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  1. I have a very love/hate relationship with this game. It tilts me like nothing else but I adore it and that dlc can’t come soon enough
  2. 1 & 2 you're mostly looking at higher res textures, controller capability and some bug fixes, you won't get the same treatment that 1 is getting in Legendary. 3 has quite a bit more going for it, not least changing up the ending and/or making it run straight into Citadel as an epilogue. There's also mods tweaking Earth and Thessia, attempts at adding in more side missions (not experimented with those), mods that enable more of the multiplayer powers in single player, pretty comprehensive bug fixes as well as the standard suite of higher res textures.
  3. Nah, they didn't with the C&C remaster I can't imagine they will with this. At most I imagine this will be the point where they finally kill matchmaking for ME3, which will suck because I can still get games for it even now and it's still as good as it ever was (which makes it more baffling they're not bringing it to this, this mostly seems like graphical work in the same engine! Just bring it over!). Still all over this though, really like the look of what they're doing with 1, updating it but not taking it's identity.
  4. It might just be coincidence and it's entirely anecdotal, but I noticed that the bike has two exit prompts, one either side but very close together. I didn't get the challenge when I just walked up to it the first time but when I took the time to walk round the other side and use the other prompt I got it, might help?
  5. I've not been able to play at all today on PC, just refuses to connect when I boot the game up. Agree that the game is great, really want to finish my SASO runs
  6. Something about 7 and this just leave me cold, and I don't know what it is or whether i'm just a bit broken. I've loved the series since the first, I even really liked 5 (the Mercenaries was great) and didn't hate 6. I adore the remake of 2, spent 200 hours playing it, and yet I bounced hard off of 7 which is basically the same game mechanically except for the perspective change. Maybe it's just the way the story/theming is moving, I just wish I could be as hyped for this as everyone else seems to be!
  7. I find it hard to believe this is an IO decision, I imagine the reason this has been announced so late is because they were intending a proper transfer and something has fallen through. I'm not tin foil hat about Epic, but if this is down to something on their end it seems a poor way to encourage EGS uptake. I'm just going to wait for the Steam release now.
  8. I mean if that was the case for every system it was released on then maybe? But given H1 content imported into H2, and they've been saying the same thing would be the case for H3. And yes, I could keep H2 installed, but I don't have 250ish gigs on my SSD to devote to both games. Also, still on their front page of https://hitman.com/global/ So...
  9. So if you have Hitman 2 on Steam like I do, then you need to pay for it again because fuck you that's why (but don't worry, they're discounting it to 80% off! Regularly!). My unlocks etc can be transferred but to play the actual levels you need to buy the access passes.
  10. I don't think it'll be as good as a modded PC playthrough (not just graphically, there are a bunch of bug fix and tweak mods) but this is great news for console players! Really don't know why they're not including ME3 multiplayer though.. I don't think it's a server issue as you can still get into games on the PC version at least (don't know about consoles) and it's still as good as ever. Really glad there's word of a new one as well. Not sure I want them to go back to Andromeda unless they put in the effort to make decent new races though, I know Turian and Asari aren't exactly in
  11. Now I'm being really picky here but are you sure that isn't just the anti grav perk on gear pieces? You're right about the other stuff though, just today (because I booted it up to check the Helicarrier rooms so I did a couple of missions until I crashed half way through a Hive and got annoyed) I got hit by a laser as Tony and was flying around T-Posed until I decided to land and reset the animations. That shouldn't be happening at launch, let alone after however many patches we've had now. Even Mass Effect Andromeda fixed their shitty animations pretty quickly. Also I can totally buy Spiderm
  12. It's very telling that Clint has a locked room on the main deck like the other Avengers, Captain Marvel doesn't and she's explicitly mentioned in the campaign while Clint isn't I believe. I really wanted this to be good you guys
  13. It's the random crashes for me (PC). I'm actually really enjoying the gameplay, got Cap levelled to a point where i'm just chaining takedowns and ultimates like a badass, but when I get two thirds of the way through a long mission and the game just abruptly dies it's really frustrating. At least gear and xp progression is saved so it's not a total loss I suppose, but this really needed more time in the oven. I get that QA isn't exactly easy at the moment but the amount of people that are going to be put off by all the horror stories is probably going to cost them more than a few more months of
  14. I want a fun game where I can play as Iron Man dammit! Ultimate Alliance 3 was nearly there but gets a bit samey. I really want this to be good but I just wish Deus Ex hadn't been given up for this.. And give me Marvel Heroes back while you're at it Disney!
  15. Closed up! I know everyone came for the turnips, but the kind words and wonderful tips meant a hell of a lot! May actually try and finish building this flipping island
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