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  1. My mate's coming round tonight so I'm watching 3:18-20 again(which he hasn't seen yet), plus 3:21 for the first time... can't wait.
  2. This looks great... unfortunately(or fortunately however you look at it) I'm having far too much fun with Eve at the moment so I'm gonna give it a miss.
  3. Yay, another episode. Going back to work sucks enough as it is, let alone when there's another episode of Alias waiting for me to watch! Boooo!
  4. Jack Bristow and Arvin Sloane = best two characters in a series ever!
  5. Well, I was up till 1 o'clock last night after the pub trying to pimp Alias to a couple of friends. They must think I'm a raving mad loony cause I was going off on one! Glad you liked 3:20.
  6. Oh right, I just thought he was having a glass of orange?
  7. Spot on IMO... although I'm also rubbish at guessing movies so the twist was great for me.
  8. davejm


    Yeah I was gonna mention the rats in Planescape Torment... individually they are easy but when they get together for a party you better watch out.
  9. Source: http://www.culttv.net/ New pilots find competitors in unlikely places Looking beyond the espionage antics of Alias, producer J.J. Abrams is all at sea with his next project, Lost. Developed with Damon Lindelof, writer and co-producer on NBC’s forensic drama Crossing Jordan, and based on the previously pitched Aaron Spelling drama Nowhere which went nowhere, Lost follows the survivors of a plane crash forced to build a new society on a remote Pacific island. Over at NBC, Mark Burnett, the executive producer of reality shows such as The Apprentice and Survivor has a script commitment for his own castaway drama Eden. Pitched as a limited 13 episode series that could evolve into a ongoing show, Eden centres on a group of youths from diverse backgrounds, brought together on a summer study cruise, who find themselves marooned after being shipwrecked during a storm. Abrams' second new project for ABC, the bounty hunter drama The Catch starring Greg Grunberg who appears as CIA Agent Eric Weiss in Alias and a female bounty hunter lead still to be cast, is expected to be considered for midseason 2005 to allow Abrams to get Lost up and running. The catch is, CBS are considering their own as yet untitled pilot focusing on bounty hunters. Written and produced by Terri Hughes and Ron Milbauer, Robert Forster, fresh from playing the retired Marshal Sisco in ABC's short-lived Karen Sisco, has been lined up to play a gruff and imposing bounty hunters whose two sons join the family business.
  10. You guys heard anything about Weiss' new show? It's from JJ Abrams and apparently it's an 'off season' show so he can still do Alias.
  11. Yeah I really liked signs... and Unbreakable is in my top 3 films, superb.
  12. I don't think it's as good as 19, that was a bloody great episode.... but it is definately a good 'un.
  13. Oh yes. Spoiler: [Nice to see Sloane back on form as arch villain... that guy is pure evil.]
  14. I ordered my mates copy for him from dvdboxoffice, didn't pay any tax at all.
  15. Ooooo the end of 19 when the Deftones tune kicked in... pure brilliance. I'll be watching 20 tonight as the download had finished when I left for work this morning. Wahey! 8)
  16. Just watched 18 and 19! OMFG! That was just too class.
  17. davejm

    Brand New

    Hmm... not so sure. I can see the comparison to Sic Transit Gloria and to their last album, but they are a lot less angry, screamy and punky on the rest of their new album (Deja Entendu). I would say: Rival Schools (but more tuneful) Bright Eyes (especially the final track on DE) Jimmy Eat World (but less pop) Basically emo stuff, really. Deja Entendu as an album I would compare to The Bends by Radiohead. Not because it sounds anything like it, but because it's got a similar mix of rock and acoustic, sing-along melody and experimentation. (I've said experimenting twice in this thread, and I'm sure to be looked-down upon by Aphex Twin etc. fans for that because Brand New aren't experimental in that way, more in a taking-interesting-twists-on-songwriting kind of way) Good assessment. I'm not too keen on their first album but Deja Entendu is superb.
  18. Nice to see this thread, and nice to see Easyworld getting some praise. 'This Is Where I Stand' is one of my favourite albums crammed full of decent tunes and you're right, they're excellent live... in fact, the guy is one of the greatest live singers I've ever heard(and I've seen them about 10 times). Spot on about the new album too... although it's different to the first one it's a beautiful record. Great band.
  19. Because I've been waiting for my mate to come round - he got me into Alias and I've been watching the third season with him. Plus I've been very busy lately (yes too busy even for Alias ) Although I've got nothing to do tonight... wahey!
  20. I still haven't watched 18 and 19 yet... although I should get time tonight. Yeah I hate her accent, although I'm used to it now too... it's probably a bastardised mix of Australian, the time she's spent in the US and a crappy job at doing an English one. She does a wierd thing with her mouth too which is very annoying.
  21. I enjoyed it. I like the story, I like the characters and I like the dialogue. 'Tis a good movie.
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