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    New Biffy Clyro

    Btw, you guys getting into Biffy for the first time have another 3 other albums of pure awesomeness ahead of you. Enjoy.
  2. davejm

    New Biffy Clyro

    I'm massively impressed so far... loving it.
  3. I'm running it on almost full detail (bar the extra high res textures) at 1280x1024 and my system isn't great (Athlon 2800XP, 1GB RAM, 6800GT). It runs really well, although I think the RAM is the bottleneck, as there's some nasty H/D thrashing when I enter towns or built up areas.
  4. Aye, I ran to Rivendell... pretty tricky as a lowly level 16. Was awesome though... and the music gives me goose pimples.
  5. It borrows loads from WoW, but is a whole lot more fun for me. The quests are more fun, the lore is more fun, I'm just having a better time with it than I ever did with WoW. That said, it's hard to recommend it without knowing what you like about WoW. I never got close to 'end game' with WoW, and for me it was all about trying to explore, enjoy the quests, enjoy the crafting... and these are the things that seem better about LOTRO. If you're an end game nut then I have no idea, because I don't know what the instances are like, how well the classes are balanced etc.
  6. You wanting a roleplay or non-RP server?
  7. EVE is a single universe game... and it's unique in that respect (although there is a seperate universe for the Chinese/Koreans I believe). The economy, space, time... everything is shared between everyone that logs in. In other MMOG's, a server is a seperate instance of the game universe. If you visit a location in EVE, that's the only instance of that location that exists... whereas if you visit a location in WoW or LOTRO, you only sharing that same location with other people logged into that server. It's the nature of the beast. There are 8 million WoW subscribers, and having them share a single universe would be impossible. Relatively speaking, the EVE devs have a massively complicated infrastructure in place to allow for the single universe environment, in that there are usually 20,000ish players playing at the same time - but that's not a large user base compared to other MMOG's.
  8. Aye, it'd be bizarre being able to jump servers.
  9. It's a lot more memory hungry than WoW. I have 1gb RAM, and I struggle when alt+Tabbing in and out. Once you've done it once and have another program open it's a bit quicker, but not as nippy as in WoW.
  10. I've just kicked off a small Dwarf only Kinship on the Laurelin RP server... so if anyone's interested in that kinda thing, gimme a nod.
  11. Looking forward to getting stuck in properly, but I'm enjoying it. They seem to have sorted a few of the performance issues with the beta... and the heavy H/D access doesn't seem as bad as it was.
  12. Try here... http://lotro-vip.arcor-online.net/LOTRO112/ It's the 1.12 client with all the cutscenes. Got it down at an average of over 5mb/sec yesterday at work.
  13. I'm not sure there's scope for anyone to get snooty at anyone else for 'non roleplaying', simply because character interaction is purely voluntary. I'm not sure how anyone could assertain whether an individual is a roleplayer or not, unless they're doing something deliberately 'out of character' like talking about what happening on Eastenders or such guff - which isn't something I'd do anyway. Even if I'm not roleplaying, I'd rather play in an environment where other people are... helps keep the feel of the atmosphere. As long as I'm polite and such to peeps when I'm not roleplaying - in keeping with how a mature gamer would act, then I'm not sure how anyone could get bothered by it, even the most hardcore of RP'ers.
  14. I'm not sure how they can enforce RPing all the time... the very nature of gameplay means you're kinda 'roleplaying' as you play anyway, and if it's anything like WoW it'll just mean the RP servers are populated by people that little bit more mature than the other servers. If by enforcing RP means that you can't shout 'out of character' gubbins in local, then I don't like that kinda thing anyway, so I guess a RP server is more to my liking; even if I don't actively roleplay all the time. There's nothing that annoys more than l33t spazcakes ruining the atmosphere.
  15. I got my email from Play... you checked your mail lilman?
  16. I'm going for Laurelin, the UK RP server. Even if you're not a roleplayer it's a better bet that using one of the other servers, assuming you're quite a mature gamer it just makes for a better experience IMO. Servers are live now as well btw.
  17. Yeah definately. Some of the guys on another forum I post in were on about setting up a gold-centric Dwarf only guild which sounds interesting for those interesting in a spot of roleplay.
  18. The EU beta has now closed... servers go live on Saturday for the early access peeps. Should hopefully hear from Play soon regarding that.
  19. Not mind blowing by any stretch of the imagination, but yeah, my debate was with the disjointed comment - and the mention of a lack of flow. As you say, they're only short little tutorials, and by their very nature they're easy to follow and are meant as a gentle introduction to the game. They seem to work fine to me - and the starting areas seem to flow nicely having spent a while in each of the Elf/Dwarf and Men/Hobbit zones. Having come from EVE (which is quite complex, especially in the beginning) and then WoW, plus dabbling with a few others - it just feels like WoW (with regard to immediacy) but with a more personal introduction. That was why I said it flowed better than any MMORPG I've played, I just got that feeling right from the off - despite going into it being rather cynical with regard to it's potential. I'm not a LOTR fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but it just feels like a fun game to me - borrowing loads from what makes WoW fun in the beginning. Plus it looks gorgeous. Saying all of this, I have only played it for a while and I really have no idea how the game is going to pan out. I played enough of the BETA to see that I like a lot of the mechanics of play, so hopefully the quests keep me interested. It'll be good to find a guild that do a bit of roleplay here and there, but I'll just amble along exploring the environments and developing my char as long as I find it enjoyable.
  20. Yeah. I think WoW raised the bar for MMORPG's when it comes to immediacy. This feels the same, but with a nicer feel to the quests - aided by the instanced sections.
  21. Fair do's. I know we all have differing experiences, and stuff like this is subjective; but with regard to the instanced sections - it all flows really well for me. They feel really well implemented, and are a nice introduction to the starting areas which flow well too. Feels quite polished to me - bar a lot of things expected in a BETA such as placeholder animations and the like. I guess I just don't see what is clunky about it, although I guess it's more of a general feeling and is hard to quantify really.
  22. I'm not sure I really get where you're coming from tbh. The early part of the game flows better than any MMORPG I've ever played, mainly due to the instanced sections that get you going with the basics. The starting areas and quests all flow nicely too IMO. I'm not sure what is disjointed about it, and I'm not sure how nice graphics can be a barrier to gameplay?
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