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  1. Morning guys. Straight into a new season I think, with a short 4 round mini-season taking in the new cup and challenger class DLC cars. Here's what I have so far... Does anyone want to pick a track for the Lambo and Porsche races? Perhaps from the following list of circuits that we haven't visited in a while:- Zolder, Hungaroring, Barcelona, Mount Panaramo, Snetterton, Zandvoort For the mid season break @Valver and I discussed doing a roll-call to see who owns Automobilista 2; for the mid season break. Who has the game? It's currently £4.79 at CDkeys or part of the Humble Bundle sim-racing bundle at the £9.85 tier... https://www.cdkeys.com/automobilista-2-pc-steam https://www.humblebundle.com/games/ultimate-racing-sim-bundle Server is configured for Oulton Park.... GO GO GO!!!
  2. Nice one guys, and well done on another season complete. Congrats to @SneakyNinja Here were the final standings...
  3. Aww, no worries. Catch you next week hopefully, for DLC car action!!
  4. Looks like you hung onto the top spot, just!! EDIT: or have you? Can still see someone signed onto the server (although I'm not in-game so not sure who!)
  5. Nice one, remember that this week is the 90 minute endurance so the starting grid is based on the qualifying time set on the server. So if you can get a time set before 6:55ish that would be good
  6. @milko on provisional pole for the race later I couldn't muster the enthusiasm to get on last night, even with the new DLC being released. It always seems harder to get back into it after a few days away. I did a 10k run (my furthest for a while), and just couldn't drag myself off the sofa afterwards. I'll try and get a time set later, but I might just start from the back. I'll leave the qualifying server up until 6:30pm.
  7. Server binaries have been updated and the server works with the new Audi, so I'm gonna get in a few laps if I can.
  8. Shitty Steam store... I had to link through from a post on Jardier's Discord https://store.steampowered.com/app/1865950/Assetto_Corsa_Competizione__Challengers_Pack/
  9. Awesome dude. Next league will be starting right away, and will be in the new DLC cars released later today
  10. Nice one Mike. I've only driven Laguna once also; that and Paul Ricard are my least familiar tracks. Tempted to try the new Audi for tomorrow.
  11. I'm gonna come in VERY rough with no practice this week I might not even last the whole evening as last week's race was a chore towards the end. Frustratingly I've still got problems with my arm (it's aching at times, on and off). But I look forward to our evenings and chatting to you guys (even if it's mostly me rambling on in the chat) In other news, there's a preview event for the new DLC tonight. The new cars are shaping up to be really interesting. The new Porsche Cup seems a bit more forgiving than the old/current one; it has ABS but no TC The Ferrari Challenge has the fastest straight line speed of any car in the game, but lesser aero capability means lap times are slower than GT3 The BMW M2 CS is 10 seconds a lap slower than even GT4 cars, but can be thrown around is looks good for side by side racing Lambo ST Evo II is apparently great to drive The Audi is the only GT3 spec car from the new lot
  12. Morning guys. A reminder that this week's race is the 90 minute Blue Riband season finale with 2x pit stops. Starting grid order will be based on the qualifying times set on this server this week. @Meers is flying so far!
  13. Ah we wondered what had happened @winky! I saw you got a DT (for track limits I assume?) and then saw you drop off, so I wondered whether the lack of practice was too frustrating and you packed up in annoyance
  14. Server is configured for Laguna Seca qualifying. It's set to have fixed conditions (so no variation throughout the session - not even temp changes etc)
  15. The final race is 1.5x the points of the standard endurance plus an extra bonus point for fastest lap, so you could gain a 5 point swing just with pole position and fastest lap. You'd still need a 4 place difference in position though, which might be unlikely!
  16. Thanks guys, was a fun race. Well done to @EuroVapeSim2 for the win. It's close at the top and all to play for next week
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