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  1. Watched this yesterday. I remember thinking during the movie that I wasn't enjoying it as much as others, but by the end I loved it. Just thinking about it is making me look forward to the HD release. I enjoyed Cars too. I remember being a little shocked by the poor reviews it got on here and on other forums I visit.
  2. Ah got ya, cheers. I don't actually have Sky HD so I wasn't aware of the way BBC HD was scheduled. I'd read somewhere it was simply a HD version of BBC1, but obviously that was incorrect. Yeah you're probably right about it not being filmed in HD... dunno why I didn't think of that before tbh! I'll just enjoy the BBC2 broadcasts.
  3. Nah, I mean the new series. I don't think BBC2 is in HD ya'see, so it'd be good to catch the HD repeats if they're going to show it on BBC1 too. EDIT:- I think they do a similar thing with Top Gear. They show it on BBC1 at a late slot in the week IIRC.
  4. Anyone know if there are plans to repeat this on BBC1 at any point?
  5. davejm

    Brand New

    Cheers for the heads up Crusey!
  6. Agree about the Easyworld comment, but his music is excellent in it's own right. It's different, but he still knows how to construct a good song. The new album is more of the same, and I'm really enjoying it. Saw him live last Wednesday and he was simply awesome. 'State of the Union' never fails to blow me away.
  7. davejm


    I think the single is excellent... really good post-hardcore to be fair to them, and when they get it right (most of the first album) it's up there with the best in the genre. Can't get into the new album though. I'm not too keen on their over-use of effects clearly used by bands they're influenced by (Deftones, Muse come to mind). Gonna give it a few more listens though.
  8. This kinda thing interests me... will check it out.
  9. Seems fair enough to me. I didn't get a 360 until recently (despite there being games I wanted to play) because I had a load of GC games that I wanted to play through - and for a long time I didn't really have time to play those. Couldn't really justify getting the 360 while I had loads of GC games gathering dust to be honest. I know a couple of people that are finally getting a 360 now that Halo 3 is out. I've only just started Halo!
  10. davejm

    FIFA 08

    Been playing the PES2008 and FIFA2008 demos a bit over the past couple of days, and I think I prefer FIFA this time round. I've always liked Pro Evo for it's simulation 'feel', but it seems like things have changed full circle. Maybe the familiarity of Pro Evo is a little tiresome these days, and I'm just not excited about it, but this definately plays a good game of footy. The pace of the game feels so much better. Enjoying it at the moment.
  11. Ah OK, cool. I was wasn't sure whether to look out for the 700mb one rather than the 1.1gb one, but the 1.1gb files are in 720p so I'll stick with those - assuming the torrent site I use has Heroes.
  12. What resolution are the 700mb versions? The smallest HD files I'm downloading for a 45 min episode are 1.1gb, which are x264 encoded .mkv files.
  13. Haha, excellent! I just re-subbed... heh.
  14. davejm


    Love this film. Surprised that most people I talk to haven't heard of it, but it's one of my faves.
  15. davejm


    The activation servers are live mate. There are people playing it now. I'd imagine there is something else wrong.
  16. davejm


    Did you Gameplay guys use the first class delivery option? Even if you did, you're not always going to get it the day before release... sometimes it's Thursday, sometimes it's Friday. I was lucky in that I got mine today. If you used standard delivery, you shouldn't really expect it any earlier than tommorow anyway.
  17. davejm


    There are reports that the PC authentication servers are now live.
  18. davejm


    I'd imagine that some games need a wider field of view... or at least would benefit from it. So when chopping the sides off to enable a 4:3 aspect ratio, you're effectively giving those users a gimped experience, because they're seeing less of the potentially critical area of the rendered image. That said, I'd still point back to my point about having the ability to move your character, which means that surely it doesn't matter what aspect ratio your playing in; you can alter what appears in your FOV by simply moving your dude around. Meh. Seems like a non-issue to me.
  19. davejm


    I'm still not sure how this widescreen issue makes any difference whatsoever? Or how it can make people sick? Surely if you take 1 step backwards, you're seeing everything that someone playing in 4:3 would see, but you'd have more at the sides? It doesn't matter what the aspect ratio of the FOV is, the ability to move your character gives you the ability to see exactly what you need to see anyway.
  20. I don't think you're missing much.
  21. It happened to me, but only once. The textures appeared after about 10 seconds. Deekorus... you still frequent OTF?
  22. davejm


    I like it!!! I'll post up some Big Daddy at war photos later!!!
  23. Strange score... I've just finished this and I loved it. One of my favourite games in a long time.
  24. davejm


    Shin, if you look on the first piccy you'll see that it's in the corner... there's actually loads of clearance behind it, as the stand doesn't have a back section.
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