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  1. The part with the box was just great... actually 'lolled' at that one. When's the next episode due?
  2. I quite enjoyed the first episode. Looking forward to the next.
  3. PC (Windows) 101 Dino Pets Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Final Fantasy XI Online: 2008 Edition Perry Rhodan: Myth of the Illochim Trackmania United Forever Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XI Online: 2008 Edition Rock Band Playstation 3 Haze Nintendo Wii Battle of the Bands Secret Files: Tunguska Nintendo DS Secret Files: Tunguska Virtual Console Paradroid (C64)
  4. I'm just getting to grips with HTML, CSS etc... are you referring to the fact that it uses tables for the formatting instead of CSS positioning? Anything else that jumps out at you?
  5. Discussed to death last month...
  6. Added 'Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King'... Any other WiiWare games that I've missed from the launch lineup?
  7. Yeah they are. 'Dr. Mario Online Rx' is Nintendo developed.
  8. Yeah, aren't the VC releases just emulated from the original ROMS? I think some older games are going to be available on WiiWare, but they'll be newly developed versions afaik.
  9. Ah yeah, I've just noticed that they're actually listed as a 20th May release date in the database. I'll update the list. Cheers.
  10. I just removed it from the list as I've just noticed the release date is set for next week now.
  11. I know you've all been hitting F5 all morning in anticipation... ... here are this weeks releases:- PC Art of Murder Crimes of War Iron Man Painkiller: Universe Terrorist Takedown 2 Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March Nintendo Wii Dream Pinball 3D Nintendo DS Draglade Street Football Top Trumps: Dr Who Playstation 2 Silent Hill: Origins Virtual Console Digital Champ Gley Lancer Star Parodier WiiWare Launches Tuesday 20th Dr. Mario Online Rx Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King Lost Winds Pirates: The Key of Dreams Pop Star Soldier R Toki Tori TV Show King Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 and Forza 2 are also out on 'classic' 360 release.
  12. Having the option would make it impossible for me to ignore it, so I'll be selfish and hope developers don't go down that road!
  13. I hate the idea. I spent ages faffing about with Oblivion on the PC. Ages. I like the way I can just stick a disc in the 360 and play a game without there being options that appeal to my tinkering nature. I know that it's optional, and that might appeal to some people, but the nature of the way I am means I'd become too bogged down in worrying if I'm playing at settings that give me the best experience. I'd spend ages tinkering. Just don't give me the option, please.
  14. It was a really fun and charming game, which kinda came out of nowhere didn't it? I remember picking it up pretty cheap; even just after release.
  15. I seem to remember Rainbow 6 Vegas on the 360 being particularly bad, so I'll try that out in VGA and then in component.
  16. Aye. I was quite up for settling for a cheap set, and the Hanspree ones are good value. I read the impressions thread through on AVforums and there were a few people commenting about poor video and games performance through VGA. The official answer from the Hanspree bods was that VGA processing on their sets wasn't designed with this in mind. It wasn't the only TV I researched where this was suggested either. In the end I decided to spend a bit more and went for a 37" 1080p Samsung set. I might actually do some testing later on and see if tearing is more of a problem through VGA on this set, or not. Are there any games where the tearing is more noticible than others?
  17. Yep, the Hanspree sets are notoriously bad for this (confirmed by their technical bods too) as the way the TV processes an image through VGA is setup for relatively static desktop images, so they suffer with games and fast moving video. Other sets seem to suffer from this too, so it's perfectly feasible that it's not just the 360 that's to blame when people moan about poor motion in VGA mode.
  18. You can download new buses too!
  19. Added Virtual Console releases to first post...
  20. PC Bus Simulator Cobra 11 Crashtime Xbox 360 Cobra 11 Crashtime Nintendo Wii Boom Blox Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors Speed Racer Nintendo DS Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney High School Musical 2: Work This Out Speed Racer PSP Iron Man Virtual Console Break In (TurboGrafx-16) Cho Aniki (TurboGrafx-16) Metal Slug (Neo Geo) Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu (Sega MegaDrive)
  21. Yeah I understand what you mean From what I gather though, it's as valver has described, that the 'rendered' resolution is fixed, and is the same regardless of whether you're using VGA or component cable - just upscaled to match the resolution set in the dashboard. Although it does seem that (as other people have mentioned) it will render at a lower resolution when playing on a SD set.
  22. That's the way I understood it too. The reason it looks better in 1360x768/1366x768 is because on a '720p/HD Ready' set, that's the native resolution of the panel. LCD's always look better if you pixel map the source to the panel resolution.
  23. Yeah I know that. I'm talking about the scaled image in this case, in response to the comment about the scaled VGA image suffering from tearing possibly being because people run in VGA resolutions higher than 720p. If it were just a case of tearing being due to people outputting to a higher res, you'd also see the same in 1080p component.
  24. I dunno, I run at 1080p via component so you'd expect the tearing to happen via component too if that were the case.
  25. Ah OK, I assumed there was a fixed rendered resolution, but I guess it makes sense to render lower if you're ouputting lower, aye.
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