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  1. Seems to be one small part of the wound, so fingers crossed ok. It's not bleeding a lot, and just using normal plasters on and off at this point. But the more I move and bend the arm tends to make it bleed a bit more, so I think leaving the racing alone is wise. I need to drop into the clinic on Thursday if it doesn't stop by then.
  2. Gonna take a few days away from the rig again. Dressing and steri strips are off the arm now, but it hasn't healed properly. Still got a bit of bleeding, so I likely aggregated the stitches at some stage during the initial recovery. Balls. So I'm gonna sack off this week and give it a few more days. Better news is that I got the result of the biopsy, and I'm all clear. Was a benign tumour linked to a mutation on an ingrowing hair. So no worries going forward.
  3. Yeah, 12 years as a software developer for the NHS and freelance web developer I actually started off as a developer in my current role, but it's evolved over the years into a management and Interoperability role; and the tools I use all have a neat GUI now (just with a touch of javascript). So not as much development.
  4. Thinking of putting on my developer hat and coding a website front end for the practice session data.
  5. The app I use for the practice timings is playing up. My time and @EuroVapeSim2's isn't showing on the leaderboard, even though it shows as a valid session. @Meers and @milko's is OK. I'll just put into a spreadsheet for this week...
  6. Erik's car in 11th and Meer's car in 21st at the moment, not too bad from field of 40. I'm watching Boothby and Malinowski at the moment. Boothby did a 1:54.000 with a full tank and is lapping a second quicker than anyone else (they've lapped second)
  7. Nice!!! I don't think I've ever managed a save like that. I don't react that quickly and end up in a spin. Great job there!
  8. Just noticed this feature on SGP... lap records... these are for Imola...
  9. I wish my CSL-DD and pedals were PS5 compatible
  10. Epic racing last night guys. Apologies to @Valver for being overly aggressive and for @milko for the punt in T1 on the last lap; was a frustrating way to have ended the race; but I had so much fun before that with some super close and clean racing. Awesome stuff. Here's the leaderboard...
  11. @Valver just change car if you're not feeling the Aston. Will do the points adjustment for fastest laps and pole tomorrow. Imola Endurance next week. Can't wait!!
  12. Had a power cut here, and was out last night. So just got it going again quite late.
  13. No worries, just wanted to make sure peeps didn't forget to register that were intending to (to save cloning/recreating the event )
  14. @Erik & @texlex45 Are you joining us for the races later? If so, don't forget to register for the event... https://beta.simracing.gp/events/QYvRVbNyuZpCC6FHNjvEC @Count Buffalos are you joining us this week? @winky hope your date goes well!
  15. I think @SharkyOB was making a play on your name, more than anything. In the UK 'Dick' is a nickname for people called 'Richard'; at least in the older generation. So he's basically just saying you're old, if anything EDIT: https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/how-did-dick-become-short-for-richard
  16. Interesting. Hopefully nothing long term and/or serious. I've been trying to lift my whole foot and to push with my leg muscles when braking (rather than simply pivoting the ankle) because it feels like I've got more control under trail braking and modulation this way. It's not really working (I forget, then end up doing the same things). Might be worth a try? Although my instinct is to suggest you might be better giving sim racing a rest for a while!!
  17. I really enjoy driving the BMW. I did a few laps with it the other day, and was very close to my McLaren pace. I thought about switching to it for the upcoming races, but the lure of the Macca was too great in the end.
  18. This new rim has the magnetic shifters too, which are fantastic (and miles quieter than the ones on the McLaren rim).
  19. It's still the same thread, I just change the title in the faint hope it might grab one of the old regulars attention and come back to race with us I'd be excited to see console chat in here, plus we've been playing for so long we can offer tips and advice if any console players end up diving in. Aris (lead physics developer) has stated that the new console versions will be based on 1.7 (pre-tyre model update) but then again the update is due to include the new BMW which was only introduced with 1.8. So it's a little unclear.
  20. New rim has been released... https://fanatec.com/eu-en/steering-wheels/clubsport-steering-wheel-f1-esports-v2 Would be a good option if you didn't want the McLaren rim or the more expensive formula v2.5.
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