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  1. Anyone seen Troll? Worth watching?
  2. So, finished season 2. Agree with other posts that the action is a bit more spread out compared to the first season. But, without Gareth Edwards it’s not nearly as well shot. Still enjoyable though, especially the scenes with Luan. At least you can still see what’s going on with the fights even if there is a bit more fast cutting. Final episode…
  3. It sounds like he’s doing a Thornton Reed impression during those bits, which is why the acting seems bad.
  4. Early Dredd didn’t have a huge chin, if I recall, even though he’s now known for it. Whilst ZOK is clearly and obviously wrong about the film in general, I do agree with previous comments about the helmet looking a bit daft.
  5. Crimes of the Future (2022) If this was anyone but Cronenberg, it probably wouldn't work. But it is, and it does. 4 out of 5
  6. My mum let my brother watch RoboCop when he was eight!!
  7. Fantastic finale. Superbly paced and executed.
  8. You can subscribe monthly, so I don’t see why not.
  9. I think the last episode I watched was when Jim Robinson faked his heart attack so that he could go undercover as the US vice president. How many episodes do I need to catch up on?
  10. I play mostly first person shooters, RPGs and open world games. Anything with a decent single player. Multiplayer games do nothing for me.
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