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    A lot of people are attracted to the art style of it... and the fact it comes from the guys that did System Shock 2, which was fab. As far as the mechanics go, it doesn't look revolutionary or owt, but the setting and style of it all is a draw in games like this I guess. Interest is definately peaking recently due to the decent reviews and previews it's getting. Looking foward to it.
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    No chance... not sure if I can stomach these faceplates. Tempted by the black Joytech one though.
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    There are 3 versions of this doing the rounds... 1) Standard version, game only, standard case. 2) Special edition tin... soundtrack CD, dvd etc... no Big Daddy replica 3) Limited Edition Game/Gamplay exclusive... which includes the tin + Big Daddy replica. So the shopto one will be the second one.
  4. That looks even more sinister than the old models!
  5. You may find it hard to convince Tesco to replace it... as they'll tell you to go down the MS route. That said, it gives you more ammunition if you carry on going with Tesco, as you can point to proof of 'inherently faulty hardware' or whatever the terminology is, now that MS have admitting that it's shit hardware.
  6. I was getting dirty disc errors with Forza 2 when I was running it vertically. I've had none since I laid it flat.
  7. It specifically mentions (or at least it did on my form) that it's 3 year total cover, i.e an extra 2 years of top of the initial warranty period. I only mentioned it to them because I was ringing up to get a replacement PSU, and had them on the line. I mentioned that it says it's a limited 10 day offer, and expressed concerns that they might not get it in time, and she didn't know anything about it being limited... just that it's £30 a year at any time. Rev is probably right though, in that you'd probably have to do it while already covered.
  8. Just to add something to this... I spoke to MS about their extra cover options, and extra cover is available at any time for £30 a year (yearly or 2 yearly cover plans). I can't see any reason why anyone with a dead console (that hasn't already rung into MS) can't extend their cover by a year (for £30) and then get a replacement under warranty. Might be worth someone giving it a go.
  9. It says it's sold out, but when I asked when I'd be able to expect a replacement, she specifically said that it's been 'discontinued', so my only option was a refund. She may have got her terminology mixed up, but that's what she said.
  10. Just spoke to MS... they're sending me a replacement power supply, which I should get in 10 days. No need to send this one back either.
  11. Just to add, they haven't improved the disc drive units - in the way that they house the discs. I nudged the console and my Forza disc became dislodged before churning up. Thankfully the 'scratches' seem to be plastic residue from the inside of the drive rather than deep scratches on the disc itself as I managed to clean it up pretty well.
  12. Ok, some advice needed folks, if that's OK. Bought a 360 premium from Boots.com about 10 days ago, and all appeared well, until I noticed that the PSU was getting REALLY loud after continued periods of play. It's pretty much at the point where the high pitch squeel it eminates becomes unbearable and I have to turn it off. I'd heard reports that the 360 is a noisy console, so I put it down to that initially, although I've since checked out a couple of friends consoles and their PSU's seem pretty much silent. Mine is louder than the actual machine. So basically, I'm convinced that the PSU is faulty. I had a conversation with an MS support guy, who suggested that components of that type often vary in noise due to 'environmental conditions', at which point I said that a PSU sounding like a fridge is unacceptable and that I want it replaced. He then suggested I talk to Boots, so I rang them. Boots said that I can send it all back to them for a replacement, so I packed it all up ready to be sent off; until I realised that the website was listing the 360 as 'out of stock'. So I rang them back, and was told that the 360 has been discontinued, and that my only option is a refund. I'd go for the refund option and get a new unit from somewhere else, but the only reason I bought one in the first place was due to the low price point of less than £200, due to their discounted price and first time customer coupon offer. So yeah, I think the best thing to do would be to get my PSU replaced through MS, which I'm about to arrange. I know someone with a spare PSU, so I wouldn't have any 360 'downtime'. My main question is, shall I bother going for the extra 2 year warantee for £60? I need to respond within 10 days - which is nearly up, but I've filled out the form and it's ready to send. I'm annoyed that I'm even thinking about buying extra cover for an machine that seems flawed by design, but it's tempting to just swallow their jizz and try to forget about it - safe in the knowledge I'll be covered for 3 years. What would you do in my situation? If it helps, my console was manufactured on 15/08/2006. Any word on improvement to the manufacturing process? Cheers guys. ps. I hope it works out for you guys that are fighting to get your units placed by the retailers. This whole thing is a shambles on MS' part.
  13. Aye, good upscaling etc (which is nice)... but a totally misleading 'article'.
  14. Any farmers here that know how viable it is to produce Blueberries, Cabbage, Taters, Green Onions, Broccoli, Strawberries, Blackberries, or Raspberries? What is the effort and cost involved in producing these? They taking these away from the Vendors (and rightly so) on patch day, so us Cooks are going to have to ask a farmer to produce these or buy them on the AH. Any ideas? Not sure whether to panic and stock up on these, or just get in with a friendly farmer somewhere along the line.
  15. I've just bought a C2Duo E6600, 2GB RAM and an 8800GTS... but I was coming from an Athlon 2800XP, 1gb RAM with a borked 6800GT, and I didn't want to get another stop gap AGP card to replace a borked stop gap AGP card. I'd hold off until the July Intel price cuts before buying a system if you've already got a decent enough GPU. Haven't gone for Vista/DX10 yet... I'll wait until there's a DX10 game that I want to play... Crysis/HL Ep 2 etc.
  16. Dunno. He just said the cost of repairs cost more than the loot he got from the place.
  17. How are people getting on with the finance side of things? I've heard the repair costs are quite substantial for melee classes. One of my guildies went to the barrows and made a loss overall. I'm fairing well as a Hunter. I guess you don't get bashed around as much. I'm currently lvl 17 and have all my traits, skills up to date, and I'm sitting on 800silver atm. I've made a fair bit of cash selling food on in the Auction Hall, which helps, but my repair costs have been minimal. On the whole, I'm massively enjoying the game. I've finished all the quests in Ered Luin but I've been on lvl17 for days now as I've been running around the Shire doing all the 'grey' quests there. I'm just enjoying the questing so much more than in WoW and hardly pay any attention to the XP bar. EDIT:- Over 3 days played at lvl17.
  18. davejm

    New Biffy Clyro

    Btw, you guys getting into Biffy for the first time have another 3 other albums of pure awesomeness ahead of you. Enjoy.
  19. davejm

    New Biffy Clyro

    I'm massively impressed so far... loving it.
  20. I'm running it on almost full detail (bar the extra high res textures) at 1280x1024 and my system isn't great (Athlon 2800XP, 1GB RAM, 6800GT). It runs really well, although I think the RAM is the bottleneck, as there's some nasty H/D thrashing when I enter towns or built up areas.
  21. Aye, I ran to Rivendell... pretty tricky as a lowly level 16. Was awesome though... and the music gives me goose pimples.
  22. It borrows loads from WoW, but is a whole lot more fun for me. The quests are more fun, the lore is more fun, I'm just having a better time with it than I ever did with WoW. That said, it's hard to recommend it without knowing what you like about WoW. I never got close to 'end game' with WoW, and for me it was all about trying to explore, enjoy the quests, enjoy the crafting... and these are the things that seem better about LOTRO. If you're an end game nut then I have no idea, because I don't know what the instances are like, how well the classes are balanced etc.
  23. You wanting a roleplay or non-RP server?
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