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  1. Monkeyboy

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (July 2018)

    He does seem to have had some work done. I noticed it in his last Jack Reacher movie. His face looked bloated in a weird way, like he'd had the fat from his arse injected into it. Or something.
  2. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Brilliant! That worked!
  3. Monkeyboy

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Anyone have a problem with Youtube constantly signing you out? I have to reactivate it every time I boot up my Xbox and launch the Youtube app.
  4. Monkeyboy

    Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman - Feb 2018

    Just seen it and I expected more to be honest, given all the hype. An okayish 3 out of 5. Some of the Black Panther CGI fights looked awful. Is it still beyond current SFX not to have people bouncing around like pieces of rubber? Best bit...
  5. I wouldn't say the action is gritty. Just shitty.
  6. Monkeyboy

    Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    Definitely agree with you about The Expanse.
  7. Monkeyboy

    Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    I enjoyed this a lot more than the new Trek.
  8. Monkeyboy

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Out October 26th 2018

    Underwhelmed by that trailer.
  9. Monkeyboy

    The HD/Blu-ray Thread

    It's been in my Amazon wish-list for ages, and whilst browsing through youtube this evening, I happened across it's theme tune and was totally pumped. I'm talking about Gerry Anderson's UFO. So it's now purchased and will be with me this week. A Network release as well. Their remasters of Space:1999 and The Professionals have been amazing, so looking forward to it. The year is 1980. It is the future...
  10. Loved this, and went in knowing absolutely nothing about it. Didn't even read a plot synopsis, let alone watch a trailer. With that in mind, I was initially confused by the opening scenes...
  11. Monkeyboy

    Fear the Walking Dead Thread

  12. Monkeyboy

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    @JPL It's an S. in the second and sixth pictures, I think the Grasslands mod is probably making a difference as it adds more grass and flowers. I also have a mod that removes every single one of those small dead looking bushes, the ones that usually poke through the foundations of any settlement you're trying to build in. Having lens flare and god rays disabled possibly makes a difference as well. God rays in particular can be a bit over the top. I think the game looks prettier without them, more realistic instead of "cinematic". The Darker Nights mods (the lowest setting: 0) makes lighting a lot more atmospheric as well.
  13. Monkeyboy

    Fallout 4 - VR Coming Soon

    I think I'm just talking to myself in this thread now... Anyway, here's some screenshots from my recent travels through the Commonwealth on Xbox One...

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