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  1. Wolf of Wall Street was added on July 10th, but I could've sworn it was already on there? So, it was added, then however many months later, it's removed. And then added again as "new". How many films does this happen with? Would be nice if there was a way to keep track of how many times something has been added and removed. edit: same goes for Looper. Added on July 6th as "new", apparently. Pretty sure it's been on Netflix before.
  2. Monkeyboy

    Beyond Skyline - Frank Grillo: Was Skyline

    @Stejay It's JustWatch. edit: beaten to it.
  3. Just watched Green Street for the first time on Netflix. I've avoided the whole football hooligan genre up until now, as it's never looked very appealing. It'll be my first and last time I dip into this frankly weird genre of films. Elijah Wood is hilariously miscast. And Hunnam sounds like a yank trying to do a British accent, even though he's British! An utter pile of shite, basically boner material for chavvy scumbags. I recommend nobody watch it, ever!
  4. Monkeyboy

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    Thing is, the original Robocop did all this, and in a more streamlined way. True, it's the other way around, but it's still man versus machine. There are two very small scenes in Robocop that are a real emotional gut punch: the scene where visits his old house and has flashbacks of his former life, which is maybe five minutes tops and the scene where he talks about his family with Lewis -- "I can feel them... but I can't remember them." The remake is reaching for the same impact, but it's just interminable drudge for three quarters of the running time, before remembering it better get on with some sort of story. As for Oldman, he elevates anything he's in, no matter how poor his character is. And his character's pretty poor in the remake, basically a "shouty exposition" guy, right down to commentary on what Robocop is doing (I know what he's doing, I can see it), or explaining complicated themes in case anyone is too dumb to get it.
  5. Noticed "Miracle Mile" has been added in the last week or so.
  6. Monkeyboy

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    I'm about 30% into the book. It's fun and pulpy. I like it. Although, I'm seeing Statham's face whenever the main character speaks, and it doesn't quite fit. I think, in a bizarre way, it's making it more enjoyable.
  7. Monkeyboy

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    Robocop 2 isn't perfect, but at least it's entertaining. Chaotic, less emotional, a blunter satirical edge than the original Robocop but still a massively fun piece of action cinema. I get what they were trying to do with the remake, expand on the emotional and moral dilemmas of combining man and machine, but it didn't work. It's an incredibly boring movie.
  8. Monkeyboy

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    I liked Chappie. Lord knows I've seen far worse films from the same genre. Looking forward to another Robocop film.
  9. A bit like Robocop, the edited for TV version of Scarface is a real classic as well. "Where'd you get that scar, tough guy? Eating pineapple?" And... "This town like a great big chicken, just waiting to get plucked."
  10. Monkeyboy

    The Staircase (contains verdict spoilers)

    This is "Collection 2, Episode 36: A Novel Idea" on UK Netflix for anyone trying to find it. For some reason, it's not split into seasons, just chunks of 40 episodes.
  11. Monkeyboy

    Good new horror films

    On Netflix now, and it's pretty good. I was fearing the worst with the laddish jokey banter at the beginning, but after the big turning point of the film, the two leads are really good. The film wrong footed me quite a lot as well.
  12. Monkeyboy

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    Just bought the first book on Kindle. They've renamed it "The Meg" as per the film. I can only think they added the "The" so it didn't sound like it was a film about a girl called Meg. Still a bit rubbish though.
  13. Monkeyboy

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    I think Statham would probably agree with you. He's probably more than aware of his acting limitations but has found his niche as a modern day action star. And there aren't too many of them around these days, other than The Rock.

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