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  1. I agree Judas. Piracy is a valid occupation within the game, and there are large corporations in non-empire space that just camp gates and destroy anything that comes through that isn't authorised. Yet this can only happen in these low-sec systems, and a player is warned when they enter that it's dangerous to do so. I also agree on the skill thing. I have over 5.5 million skill points and have been playing for over a year, yet I'd still get 'pwned' by someone with a lot less skill points that has spent time learning PvP tactics, or one that has specialised in combat skills.
  2. I've been playing EVE Online for over a year, and I've found the problems with it are the same that beset most MMORPG's, in that the content is often lacking, especially PvE(player vs environment - single player basically). It rewards cooperation, and rewards players that take part in corp wars. Like most games - the agent missions, mining, NPC hunting, trading etc all become boring after a while, but if you get involved in a great corp you can do all these things cooperatively which is loads of fun, even now after over a year. Plus, doing all of these things with a goal in mind, i.e helping the corp stock up with ships and weapons to help the war is rewarding. Now onto the PvP side of things. A lot of people don't like the fact it's 'point and click', but this is essentially why many class it as an RPG - it's certainly not for 'twitch gamers' or people that like you action fast paced. You basically 'command' your ship by engaging a target and activiating the modules on your ship. The fun of it all is reacting and coping with the tactics of your enemies. It's not for everyone, as qandhi has said he doesn't particularly like it, but it's all about anticipating the enemy, applying fleet tactics and kitting your ship out and using modules and tactics to outwit your enemy. That said, it's not just a case of 'who has the better ship wins' etc, it's about the skills of your character - again, the RPG element comes into play - and experience in PvP is valuable. I regularly get oWned against players in my corp and our enemies because I don't have that much PvP experience. To give you some idea, we sometimes have threads on our forum that are pages long where we talk about the best way to kit out our ships when faces with different scenarios in battle, and how we can equip our fleet to cope with an enemy fleet of different types. It may not sound extremely fun to some, but for those that do like it, it's unrivalled in any game I've played so far. There have been a number of changes lately that help the casual player too. It's no longer just a case of having the better ship in order to survive... for example, battleships(the biggest ships in the game) can no longer target and track frigates(the lowest ship class) unless it has specific guns fitted to cope with them. So although a single frigate wouldn't dent a battleship in combat... a number of frigates designed to intercept and lock down a battleship - warp scrambling and slowing it down - can make a huge difference. Basically, a new pilot can be very useful after learning only basic skills. Also, it's no longer true that mining is the best way to make money... especially if your on your own. You can make just as much money running agent missions and NPC hunting - especially in low sec systems. Some of the new level 4 agent missions hand out loads more money than you'd earn mining... ideally designed to be done cooperatively. Also, Shiva(the next big update) will introduce 'dungeon' areas, which should make the solo experience much better, as will planet/moon and comet mining. Also the ability for corps to own their own stations in space should make things more tactical, and make those alliance wars very interesting. Anyway, I've rambled on for long enough. Basically, EVE is not for everyone... but if it 'catches' you, and you like the possiblities that it offers, there aren't many better MMOG's out there.
  3. PS2? If so, I'll do it for ya... PM and we'll sort it out.
  4. That'll be it then... I very rarely play it single player.
  5. It baffles me when I see people commenting on the referees and saying 'have they fixed them' etc, yet I played PES3 almost every day since it came out, using slide tackles when required and hardly ever had men sent off. Yet, at the same time, there are so many people that say they get men sent off all the time that it makes me wonder if I'm playing a different game to them.
  6. I've had more fun playing PES3, and now this one, in the last year than I can remember having with any multiplayer game for ages... it's certainly the best football game I've played. People 'wank' over the game the game because it's the finest recreation of football we have. You may not like the fact that it tries to simulate football to a realistic degree, but plenty of people do and they find it fun. Some of the best games I've had on PES3 are midfield battles that end up 0-0, or won by an odd goal. Edge of your seat stuff sometimes. I don't see how your point about the controls makes any sense tbh? How is the fact that you have to learn the controls and button combo's for the skills/movements in this game any different from spending time learning combo's in fighting games for example? For a lot of people, the fun is in learning these moves, training with them, and then using them in match situations. It's bloody great fun IMO. It's not even complicated anyway, just spend a little time with the training side of the game and you can learn them in minutes. It may take a while to get used to, but that's why the game is rewarding and people go back to it time and again - you get rewarded for spending time with it. If you think that's shit, then it's obviously not the game for you.
  7. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=56946 The beta demo was OK, bar the obvious bugs, so gonna give this a go tommorow.
  8. Direct them in relation to what? With PES3 I just held the D-pad towards the goal and if my guy had a free header, he'd direct it towards goal. Now they seem to loop over the bar. Do I need to press the D-pad down to header down or something?
  9. Siread, you'll probably know this... as may a few of the other guys. Have they made heading a lot harder? My players seem to do an 'up and under' style header, even when they're unmarked. Is there some kind of skill required to do a downward header, or one on target? I've managed to get a couple in, mainly because I started using a driven cross(double tab) which seemed better for the strikers to head.
  10. I got one of these bad boys... does the trick nicely:- http://www.play.com/play247.asp?page=title...S2&title=167036
  11. Sorry, I should have mentioned... the MAXDRIVE file linked to above is a PS2 option file, obviously to work with the PS2 Maxdrive USB stick.
  12. Just thought you guys might like this file... I've uploaded it to my webspace... http://www.davejm.hosttoday.co.uk/PES4/PES...e1310086700.max It's a PS2 MAXDRIVE file - so you'll need the converter if you want an X-PORT version - and it was done by a guy on a forum I visit, and is based on the pesfan option file but with a little more work... here's the extra stuff he's added:- 1) Updates for some major national sides, i.e. Retirement of Zidane, Figo, Overmars, Scholes, etc, with the call ups of the likes of Mavula, Quaresma, Collins John and Wright-Phillips. 2) All major free kick takers given correct style of A, D, G, F, etc, instead of the horrific 'B' that they are initially given. 3) Transfers updated to include the few that PESFan had missed, very few though. 4) Some stat tweaking just to indicate recent improvement, that was left out, i.e. Defoe. 5) Some formations changed to suite recent styles and first elevens, i.e. Brazil with Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Adriano in the side, England with a diamond featuring Rooney behind Defoe and Owen. 6) One or Two slight hairstyle changes, i.e. Savage changed to old Beckham style 'high ponytail', Vagner Love's interesting hair from what I saw the other week (could have been a dream) recreated.
  13. davejm

    Biffy Clyro

    ... fupping superb! That is all.
  14. In fairness mate, there hasn't really been a great deal of fuss over the game from what I've seen... at the end of the day, it's just a 'battlefield' style Star Wars game which it seems to have delivered on well enough. Hardly ground breaking stuff really.
  15. Ah m',bad... I always thought database size reflected non-league players, free transfer players, staff etc in the leagues you',ve choosen. In which case, you',re right in that Celtic should have a fairly decent size squad if the database is indeed large as SI have claimed.
  16. Remember that only the english league is included in the quick start game that you get with the demo. The database size is the amount of players that get included for the leagues that you have selected. If the scottish league isn',t selected(like in the demo) then you',ll still only get a limited amount of Scottish players... but you',ll get a full database of english players, free transfers, staff etc. This has always been the case with previous CM',s, i.e you select which leagues you want to play, and also how comprehensive you want the database to be for these leagues that you',ve selected. The reason I mentioned this, is because the full database setting considerably slowed down CM03/04, even with just the english leagues, but this version seems to be faster.
  17. It does seem faster than 03/04... and remember that this beta demo features the maximum database setting, so there',s scope for better speed if you use a lower database setting in the full version. My first impressions are good, although I wasn',t really expecting anything other than an enhanced version of CM03/04, but with a different menu layout. The 2D pitch is better, and I love the split screen view. It',s nice to see goal flashes ',Sky Sports', style. The mind games aspect is OK, although it',s the similar story of repetitive responses that you',ll probably get sick of seeing. I',m not really seeing too many other features to be honest, although I haven',t explored properly yet. The layout takes a bit of getting used too, but from what I',ve heard from the devs and the testers, it is much better when you get used to it. Disciple... what are your impressions of CM5? Is the 2D match engine up to the quality of FM',s? I hope Eidos deliver a decent game... SI need some decent competition to be fair.
  18. I',m an Anime noob, having only previsouly watched Ghost in the Shell, and my mate has lent me the Evangelion DVD',s. I',ve watched the first 2 episodes, which are cool, and I was just wondering if anyone here has watched it? Is it any good? My mate says it',s one of the best things ever.
  19. davejm

    The Sims 2

    Just a quick question for you guys with the game... When you build your house at the start, does the size of it affect the bills etc? And can I fill it will all the guff in the buy menu for free? Or do I get billed for this lot after?
  20. davejm

    Easyworld Split

    Very good band... 2 fantastic albums, and an excellent live act too. Real shame IMO.
  21. There's a documentary on tonight about the Pentagon attack... apparently it's a second by second account of what happened. It's part of the 'Seconds from Disaster' series on National Geographic at 9.
  22. Thursday and FFAF would have been the bands I'd have looked forward to most this year too... although I've seen them both twice this year already so no real biggie.
  23. Might just have to do that mate... when is it officially released?
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