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  1. Plus your own imagination often fills in the blanks. It's often better to let the viewer or reader's mind think about back story based on nothing more than a throwaway line or scene. For example, who can honestly say the Star Wars prequels or the Alien prequels have really done anything apart from pour cold water over everyone's sense of wonder?
  2. Agree. Ep 5 was fucking great. I struggled with the glacial pacing early on, but stuck with it. It's NWR, so who knows what the fuck is going to happen. And that's why it's so good.
  3. It's great seeing the love for the show in here. I'm tempted to rewatch seasons one to three because of it!
  4. Yep, it sure is. The drug trip is utterly nightmarish.
  5. I'd say season 3 of Daredevil is pretty fantastic overall. There's some amazing fights in it.
  6. No, they're varying lengths. 01: 1h 33m 02: 1h 37m 03: 1h 16m 04: 1h 3m 05: 1h 16m 06: 1h 31m 07: 1h 10m 08: 1h 28m 09: 1h 9m And the final episode is an epic... 30 minutes long!! Anyway, watched the first episode. Tested my patience a little bit sometimes (Teller's walk is really sloooow), as is the way of NWR, but enjoyed it a lot.
  7. If you was bored shitless by the first season, you'll be bored shitless by the second season. It's not that great.
  8. I'm up to episode 4 and finding it better than last season!!
  9. No matter what the era, it's always considered dated, but somehow survives. To quote Lazenby, and his reasons for quitting after one Bond...
  10. For those who missed it first time round, every season of Justified is now on Prime. Do yourself a favour and watch it. It's awesome.
  11. So, season 3 has been added to Netflix.
  12. Batman Returns look seriously good in 4K, better than the first Batman film. Not sure I'll buy Batman Forever or Batman & Robin though, even if they look more amazing than the first two. When I saw B&R at the pictures, I fell asleep. Maybe the only movie where I've done that.
  13. I bailed part way through season 2 so might pick it up again. Which shouldn't be too hard. It's fluff at the end of the day. edit: so will be weird to hear someone say "cunt".
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