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  1. Yep the FTP app (which syncs the result files to the cloud) had crashed. All good now I can't race this week. My Dad's having an op on Thursday so I need to stay with him for 24 hours afterwards.
  2. Yeah, I've gone for the easy difficulty with some tweaks similar to what you mention there. I've switched on the turn based mode too as I tend to prefer this in CRPGs.
  3. Maybe, but that makes me weird also as seeing the character creation screens in videos and cheap price has hooked me in
  4. Cool, I'm just gonna dive in and not worry too much. I'll just pick one and go with it. I'll be playing on a low difficulty anyway.
  5. What are your thoughts on the usefulness of CHA vs INT? Sorcerer and Sage Sorcerer seem similar, just using either stat as their base. WIP Sorcerer (CHA focussed) WIP Sage Sorcerer (INT focussed)
  6. Thanks, yep I'd clocked that from watching a few videos the last few days so I'll keep that in mind as I do my build.
  7. Still can't get through character creation I've narrowed it down to Sorcerer for a charisma based build, or Sage Sorcerer for the INT focus. Thoughts?
  8. I've played most of the CRPGs, but no exposure to Pathfinder before.
  9. Bump Did anyone play this? Not sure how this buzzed my radar, but I ended up watching loads of videos and bought the game recently. Since then I've spent an age suffering from choice paralysis on character creation Pondering whether to use the turn based mode, and current class considerations are Ranger, Eldritch Archer or Sorcerer.
  10. Server is configured for Barcelona practice. Another track I don't know!
  11. Yeah up for doing something like that. I should be on about 7:45
  12. We'll likely just be doing a series of short races as I'll be experimenting the server setup etc; so even if you do get on late still pop along
  13. Yeah, no SGP support. I'll just create server sessions on the fly whilst we're on Discord. It's gonna be a case of trying things and to see what works!
  14. Yeah definitely confirmed as racing tonight I won't be able to have a play around with the server in advance, so let's all aim to be on for 8 and then we can set it up for a race session and see what happens. We could try with the AI cars if I can find the setting
  15. So, @milko can't make the Porsche Cup week; so it got me thinking that perhaps we could have 2x weeks in the car? We'd planned to split the two events over Zandvoort and Bathurst on the same night; so why don't we just extend the season for another week? By all accounts the car is amazing!
  16. Got an idea...
  17. Hey chaps, don't suppose we could change this week's race to Wednesday? It's a friends birthday Thursday so I'm out to dinner. There's an element of unknown to how the server works for setting up the races; so I think I'd need to be around. If we all can't make it on Wednesday no worries, I'd attempt to set the server up for Thursday and then if you have any bother you could just create an ad-hoc ACC race or something.
  18. Yep, sorted
  19. Some update news from our very own @Yannik! https://www.racedepartment.com/news/automobilista-2-update-is-live-more-than-an-f1-car.555/
  20. It should show up in the server list, as 'rllmuk Practice' same password as usual etc.
  21. @milko https://rllmuk-racing.com/replays/ACC_220407-210339_R_ferrari_488_challenge_evo_paul_ricard_mp.rpy
  22. I've set the server start time to 19:45 as not sure when I'll be able to get on, and not sure when other folk would be around. So if you do get on earlier just use the practice server as that's still running.
  23. Nice one, hope to see you later Be sure to register before the server starts at 7pm
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