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  1. Session breakdown doesn't work for the currently running week at the mo, so need to fix that
  2. I'm hoarding my cash, unless I need to tune particular cars. I'm guessing you'd only need to buy cars if there were was a rare one that you wanted, or there was a particular favourtite car that you really want to own. I'll stick to any cars I earn through progression for now!
  3. Played it today until my hand cramped up I thought getting stuck into a pad racer would be a welcome break from ACC and the sim rig, but I'm eying up Drive Hubs again this evening
  4. Website updates! https://rllmuk-racing.com/ On the sessions page you'll see a 'Session Breakdown' link... It'll load into a page showing each lap for each driver that took part in the session; with purple and green lap and sector times. The 'gap' values correspond to the gap to the session best across all drivers (SB) and the driver's personal best (PB) for that session. Slightly frustrating that it only pulls through 'completed/valid' laps; but hey ho. You'll see line breaks for laps that weren't valid.
  5. Ah yeah, I misread you Probably just a sneaky way for them to show a new feature
  6. I'll see how I go. Using manual gears with the face buttons which will need some getting used to, so I assume I can just bump up the difficulty mid campaign?
  7. Digital here, and I still got sent into the music rally while the game set itself up.
  8. Headphones cranked up for me this morning!! with the french press brew too Wonderful.
  9. Bought this last night. I'm not really sim racing at the moment (with the wheel/rig), due to recovering from an arm operation; and now I have a PS5 I figured I'd venture into my first taste of Gran Turismo! (have always been a PC gamer, traditionally). The single player progression elements really appeal, and I've just had my first little session with the game and I was in heaven! The 'feels' man The intro, the game map, the cafe. All of that stuff is talking to me. Slowly working my way through races and unlocking new cars; then checking out the nice info they provide for each and understanding the history. This could be really good. Feels nice on the pad so far. Has anyone played enough to know how the difficulty is? Playing on the medium setting and I breezed past all the drivers in the first cafe races. I'll see if it starts to get a bit trickier as I move through the races I guess.
  10. Really chuffed for your first win @Meers, just disappointed to have missed it I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm consoling myself with some Grand Turismo 7 action for a couple of weeks until I'm 100% sure my arm is healed. Finally at the stage where I'm without any dressing or plasters now; but I don't think it's totally healed inside where the tumour was removed. Makes sense I guess, as that area starts to ache if I use the wheel; but also after a busy day at work using the keyboard and mouse.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm playing Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 and trying to play Elden Ring on the PC; but playing both at the same time is silly with the different button mappings for similar actions It's not working. Nor is my talent when it comes to Elden Ring; which I totally suck at. The performance issues on PC are bugging me too I might just finish GoT first (I'm on the last act) and maybe Elden Ring might have been patched by then (although talent failure won't get patched). Also tempted by GT7!
  12. I did a little practice yesterday, and my arm was bothering me at bedtime I'm totally fed up with it now. I can only imagine the movement of using the wheel just aggravates it; even though if it feels fine whilst I'm actually driving. FFS.
  13. @Valver That's awesome. Any chance you could flip it to black on white etc so that I can use it on the website? EDIT: Transparent background would be good!
  14. Not sure at the moment. It's healed a fair bit, but there's still an unsightly looking area (although quite small now) that is a bit of an off bruised colour. I've just finished the course (took my last pill this morning) but it's still not totally right. Thinking of easing my way back to normal now though (sim racing, running); so I might join you guys tomorrow. Although I'll be coming in very rough with no practice
  15. Hard to say how much time I've put in! I'm working on the sessions pages still; so for each session you will be able to drill down and see every lap for that session. After that there are a couple of things I want to do, but not sure which order I'll do them in... Drivers page. See lap records, number of laps completed etc. Server status. See if anyone (and who) is actually on the server now. As for changing, I'd say that if you want to change to another car... go for it!
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