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  1. You can download new buses too!
  2. Added Virtual Console releases to first post...
  3. PC Bus Simulator Cobra 11 Crashtime Xbox 360 Cobra 11 Crashtime Nintendo Wii Boom Blox Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Speed Racer Nintendo DS Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney High School Musical 2: Work This Out Speed Racer PSP Iron Man Virtual Console Break In (TurboGrafx-16) Cho Aniki (TurboGrafx-16) Metal Slug (Neo Geo) Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu (Sega MegaDrive)
  4. Yeah I understand what you mean From what I gather though, it's as valver has described, that the 'rendered' resolution is fixed, and is the same regardless of whether you're using VGA or component cable - just upscaled to match the resolution set in the dashboard. Although it does seem that (as other people have mentioned) it will render at a lower resolution when playing on a SD set.
  5. That's the way I understood it too. The reason it looks better in 1360x768/1366x768 is because on a '720p/HD Ready' set, that's the native resolution of the panel. LCD's always look better if you pixel map the source to the panel resolution.
  6. Yeah I know that. I'm talking about the scaled image in this case, in response to the comment about the scaled VGA image suffering from tearing possibly being because people run in VGA resolutions higher than 720p. If it were just a case of tearing being due to people outputting to a higher res, you'd also see the same in 1080p component.
  7. I dunno, I run at 1080p via component so you'd expect the tearing to happen via component too if that were the case.
  8. Ah OK, I assumed there was a fixed rendered resolution, but I guess it makes sense to render lower if you're ouputting lower, aye.
  9. If you're still playing on SD, surely you're losing out more than those with HD sets? The games are rendered at a specific resolution and the resulting image is scaled - either up or down depending on your settings/TV. So effectively, you're getting the same problems are everyone else (v-sync and frame rate issues) as these problems are a by-product of the game being rendered by the GPU at a fixed resolution (higher than what it's capable of in order to run smoothly), but you're also losing out on the added resolution over SD.
  10. Can someone explain what 'pivot style handling' means? Ta.
  11. Hehe, excellent. By the way, the upload feature doesn't work if you try to upload from an automatic replay (the option is greyed out). You need to quit the replay, then immediately start a new one from the menu. And be sure to hit the upload button when you're at the start of the replay (or the position you want the video to start) otherwise you get a small vid of the players ready to kick off!
  12. Uploaded my first video today. A lovely chip with David Healy for Northern Ireland against Portugal. I was playing my brother who's not very good, but the finish was Cantona-esque. http://www.eafootballworld.com/en_GB/video/4817
  13. Fuck this, I just can't do the 'chase the biker' mission (about 15% in). I keep clipping cars, lamp posts etc, and then you're fucked because he gets away. I think I'm on a long road towards ultimate frustration with this game. I'm retrying almost every mission I take at the moment. I just totally suck at it.
  14. I must admit, I'm enjoying the game at the moment, but I'm pretty downbeat when reading about the lack of checkpoints. I know that as soon as I get to a frustrating part of the game; I'm likely to give up on it. I just don't have the patience for this kinda stuff.
  15. I was going to, yes. I thought it might be a useful thing to post each week, and bring about some discussion, but I guess you feel differently?
  16. It can't have helped the film either really.
  17. You going to be contrary every bloody week or what?
  18. PC Iron Man Overclocked: A history of violence Xbox 360 Iron Man Playstation 3 Iron Man Nintendo Wii Iron Man Nintendo DS Iron Man PSP Iron Man WWII: Battle Over The Pacific Playstation 2 Iron Man !!DISCUSS!!
  19. Guys, quick question... I've found a really cool car, and I parked it at Ramon's while I did a couple of taxi runs, then went back to the safe house to save up and sleep. Will it be there when I get back? If not, is there any way of finding a decent car and then keeping it somewhere? At the start of the game it mentioned something about 'saving' a car, but can't remember exactly what it said.
  20. Can you get it installed while you do one of the other tasks? Although I imagine trying to explain even this process to the wife might be more trouble than it's worth.
  21. Why the fuck are Man Utd playing Barcelona on GTAIV day? Bastards.
  22. How you getting on with the Amiga mate? Did it have a memory upgrade in there?
  23. Not that I've played it yet, but surely Niko's no more of a caricature than the protagonist in other games is he? There's no exagerration of a particular likeness going on here from what I can see. Withough playing it, he looks like regular kinda guy to me. If anything, they've massively understated any sense of what his character is like during all the pre-release hype. Also, from what I've read, there's a pretty decent manner about him as a character.
  24. Having not enjoyed the previous GTA games, this wasn't on my radar until a few days ago. Now I'm pretty excited about it. Whereas the other games had (what I thought) poor driving and combat mechanics, it seems like Rockstar have nailed these aspects of the gameplay to such an extent that I think I'll enjoy this one a LOT more. I like the look of the characterisation, and the new police systems seems loads better.
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