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  1. My Virgin copy just came. Good job I took the day off to do DIY, otherwise it would have been taken back to the post office due to the A4 sized box it came in. Not bad considering I only ordered it on Monday. How am I going to get DIY done now? Damn it.
  2. The review text is mostly positive, but they do mention that there's a lack of focus to the way the game draws you in. I think that'll mostly be a subjective thing, i.e many will just see that as having more scope to meander around and do what they like as an aside to the main quest/plotline. The reviewer also mentions he'd like to see more intensity to the combat, but again, I'm not sure that'll be a negative for me. In summary, bar the technical aspects of the game (which possibly may have been fixed for the final release) I reckon I'm going to love this game, as even aspects of the mechanics that may be a negative to some might not be a problem for me based on what I've read.
  3. I don't know... can someone please elaborate so that I know whether to order this elsewhere? As I said, the only thing I've pre-ordered from Virgin was Bioshock and it came OK.
  4. They list it for pre-order like any other website does when something isn't released yet. I pre-ordered Bioshock LE without any problems. It arrived on either the Friday or the Monday, can't remember.
  5. I just pre-ordered this from Virgin... £38 for the Limited Edition, not bad. So this is a good game then chaps?
  6. Aye. I'm just not massively critical of films in general to be honest. I can't remember any film that I've gone away from with a feeling that it was a waste of my time. If it's something I've sat down to watch, chances are it has some appeal. I have my favourites, and some films are better than others obviously, but I'm quite easily pleased really. I remember being a little disappointed during the movie that all of the focus was on the human perspective, and the lack of banter between the transformers, but I still enjoyed it. The design of the transformers is a bit shite though, agreed.
  7. I liked it... so did the nipper. Gonna be watching it in HD at the weekend. Looking forward to it.
  8. I like the tin boxes, so I definately look for those if I'm buying a game. I bought the Bioshock super collectors limited shirley crabtree edition which was a little more than I'd usually shell out for a game, so yeah I guess I'm a sucker for things like that.
  9. Spew bought a brand new HDMI Premium the other day and it had the RROD as soon as he plugged it in!
  10. Don't be ridiculous. The only thing we have to go on when it comes to upcoming games is the previews (screenshots, demos, feature lists etc), and these determine whether or not we decide to buy a game in most cases (at least for those that are pre-ordering). With so many games coming out, we can't buy everything - so we check out the previews, features and early gameplay impressions and decide whether the game peeks our interest enough to buy. It's perfectly reasonable to suggest that it might drop off some people's radar when specific gameplay mechanics come to light. It's like that with every game. Not everything turns out exactly as we'd like or hope, especially when we're served up with developer hyperbole when games are announced, often with only a basic synopsis of what we may expect from the game. We then form our own opinion as to whether they game is for us or not, which will change right up to release for a lot of people. No-one is saying, "oh it's turned out shit, I don't want it anymore"... people are just discussing negative aspects of the gameplay that are being revealed. These aspects of the gameplay are going to be largely subjective, and if they're enough to put some off the game then fair do's. You can't buy everything that is released, or pre-order every game that gets announced that you like the look of.
  11. davejm

    FIFA 08

    Me too. Damn, I can't wait to try this.
  12. davejm

    FIFA 08

    Really getting into this now. I can't believe how much they've managed to get right this time round. There are so many aspects of the gameplay that feel perfect at the moment. The passing, the slow build up, the off the ball running, the way the players shift their weight, turning, crossing, heading. I could go on. I've scored some absolute beauties too. I'm still only getting started with it, but I was strolling it on semi-pro so I switched to Pro and I'm enjoying it more. I'm doing a season with Man Utd, and I've only lost 1 game out of my first 12 including a 4 or 5 match run of 1-0's that were just SO intense. I think I'm enjoying this more than any other footy game for years to be honest. Gonna try and get some online play in tommorow. Played a match as Cristiano Ronaldo in the 'Be a Pro' mode and it was insane. If they develop this idea into a full blown RPG style career mode I'm going to go seriously crazy for it.
  13. Watched this yesterday. I remember thinking during the movie that I wasn't enjoying it as much as others, but by the end I loved it. Just thinking about it is making me look forward to the HD release. I enjoyed Cars too. I remember being a little shocked by the poor reviews it got on here and on other forums I visit.
  14. Ah got ya, cheers. I don't actually have Sky HD so I wasn't aware of the way BBC HD was scheduled. I'd read somewhere it was simply a HD version of BBC1, but obviously that was incorrect. Yeah you're probably right about it not being filmed in HD... dunno why I didn't think of that before tbh! I'll just enjoy the BBC2 broadcasts.
  15. Nah, I mean the new series. I don't think BBC2 is in HD ya'see, so it'd be good to catch the HD repeats if they're going to show it on BBC1 too. EDIT:- I think they do a similar thing with Top Gear. They show it on BBC1 at a late slot in the week IIRC.
  16. Anyone know if there are plans to repeat this on BBC1 at any point?
  17. davejm

    Brand New

    Cheers for the heads up Crusey!
  18. Agree about the Easyworld comment, but his music is excellent in it's own right. It's different, but he still knows how to construct a good song. The new album is more of the same, and I'm really enjoying it. Saw him live last Wednesday and he was simply awesome. 'State of the Union' never fails to blow me away.
  19. davejm


    I think the single is excellent... really good post-hardcore to be fair to them, and when they get it right (most of the first album) it's up there with the best in the genre. Can't get into the new album though. I'm not too keen on their over-use of effects clearly used by bands they're influenced by (Deftones, Muse come to mind). Gonna give it a few more listens though.
  20. This kinda thing interests me... will check it out.
  21. Seems fair enough to me. I didn't get a 360 until recently (despite there being games I wanted to play) because I had a load of GC games that I wanted to play through - and for a long time I didn't really have time to play those. Couldn't really justify getting the 360 while I had loads of GC games gathering dust to be honest. I know a couple of people that are finally getting a 360 now that Halo 3 is out. I've only just started Halo!
  22. davejm

    FIFA 08

    Been playing the PES2008 and FIFA2008 demos a bit over the past couple of days, and I think I prefer FIFA this time round. I've always liked Pro Evo for it's simulation 'feel', but it seems like things have changed full circle. Maybe the familiarity of Pro Evo is a little tiresome these days, and I'm just not excited about it, but this definately plays a good game of footy. The pace of the game feels so much better. Enjoying it at the moment.
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