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  1. Nope. There's no way of getting anything out of the game itself. The information I'm dragging out at the moment is from the 'ACC dedicated server' app which is a different application in Steam; which runs when you set up a server.
  2. The obvious choice was having a grouping of all the lap records, with that being the data captured from the results files. But it feels a bit pointless, because qualifying and race times are being logged by SGP with no automatic way of retrieving them. I then thought about having a log-in feature (linked to Steam) so that people are add their own records; but there is an in-game lap records screen anyway. So again, maybe a bit pointless. The other thing I could do is a summary table of some sort (total laps driven, valid/cut lap totals, consistency); but we're in diminishing returns now when it comes to the amount of work involved vs the benefit we'll get. I could just work on a season results page instead and pull in the info that @Valver kindly retrieved (league standings, trophy images etc) and have it all on one page as a history of the league.
  3. mmm... the ACC server just doesn't consistently write the log file. Nothing to do with permissions. I'll just disable this page, it's never going to be reliable
  4. Was just on the server with the guys, and it doesn't look like the log file refreshes in real time So the new page is kinda pointless EDIT: Ah it does, just a transfer/FTP issue. I think related to permissions.
  5. Few more edits just to better show when people are on or off the server...
  6. Haha that's the most work And I'm not entirely sure how to structure it at the moment.
  7. Yep! I was surprised to see that the server logs show this. Trying to extract lap time info but the server log doesn't always output consistently (whereas the JSON files that get generated after a session do) But that'll do for now. I just thought it was cool being able to see if anyone was currently on. Not that any of this really matters. It's just a cool little project for me.
  8. Website updates... https://rllmuk-racing.com/ If you click the 'Server' link you can now see a page which shows what's happening on the server! EDIT: Page gone due to ACC's crappy inconsistent logging of the server data
  9. I'm really excited about the new cars with them being challenge & cup cars rather than GT3/4. New tracks are coming in the 'summer' The arm feels fine now. I'm even thinking about starting some gentle weight sessions this evening. No pain or achenes at all now!!
  10. mmm... I've just done the 2nd license and I thought there seemed something odd about the Dirt test. Was trying over and over and couldn't get close to gold; and it didn't seem possible to get the level of grip that the demonstration was showing. Whereas I didn't have much trouble with the others up to that point.
  11. The pedal tray has some reinforcing arms, which are optional to install so I'd probably make sure those are included. Otherwise there might be some flex with your load cells. You'll probably get some flex anyway, but it's all relative.
  12. That'd be a bargain I reckon.
  13. How much is it? The GT Ultimate is basically their wheel stand with their seat bolted on I think, which they sell as separate units now. The wheel stand part seems solid, I bought it for @jame for Christmas and we were impressed at now rigid it was.
  14. Right, so trying to get my PS5 and GT7 working with my sim rig just isn't going to work (far too much money on Drivehub, new TV/monitor would be required) so I'm going 'all in' on learning how to drive with the pad now. How many of you guys are playing on pad, especially the Monday night racers? Also, can I ask how assists work in the game? Is there a concept of factory assists that are needed for certain cars? In ACC you use varying TC and ABS values depending on certain conditions because GT3/4 racing is based around using them (you'd be slower using no TC in a real GT3 car); should I be doing the same here? i.e are some cars uncontrollable with the assists off? Or is it much less nuanced and a case of using as little ABS and TC as I can get away with for more speed?
  15. https://twitter.com/AC_assettocorsa/status/1502328714054541315?s=20&t=1xP7Z4dGgQXwLS2A6rBFgA
  16. Yikes, Quest 2 here but I don't have anything like that! Glad you're finding some pace in VR. It took me a while to get my VR legs too. Just don't play Dirt Rally 2.0. Damn game still makes me ill
  17. Bought the bundle for AMS2. I tried it recently during a free trial, and it didn't leave a good impression. The free track and car combo they featured was awful, with nasty plain graphics (really bad textures) and even with options turned up there was terrible shimmering and aliasing. I see people mention that it's a looker (especially with the weather transitions), so I assumed either the track they featured just had bad textures or that I'm just more sensitive to the aliasing issues than most. It does look good in videos though, so I'd had it in mind to try it again. So now I can.
  18. Definitely 1 click per degree ambient. Pretty sure it was mentioned by Aris on one of his streams. As mentioned, the only time it fails me is if you get a massive swing in the track temps too. So if it is a super hot day then I'll sometimes reign back on the clicks; just to err on the side of caution. Otherwise it's mostly good.
  19. Yeah, I used to use track temp and just couldn't get it right. So it's much better since I've been using ambient.
  20. One click per degree, ambient. You sometimes need to cater for massive swings in track temp too, but it works as a general rule.
  21. You guys should be flying next week with all the Donington practice I'm diving back in this weekend!!
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