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  1. Been trying out the different cars again, and I'm between the Porsche; Ferrari and McLaren at the moment. I've also been practicing at Monza, and I feel very slow. My in-game stats show that I did a 1:47.9 here, but I can't even get into the 1:49s at the moment.
  2. Awesome stuff @Valver! You bought at the right time, with the updated pedal tray. I've just ordered the updated tray separately which cost me £80!
  3. The server password gets shown on the event page, but there is an option to require a password on registration (which we've never used before). That said, we could use our standard server password for that purpose too (so same password when signing up to the event and logging onto server); as you say I doubt anyone but us would know it.
  4. I'd tend to agree. I've turned off automatic approval for simracing.gp applications just now; and on the 'About' page I've noted that applications get approved only after joining the forum and Discord. We could password protect the events themselves too, as there are a lot of people registered to the SGP commmunity that we don't know, so they could still join the races. But that might be overkill.
  5. There is a part of me that likes the idea too, but all things considering I wouldn't want to do 1.5 hour races My knee aches after the hour races we have, and is wrecked after the blue ribands. I actually dread those season enders. I know we wouldn't be doing the qualifying session, but it's more to do with the intensity of the race without being able to stretch my legs that's the problem.
  6. Here's an idea; maybe we could change up the formula and swap to endurance races for every round, with 2 pit stops required? I know the extra stop is possibly overkill for an hour race, but it would mix things up and be fun IMO. We could then introduce a scratch round.
  7. There is an option for it, but it only works in practice (when it comes to the scoring) if every week has the same number of races. But because we have sprint rounds with 2 races, and then endurance rounds with one; the races end up being scored differently. Ideally SGP would allow you to strike a round, rather than individual races. But it works per race unfortunately.
  8. How does this look? I can't race next week, so it would start the week after; and July is tricky for me as I'm away for at least two weeks. So I've condensed it all down into consecutive weeks. I think the new tracks might have dropped by then anyway. Hopefully this is OK.
  9. Me too. I thought I'd be well up for an iRacing style platform for ACC but in practice I just have no urge to race random people in the limited time I want to spend in the game. I've been testing out some of the cars I haven't used before (Honda and Porsche mainly), and I'm tempted to try the Porsche for the new season. Although I'm also tempted to go back to the Ferrari. Would be great to have you racing with us again.
  10. Back to GT3s I think. I want to try the different cars and try something new for this season.
  11. Blimey, ordered yesterday and it's just arrived Wasn't expecting that. No dispatch email or anything. It just turned up.
  12. In other news, I've just impulsively bought a HP Reverb G2. I've been feeling less enthusiastic about sim racing of late, and have been struggling with the headstraps and comfort/sweatyness of the Quest 2. I don't think it's going to be a massive upgrade - especially considering the native Oculus driver seems to perform loads better than Steam/Open VR - so I feel like I might struggle to get decent framerates compared to the Q2. But the clarity of a direct DisplayPort connection and the lighter/more comfortable headset is appealing. Plus, the speakers are supposed to be amazing.
  13. How about this so far? I quite fancy starting with Monza, and I really want to do Zolder again soon so I've put that in for the second race. @Meers I reckon Suzuka would be a good season ender! Taking nominations for the other rounds
  14. Shall I start to plan the new ACC season? I'd like to get back in the GT3s. Shall we go back to a mixture of sprint & endurance?
  15. davejm

    F1 22

    Few more videos popping up now. VR is a game changer for me, can't wait. Would love to race with the community!
  16. davejm

    NASCAR Heat 5

    Played it a bit more, but most of it spent trying to beat the practice time goal for the third dirt race. Gave up after getting within a tenth, but in that time I've switched to Expert handling mode and fiddled with the setup of the car to get a bit closer to the goal. Skipped ahead to qualifying and managed to come in tenth, then finished third in the race. It's really fun throwing these cars around the dirt ovals.
  17. davejm

    NASCAR Heat 5

    Mostly been messing around getting the wheel settings dialed in, but I started the career mode and did the first couple of dirt ovals too. Playing on hard mode and I finished 17th and then 10th in the first two races, but in the third race I was struggling to get the practice time goal before finishing for lunch. I changed it to the full qualifying session and 25% race distance to extend things out a bit for next time I play. It's really fun!
  18. Yeah I'd be up for it if we can get a few peeps interested. Might get it installed and give it a go today.
  19. Ah I missed Meer's post about NASCAR. Funnily enough I redeemed my key yesterday. No VR though
  20. I was thinking we could have a Spa GT3 race this Thursday? The enduro boys will be practicing for their 24 hour race anyway, so it sorta makes sense. I'd be keen to try the other GT3 cars again.
  21. I have the GT Omega Prime: - https://www.gtomega.co.uk/products/prime-cockpit?variant=39909611208792 I bought it without a seat, then bought myself a Sparco R100 separately.
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