of bases. But the thought of someone randomly stumbling across my huge underwater marijuna nip nip bud farm puts a smile on my face.
  11. Looking at that list, the exo mech update is the last one I downloaded. So think it will be easier to start a new game. One question about bases. Do the ones you’ve built still exist in the game world if you start a new character?
  12. I’ve taken a break from gaming for about a year but thinking of getting back into this. Are they still rolling out endless updates? I’m thinking of starting from scratch.
  13. I’m just watching the clips from Major Grin on YouTube instead.
  14. This was crap. More like Venom: Let There Be Garbage.
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